Callum & Ian's History Quizzes To Get Your Brain Cells Working - Part 2 - LGBT People Of History

This Second quiz is based on 'LGBT People Of History'. Many of you have read our 100 hubs covering LGBT People of History, and it is there where you will find your answers.

We hope you enjoy interacting and learning with us.

Callum and Ian.

(calpol25 & alian346)


Here Are The Instructions

1 - Get a pen or pencil and a piece of paper.

2 - Answer the questions below on your piece of paper.

3 - Then check your answers to the answers below

4 - Answer the poll and tell me how many you really got right.

Please don't lie and cheat by going to the answers straight away, have an attempt and if you dont know the answer, move on to the next question.

Come on this is fun and I am sure you will all enjoy it.

Question One

Jane Addams was the first woman to receive which famous award in 1931?

A - Turner Prize

B - Nobel Peace Prize

C - Knighthood

D - Olympic Medal

Question Two

Sappho was from which famous Greek Island?

A - Crete

B - Kos

C - Lesbos

D - Korfu

Question Three

Willem Arondeous was executed by the Nazis in 1943, but which country did he come from?

A - The Netherlands

B - Germany

C - Greece

D - France

Question Four

In which year did Noel Coward receive his knighthood becoming Sir Noel Coward?

A - 1942

B - 1957

C - 1969

D - 1972

Question Five

Guy Burgess & Anthony Blunt formed part of which famous spy ring?

A - The Oxford Seven

B - The Cambridge Five

C - The Manchester Eleven

D - The Glasgow Dozen


Break Time

Well done everyone you have completed the first five questions!!!

Now its time to go and have a break and do what it is you like to do, listen to some music, have a ciggy, make a cup of tea, coffee or like me or have a nervous breakdown in the corner...

Once you have finished, strap your self in for the next five questions.

Lets Go......

Question Six

Billy Strayhorn collaborated with which famous band leader and composer?

A - Benny Goodman

B - Glenn Miller

C - Duke Ellington

D - The Supremes

Question Seven

Oscar Wilde was born on which date in Dublin?

A - 17th November 1855

B - 14th June 1863

C - 16th October 1854

D - 27th January 1843

Question Eight

What year did Leonardo Da Vinci die?

A - 1419

B - 1519

C - 1619

D - 1719

Question Nine

In what city did Gertrude Stein meet Alice B Toklas for the first time in 1907?

A - Berlin

B - Stockholm

C - Brussels

D - Paris

Question Ten

Which film was James Dean's first major role?

A - East Of Eden

B - Rebel Without A Cause

C - Giant

D - From Here To Eternity


Its Over!!


You have done the Quiz, and now its time to have a cup of tea, coffee, a lie down, ciggy or even nervous break down and what ever else you like to do.

But relax you have done it, after your cup of what ever, its time to mark your answers, you will find my answers to the questions below and please be honest when you take the vote and tell me how many you really got right.

Thanks again for having a go at the second quiz, and hope that you have enjoyed it. :)


Answer Honestly

How Many Questions Did You Get Right?

See results without voting

The Answers To The Ten Questions

Question 1 - (B) Nobel Peace Prize

Question 2 - (C) Lesbos

Question 3 - (A) The Netherlands

Question 4 - (C) 1969

Question 5 - (B) The Cambridge Five

Question 6 - (C) Duke Ellington

Question 7 - (C) 16th October 1854

Question 8 - (B) 1519

Question 9 - (D) Paris

Question 10 - (A) East Of Eden

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alian346 profile image

alian346 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

I love some of the possible responses in this one!


calpol25 profile image

calpol25 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Hi Ian me too, I was laughing hysterically when I was writing them :)

Dexter Yarbrough profile image

Dexter Yarbrough 4 years ago from United States

Yippee, I got a nine on this one because I read them!

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Yipeeee Dexter is the best!!!! Your my A+ student Dexter :)

alian346 profile image

alian346 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland

You have a wonderful memory, Dexter!! Well done from me too!!


Fucsia Puff Rainbowy 4 years ago

Hi Calpol25, i like you're picture here. My name is Peter and my name above is what im known as to my local satisfied customers you know hahahaha. Anyway, did you're quiz, and only got 3 right in the entire thing! Oh well, keep up the good work hunni! xx

calpol25 profile image

calpol25 4 years ago from Edinburgh, Scotland, UK (At Home With My Wonderful Partner) Author

Hi Peter or should I say Fucsia Puff Rainbowy thanks so much for doing the quiz, so glad you enjoyed it and thank you for taking part. Please do come back and take part in the many more that will follow, its not about getting them all right after all, its about having fun and learning.

Look forward to hearing from you too hunni :)

Callum (Calpol25) :)

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