Dates That Went Horribly Wrong

Is your date a gorilla at heart?

My first time in New York and look who I met.
My first time in New York and look who I met.

What's the worst date you've ever had? For me, it's hard to narrow it down to one guy or one time. When I was single, finding someone who liked girls seemed important. Or maybe finding someone who actually liked me.

You Should Be Dancing

Coworkers and Duties

After a breakup from long-term relationship with a musician who had more than his share of bad habits, I spent a couple of crazy years trying to find a nice guy. I'd moved to a familiar town where I had lived years earlier. A good friend introduced me to the manager at the salon where she worked as receptionist. He was a friendly, married guy who hired me on the spot.

Working as receptionist, I met a guy who seemed pretty normal, that was, in comparison to some of the people who worked there. His hair was a normal color and he seemed to like girls. This automatically made him a contender.

Trendy Hair Salon in the 1970s
Trendy Hair Salon in the 1970s

There was a nearby disco lounge where the stylists liked to hang out after work. It featured live music seven nights a week; a great place for disco dancing. At the end of my shift after the salon closed, I took the bank deposit to the night drop which conveniently took me right by the place where I often joined my coworkers.

Pulp Fiction Dance Scene

Gomer Pyle

By CBS Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By CBS Television (eBay item photo front photo back) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

Brunch at the Lake

Wayne and I shared a table with our coworkers and after a few dances, he seemed like a fun sort of guy. At the end of the night, he invited me to his house for brunch the next day where he promised to show me around the beautiful lake where he lived. He failed to mention that he lived in a nudist colony.

My first clue was when we stopped at the entrance gate to the property. I tried to avert my eyes from the guy who raised the crossing gate at the entry wearing only a hat. He was no youngster and not in the best of physical shape with a hairy paunch of a stomach. It wasn't the most pleasant visual attraction, let me confide. As I grew more nervous, my date assured me I wasn't required to take off my clothes, for which I was truly grateful.

While my date cooked eggs and bacon in his lovely mobile home, I heard the roar of a lawn mower and I ventured a quick peek out of the window. The guy mowing the lawn had on nothing more than tennis shoes. My thoughts strayed to the danger of dangling appendages and flying objects.

Believe me, I couldn't wait for that date to be over. I spent the entire morning wishing that I had driven my own car. That was our first and only date.

Haven in the Woods

The crossing guard at the gate manned his post
The crossing guard at the gate manned his post

Surprise, surprise, surprise..."

— Gomer Pyle

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Dinner and a Movie

Up until that point my worst date was in high school when my parents introduced me to the neighbor, a guy more than twenty years older than me. He asked their permission to ask me out on a date. The big surprise was that they encouraged and allowed me to go out with this guy.

We went to see the movie, "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" after a nice dinner at a seafood restaurant. That was when I first discovered my allergy to scallops. On the ride home in his '65 GTO, my stomach started to churn and I began to feel nauseated. I was too embarrassed to ask him to stop, so I rolled down the window and tossed my cookies out of a moving car. You can imagine the results. And, no, we never went out again.

The Running Man

There was one dinner date that I'll never forget which involved a brute who didn't take no for an answer when he decided to serve me dessert. Actually, there were several like that but none that I'll describe here. These were valuable learning experiences during which I decided that a Karate class might be useful.

There was one fellow who jogged over to my house to pick me up for our date. He arrived out of breath and sweaty insisting that I could drive us to the movie theater in my car. Still in my teens, I was foolish enough to agree. We watched the movie, "Wild in the Streets", a cult flick where anyone over the age of thirty was not to be trusted. That was our first and last date as well, but not because of the movie. He only wanted to date me to make another girl jealous.

Oh, the itsy bitsy spider crawled up the water spout...

Texaco Man

After my ex closed our business and moved away to another life with another wife, I started dating one of our former employees with whom I'd become friends. Having married as a teenager, this was one of my first ventures into the dating world in five years. The guy was, let's say, several years younger than me, full of life and vigor. His blond hair and blue-eyes were matched with the sweetest smile I'd seen in a long time.

Our third date was one Friday after we both got off work. He arrived at my house When I asked why he was wearing a greasy shirt with the Texaco logo he let me know he'd been too busy chugging a dozen beers to change clothes.

