Cheat the Cheater!

Android = a Cheater's Worst Nightmare!

Often when a person is cheating on their significant other, they cling to their cell phones as if it were their life support. In fact, gaining access to a cheater's cell phone is next to impossible because they never leave it unattended. This kind of behavior breeds suspicion in the hearts and minds of the cheated that put a great deal of strain on a relationship.

When you consider yourself in a "committed" relationship with your partner, there should be no secrets. If your other half has nothing to hide, they shouldn't have a problem handing over their phone for you to do some investigating. If they get defensive and angry about letting you do this, then, more than "most likely", there is information on that phone that shouldn't be. No cheater is going to let you go through their phone until they delete the material first. Therefore, it's time for another approach.

With so many holidays in the year, cell phone companies offer a great deal of sales on their newer merchandise. Usually, when you're in a long-term relationship, being on the same cell phone plan is often the case. So, for the upcoming holiday, why not buy some newer android phones? There are certain apps located in the android market that can be used as a "spy" type method. I favor three of these apps. The first being "SMSbackup" and the second being "M-spy" and the third being "Google Maps". These apps are all free, which, to many is a relief considering the cost of most spy material. These apps are not considered "malware" and do not carry viruses or trojans.

SMSbackup is not a hidden app, however, the majority of individuals in the world appreciate convenience, therefore, the apps we use most often will be put on one of our 3-5 home screens. When you download the app and configure the settings, every sent and received text from that specific phone will be automatically backed up to a gmail account in an "SMS" tab that this program creates for you. If you know the password to their gmail account, even better. You have the option to mark all of the messages as "read" so when it hits their actual email account they aren't notified on their phone that they have "unread emails". This way, you no longer have to think of ways to "sneak-peak" access to the cheaters phone. All of their text messages are just a simple click away from your local computer. 

M-spy is also not a hidden app, but if you don't transfer it to their home screens, chances are, they won't find it, because they won't know to look for it. Download M-spy on the cheater's android cell phone and configure the settings (very simple - takes less than a minute!). When you configure the settings you'll be prompted to make a 4-digit code. REMEMBER THIS CODE! Now, after this is configured, you have the power to make the cheater's cell phone call your cell phone (using a text message sent from your phone) without them knowing. This will let you listen to everything being said in the background. This sounds complicated, but it's not. Here is an example. 

Lets say the cheater's cell number is: (123)456-7890 and you've set the M-spy code on his phone to be 1111.

Now, lets say YOUR cell number is: (098)765-4321

You've installed M-spy on the cheater's phone, so using your cell phone send a text message to the cheater's phone that says "1111 call 0987654321" (without quotation marks). This will make the cheater's phone call your phone. You can also buy a prepaid phone so the cheater won't know that number when he receives the text and have the cheater's phone call the prepaid phone (it doesn't have to be an android phone). Just use the format "m-spy code>call> cell phone number you want the call received.

Last but not least, we have Google Maps. This comes pre-installed with ALL android based phones and, while it's not as intricate as the two I previously mentioned, it is just as neat. Make sure both you and the cheater have Google accounts (you can use your gmail username and password to login to a google account). Android users are required to have gmail. All you do with this is click on "Google Maps" with their phone, then click "Join Latitude". This is so their location can be tracked by GPS. Next, click "Add Friends". Input your gmail address and click ok. This way all you have to do is login to your gmail account and confirm the friend request. Even if you're just sitting at your home computer, you can see where they are at all times. Now, if the cheater tells you he/she will be at work, which you know is on 24th street, but when you look it shows them on 135th street, you know they're lying.

I know, at some point, everyone has been made to look like a fool. When the person you thought you could trust and love betrays you, it can be very heart breaking; especially when you found out just "all of a sudden". Don't let them make you crazy with suspicion anymore. Find out before you make any further and stronger commitments. The deeper you fall for them, the more it will hurt. Don't let them victimize you. Stay strong, stay positive, and, above all, stay ahead.

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ButterfliesFree2Fly 4 years ago

I used latitide but only after several suspicious pictures, texts, and lies occurred. I'm just someone who got tired of the lies and in need of the truth.

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