Cake Toppers For A Princess Or Fairytale Wedding

At one time or another every girl dreams of being a beautiful princes and marrying her prince. And what better way to express this dream with a beautiful fairytale wedding cake topper featuring your favorite childhood princess.

Fairytale weddings tend to be lovely elegant affairs to transport you and your guests into that magical world of make believe that only exists in a Disney movie and the imagination of a small child.

When planning your special day the cake topper is always a good place to start. Because once you have that perfect cake topper that expresses the theme that you and your groom have decided on. You'll then be able to go on and plan out everything else for your special day.

This article profiles three of the most popular Disney Princesses that you can find used in many popular wedding themes. So keep reading if you need a few ideas for your own fairytale ever after.


Cinderella is probably the most popular theme and she is certainly one of the most glamorous of all of the Disney Princesses with her glass slippers, glittering ball gown and gorgeous coach. And I can't imagine that there are few little girls who haven't dreamed of finding their dashing Prince and marrying him just like Cinderella.

So if you've always dreamed of having a wedding just like Cinderella be sure and check out the beautiful Lenox Cinderella cake topper that you will find featured below. This lovely cake topper that features a blonde Cinderella and dark haired prince in hand-painted Lenox fine china will make a lasting keepsake of your special day.

cake toppers for a princess or fairytale wedding.
cake toppers for a princess or fairytale wedding.

Sleeping Beauty

Sleeping Beauty is another favorite theme for fairytale weddings. And if you've always loved the tale of Princess Aurora and her dashing Prince Phillip then you're going to love this gorgeous Lenox figurine of the dashing prince dancing with his beautiful princess. Crafted from fine china and accented with 24k gold this beautiful figurine makes a treasured keepsake for you and your groom.

Beauty and the Beast

If you've always loved the story of Belle and her fierce Beast then your going to adore this lovely Lenox figurine of Belle and her Beast on their wedding day.

Crafted from fine china the Beast is debonair in his tux trimmed in gold while offering the lovely Belle a rose. Belle who is wearing an off shoulder wedding gown and veil is as lovely as ever.


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