How often have you heard your friends say,Chivalry is dead, and women killed it”. And what do you believe it to be, the truth or the mere thought of a person, who thinks he is a man of refinement, but have never got the respect from women he desires.

A true gentleman has lately become an endangered species with the now so called, cool guys, the geeks and the jerks. Being a gentleman will not only boost your self esteem but you will also gain some respect and the admiration of the ladies.

So, let us first try to understand the difference between a nice guy and a gentleman.

A nice guy is friendly yet needy, manipulative and has an unassertive personality. The so called nice guys act chivalrous and indeed nice to women in the hopes that she will like him and ultimately sleep with him. What these nice guy types dont reflect is confidence and the masculinity that a women subconsciously loves. And thus the aphorism “Nice Guys, finish last”.

A Gentleman on the other hand reflects confidence and self respect which makes chivalry attractive to women. A gentlemen pays attention to his appearance, is always polite, respects his women, never backstabs, is discreet, avoids cursing, never talk about religion and politics and last but not the least avoids drug and alcohol.

A gentleman always has a happy disposition, has knowledge of his acquaintance, believes in moderation and perfection. He is the image of a successful yet down to earth man.

Take your pick, and decide how do you want to portray your image to the world and to that special someone you have always desired to be with.

And if you want to learn how to be a gentleman, I recently came across GENERAL ETIQUETTE a hub which teaches you some ways to behave like a gentleman.

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J.S.Matthew profile image

J.S.Matthew 5 years ago from Massachusetts, USA

Great Hub! I always try to be a gentleman. I was brought up that way! I think it all boils down to self respect and the way you treat others. Good job!


yshashikant profile image

yshashikant 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Yes, i m sure it does. "People know a lot things but they don't do what they already know they should" I cannot say all of those out there are such homo sapiens but most of them are. Anyways, thank you for stopping by.

Sampada 5 years ago

Nice hub Gentleman! Keep it up :)

yshashikant profile image

yshashikant 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Thank You Sampada and have a good day.

Mr. Happy profile image

Mr. Happy 5 years ago from Toronto, Canada

Very, very nice! A much needed blog as well. I recommend it should be read by everyone, really. I think many people don't even know what etiquette means. (And this coming from a wolf ... lol)

Cheers, Amigo!

yshashikant profile image

yshashikant 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

ha ha ha, this coming from a wolf, wow... i guess the wolves community would start hating you now.. anyways thanks for your support Mr. Happy. I hope you always remain happy and enjoy life. cheers, mate!

Mr.K 5 years ago

Very nice article mate.A much welcomed reading.Bad boys may be attractive,but it's us gentlemen that they wanna spend their lives with

yshashikant profile image

yshashikant 5 years ago from Mumbai Author

Thank you for your appreciation. Bad boys are just for a little fun, but we gentleman are their forever. Thanks ofr reading my hub.

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