Creative Wedding Cake Toppers

Looking to take the cake with your wedding? First you need to top it-- with a creative cake topper of course!

The cake topper isn't the first thing that comes to mind when planning wedding decor, but's an opportunity to add a bit of fun to a traditional wedding or to build on a theme. The standard tiny bride and groom are nice, but even better is standing out with your cake topper choice. You'll leave your guests talking.

Traditionalist Twist

Sometimes it's hard to imagine anything but the traditional tiny bride and groom on the cake, but that doesn't mean the cake topper has to be boring or normal. You can still use the cake topper as an opportunity to add a nice small touch.

Like in the examples below, bride and groom cake toppers come in all sizes and themes now. You could go for the comical approach and pick a cake topper with the groom trying to run from the bride. 

Or you could show a romantic side with some of the cake toppers that show couples passionately kissing. Don't worry, these cake toppers are still G rated, but show the couple wrapped up in each others arms. I found one cake topper of a couple on the beach, perfect for beach themed weddings!

Romantic, but different

Or you could throw the mini bride and groom out the window and pick something totally different. Something that blends in better with the atmosphere or better matches your theme is a good idea.

I really liked the loved birds (in the first slot below). They're also timeless. We've all giggled while filling through our parents wedding pictures. If you pick a trendy wedding topper, you risk regretting it in the future and having your wedding pictures giggled at.

Initial toppers are a great way to show the union of the new couple and make for a great long term keepsake as well. If you're like me and are the practical sort, you'll like that you can reuse this cake topper by turning it into a decoration in your home when the wedding's over rather than throwing it away or tossing it in the back of a closet. 

Finally, simple heart shape toppers make a wonderful choice because they go with the theme of every wedding, love!

DIY Toppers

If you're the bride on a tight budget, you can be frugal and pass it off as creativity. You can make a topper for your cake at home or get a crafty friend to do so. The possibilities are really endless. 

Just a few words to the wise, you're putting the topper on food, so make sure the topper isn't throwing off sparkles or toxic any way. And, also don't make it too heavy. You'll smash the cake! 

You could easy make something with your initials like the topper above. Toppers aren't really that expensive though, so you might end up spending more in supplies if you don't keep it really simple. 


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