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I'm afraid of the dark,and suspicious of the light.~Woody Allen cool Cute Funny quotes

Reality is a nice place, but I wouldn't want to live there. sweet Cute Funny sayings

A company is known by the people it keeps. cute saying about cute sweet quotes

When I got to the top of Everest, I was tired.~Aracelli Segarra sweet quotations about Funny

I dropped a tear in the ocean, the day I find it is the day I'll stop loving you on Pickup Lines

Always try to be the best, but don't ever think you are the best. cute sweet quotes by Wiseman

Why don't you step out of those wet clothes and into a dry martini?~Robert Charles Benchley cool quote about Pick-Up Line

I'm a fermata~hold me. sweet sayings by Movie Master

Energizer Bunny arrested~charged with battery. cute saying about cute sweet quotes

When asked by a reporter what she wore to bed, Marilyn Monroe replied, "why! Chanel Number 5 of course." sweet quotations about Funny

All generalizations are false. cool sayings on Cool Quotes

So you're a feminist - isn't that cute! cute sweet quotes by Cool Pickup

Practice safe government. Use kingdoms. cool quote about Cool Cute Funny Sayings

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alison 6 years ago

thes are soooooooooo...............STUPID!!!

Sexy Girl 6 years ago

nice quotes :) 6 years ago

no offense ur cute sayins aroundso cute... they gotta be exotic and different ones that will just make u giggle so hard u wanna pee ur pants

h-mason 6 years ago

these are even fun :( ... uggh! not even cute..

Yahoo 6 years ago

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I get enough exercise pushing my luck 6 years ago

I get enough exercise pushing my luck

cody 6 years ago

freaking retarded

edwin 6 years ago

what makes a woman luv's a man.............?

edwin 6 years ago

what makes a woman luv's a man.............?

mia 5 years ago

these are the suckiest sayings ever now take that mr. CUTE

Real girls 5 years ago

hey mia.. you suck.. these are good sayings

Madeline 5 years ago

These were dumb

AMENA ZOHA 4 years ago

This r soo sweet and cute saying beautiful word i would have ever seen or listen like this sayings

Thankyou i also helped me in so many things .thankyou for whom who wrote this excllent job

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