Cool Nicknames

Looking for help with a cool nickname?

It feels good to have a cool nickname. Some of our favorite celebrities, athletes or fictional characters have them.

For example, the cool nickname of WR Calvin Johnson of the Detroit Lions is Megatron. Conan O'Brien was given the nickname of CoCo by Tom Hanks and he can't live it down. And how can we forget the coolest nickname from Happy Days that was given to Arthur Fonzarelli, aka "The Fonz."

Here I would like to share with you some great free cool nickname generators and other resources to help inspire you into having a cool nickname that you can be proud of or to help you come up with a good nickname for a friend, boyfriend or girlfriend.

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zzron profile image

zzron 5 years ago from Houston, TX.

Cool hub, my friends call me zzron becauce I like ZZ Top.

unknown 5 years ago

what r some cool nicknames 4 guys?

yaki 5 years ago

what is a good nickname?

Jonathan 5 years ago

Here is my scenario, all my friends have cool nicknames crazy-key, banshee, and all I have is J.C.! Any suggestions? My name is Jonathan. That rhymed!

Mira 5 years ago

Thojo? JoMan? My first initial is M, my middle initial is M too, so we thought of Eminem, the rapper? My sisters name is Hannah and we thought of Hershey. I don't know juss fool around with ur first and middle name and maybe ull think of somethin'. Goodluck:)

leo cordero jr 4 years ago

what sup

Georgia 4 years ago

i need a cute but not to cute username!!! ASAP please help!

ZUBIN 4 years ago

I like it ur name

onix 4 years ago


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