Confrontations Denied...All Is Well.


Confrontations Denied....All Is Well.


  ©-MFB III 


All these cutting words
from your sharp tongue,
fall harmless past my heart.

I am cocooned in
the Novocaine of apathy,
Rant on like a loco-motive
strapped to the steel path
of your vehement angst.

Love perished months ago,
severed like an umbilical cord,
as its nourishments parted, 
I stand orphaned
from what sired it.

I am a massive

ancient head 

balanced on 

Easter island

full of silent musings.

Offering only my

rock hard gaze, 
staring out beyond,
your palms waving
frantically in my face,
your lips uttering curses
against the Gods.

Contented with

a comforting

knowledge that the

distant waters lying
before me hold,
many other lovely
fish in the sea.

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