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Conversation is an art

There was a time when human did not invented words. He didn’t know the importance of voice and sound but they exchanged the thoughts and emotions with each other through body gestures, signs of hand. Slowly he developed the voice, identifies the tunes and invented words according to his convenience and then he understood the emotions and thoughts in its right form.

Exchange of words through the voice is Conversation”

When word sails on the boat of voice through the helm of notes is Conversation”.

As words are importance in conversation, so as the voice, that are used for the words. Word is like weapon. The voice of Indian Crow is harsh, even though he speaks the language of love and on the other side Indian Cuckoo cackles sweetly the language of separation but people like her voice. Physically both look alike.

The ascending-descending pitch of voice reveals the human sentiments and the state of mind that is why some people laugh in between the serious conversation after hearing some words. People become angry at some comment or resent while conversation. So conversation makes friends as well as enemies, choice is yours.

Conversation is an Art: -

It is a complete art. Good conservationist becomes famous among others. It is treasure that increases with the increase of its use. And he who gains profit through his conversation without expending any penny, big dealings can be finalized only through conversation. So to be eloquent in speech, no admission is essential in any school, learn this art in the school of life, Where you can be the expert of speech by knowing, how to use the word in different style and with the note of voice. How can make the conversation impressive and pleasing?

Here are some basic points to learn the art of conversation:-

# Talk with confidence, don’t talk more and more about yourself, that shows your egoistic nature and it makes the conversation dull.

·# Don’t repeat any sentence or words because talkative person are habitual of this. Generally people try to avoid talking to such people.

· # Talking about self is the sure sign of self-advertisement. This type of people always chants ‘me’ and ‘my’ and tries to prove him ‘superb’.

· # Be a good listener too along with a good conservationist. So that the other person feels that you are listening to him very attentively, so he will also show interest in your speech.

· # Keeping that in mind, don’t overstate while talking, otherwise other person will see you with suspicion. That reflects the mesmerism of your personality.

·# Don’t talk about ideals and principals in small chit-chat because hypocrite and fraudulent talk in this way.

·# Keep ascending and descending tone of voice in mind during conversation. Use it according to the subject and environment and people will eager to listen to you.

·# Before talking on any subject, you would be sure how much you know about the subject, if your knowledge is not sufficient, try to talk less but don’t be silent and you must express your views.

·# You are not authorized to pass any judgment or criticized any body or on any subject while conversation. Talk in a natural way.

·# Use proverb and interesting cautions to make the conversation interesting and worth listening.

·# If somebody hurts you during conversation, in spite of being angry let him know how you feel.

·# If your familiar person is being criticized during conversation, it would be better to change the topic because backbiters can take advantage of it to break your friendship.

·# Use the word carefully and use appropriate word otherwise conversation would turn into dispute.

·# If your conversation turns into dispute, don’t involve in it because it shows lack of reasoning of a person. Conversation is not a game.

·# Always talk with truth and reality but it should not hurt any body’s feeling and sentiments during conversation otherwise you will be proved unfriendly.

·# Don’t pass comment and not talk in an ironical way. This is not the beginning but the end of the conversation.

·# Whatever you talk it should be reasonable and aiming at. Stable and effective language makes the conversation knowledgeable and people like to listen to more speech.

·# Invite some elders and experienced people in your conversation. You listen to their views attentively and with respect. That will be fruitful for future life.

·# Give opportunity to others to express their views in conversation because it helps you to understand their motivation of conversation.

·# Exchange of views and thoughts is necessary in conversation, But don’t be an open book otherwise you will be the subject of conversation and people will make fun of you.

One last but the most important thing is your personality. That is decisive. Personality is a combination of dressing sense, gesture, body posture and tone of voice. Dignity, soberness and antiquate are also essential in personality. Your attitude shouldn’t be easily available type; otherwise nobody will take you seriously. So adopt the ‘Conversation as an Art’.


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