Choosing our friends wisely


Choosing our friends wisely:

To find someone who has once felt for you and considered you as a friend is a great thing, and though we may never feel its importance we only begin to realize it when we find out that such a friend never existed and it was all a mere illusion.

That feeling when one feels stabbed in the back and one day waking up after a very long sleep…Terrible as they may be, true and clear as they are.Sometimes these feelings are fresh in our minds and we remember them clearly and sometimes we learn to accept things as they are, little as they may be.

This is however not a call to drop all good thoughts and memories about our friends, because at the end we shall one day associate them with all good things as much as we once enjoyed their society very much. But life is full of experiences and these experiences were meant to be; not because God wanted to hurt us from its agonies and pains, but as much as they hurt us as much as they teach us to become stronger in our decisions and in our choices in life.

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Ameena 5 years ago

ummmm ..... friends!

Unknown 5 years ago

friends will always be hard to find...

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