Caricatures for Weddings in South East

A wedding is a celebration of love, a happy time and a wonderful chance to get everyone you love together all for one very special day. In fact weddings these have become bigger and better than they ever was in the past. There are lots of wonderful venues to choose from, whether it be for a civil ceremony or a church wedding followed by the reception and party. It is one day that you as a the bride and groom desperately want your guests to enjoy as much as yourselves. Be honest, have you ever been to a wedding where you nearly died of boredom? If not then you are a very lucky person!

Caricatures add a real personal and exciting touch to any wedding event. They get all the guests involved and add to spark a great atmosphere at any wedding. I think it's fair to say that about 90% of us would enjoy having our faces drawn by a Caricature, and would also agree that it gets all the guests included in the day. It gives people a chance to communicate and something to talk about. Both children and Adults love them and it adds something that little bit different to the day.

A good cariature can draw anywhere between 20-30 drawings an hour and the average price rests at about $150 / £150 per hour. Therefore if you should have the caricature for 2 hours then you will need to consider that there will a large amount of guests that have not been drawn. However you also need to take into consideration that there will be guests who are

  1. Too drunk for it in the first place.
  2. Really not interested.
  3. Out in the gardens smoking the whole time - So you really shouldn't worry - after all it is a wedding not an art gallery.

Decide on what type of caricature it is you want. If you want colour then you will be paying more and less people will be able to enjoy the experience. Also think about whether you want the drawings to be serious or funny because each artist has their own style. The cartoon style are very popular and create a bit of fun and laughter.

Make sure that you set up your caricature in a good location. This means do not put him/her based in front of the buffet or on the middle of the dancefloor (obviously). On a serious note though the place your caricature sits will be very important so give it some thought. If you have other entertainment then you will need to plan around that.

One thing I have seen and found quite nice was a caricature that floats around freely and draws pictures of the guests, whilst talking to them and blending in with the party. This way is slightly more subtle and one advantage is that they are not always in one place - you might even get a picture of the smokers or your drunk uncle if you are lucky!

Consider whether you want to keep the drawings for yourselves to include in a wedding album, or whether you want your guests to go away with a nice memory of the day. (Most people go for the later). If you decide to keep them for yourselves then you will need to inform the artist who will do all the explaining for the guests. You could even get him to place the drawings straight into a protective wedding book that the guests can look at whilst they are waiting their turn.

Inviting a caricature into your wedding will be a choice that you will never regret. Your guests will love it and so will you! Applicable to all ages and both genders; how can you go wrong?!

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 If you are getting married in south east england then you will find that most caricatures are willing to travel quite a distance to get to your event. Getting married in Essex, Kent, Surrey, Sussex, London you will probably find you can ask a caricture to travel between, but expect that an additional charge for expenses might be made!

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