Sensing his state of intoxication, I drove us to the fancy and expensive restaurant where I had started a new job. My date's booming voice and erratic behavior in front of my coworkers and my boss was indeed embarrassing.

It was the end of the line for that guy, too.


Deceptions and Jocks

There were a series of other less than adequate would-be partners over the years. One contender for the worst date ever was a guy who took me on a date to the Twenty-four Hours of Sebring race in Florida. I remember it as the twenty-four days of Sebring.

Following a four hour drive to the event, we found a campsite with a group of his friends and there we camped for three day event of time trials and race car preparation before the race began. The only bathroom was a port-a-potty, a stinking plastic box with a waiting line that seemed miles long.

When the race finally ended, we began the journey towards what I envisioned as a refreshing and much needed shower. Instead, my date drove us directly to a soccer field where he joined his team mates as their captain. Apparently there wasn't time to take me home first or he would miss running around for ninety minutes with other sweaty guys. You would think I had enough of him, but no, I gave it a while longer. It wasn't long before I discovered that he never filed for divorce as he told me. Liar, liar, well, you know about the pants on fire. That was the straw for him.

"I have had enough of YOU!"

By NBC Television (eBay item photo front photo front press release) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons
By NBC Television (eBay item photo front photo front press release) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

The Other Woman

There was a time when revenge seemed the best choice for one guy. That was when I found out he was dating another woman and telling us both he broke up with the other one. With her help we pulled a fast one on him.

One Friday night when we were scheduled for a date, I invited his other girlfriend to come to my house. She arrived well before he was supposed to get there and hid in the back bedroom until just the right moment. When he started in with a string of lies, she made a grand entry into the living room and we confronted him together. You should have seen the fireworks. Yes, it was fun, as well as a bit sad. That wasn't the end of him, unfortunately.

Revenge is a dish best served cold.

— Klingon Proverb

What I learned in nine years of being single was to stay alert for any sign of trouble. Sometimes the most seemingly innocent circumstances leave us vulnerable to the psychopath or the hands-on masher. Preparation and diligence is key. And carry a canister of pepper spray for good measure. You never know.

© 2015 Peg Cole

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DJ Anderson 2 years ago

Peg, this was a fun read.

I cannot imagine how I would have reacted at arriving at the nudist colony, but I'm pretty sure I would have gotten out of the car and walked away.

After my divorce, I insisted on meeting dates someplace where I could drive myself there and back home. Better safe than sorry.

My worst date was my very first date. I lived in a small town where

everyone knew everyone. This young man went to my church and

he had asked a mutual friend to set us up. We double dated and went

to see a movie. He was a very nice young man, and things were going well until he gave me a big old sloppy kiss. Yuck! Disgusting!! My skin was crawling by the time we got to my house. I literally jumped and ran into my house. Mother had waited up to find out how my first date had gone. I just fell out crying. Mother kept saying, what happened? I was

hysterical and sobbing and could not speak. Finally, I spoke, "He kissed me!" You can imagine her relief.

I learn very early that if there is no chemistry with me and the other person, for-get-a-bou-it!!

Great read. Thanks for some of the memories. :-)


mckbirdbks profile image

mckbirdbks 2 years ago from Emerald Wells, Just off the crossroads,Texas

Hello Peg. What courare it took to write an article about dating experiences. You certainly had your share of unacceptable men arrive at your doorstep. It seems you survived dating with your sense of humor in tack.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hello DJ, Nice of you to drop by and share your interesting dating experience. It reminds me of the first date my mother had after twenty-nine years of marriage that ended. Her reaction was almost identical to yours. Getting her to tell me about it was difficult, but like your Mom, I was relieved to know that was the worst of it.

Thanks so much for telling me you enjoyed reading this. Smiling.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 2 years ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Mckbirdbks, I'm not certain as to the courage it took but it was cathartic to relive some of the horrendous mistakes I made during my youth. Time has eased some of the pain of the experiences, thankfully.

I really appreciate your kind visit today and your thoughtful words.

SubRon7 profile image

SubRon7 2 years ago from eastern North Dakota

Peg, you are a hilariously-humorous woman. I always enjoy your wit, but I think you outdid yourself on this one. Great job! I voted on the top one, but it turned into a worst two years of my life. You were smart and got out quick. I was quite dumb.

A strange thing happened last week. I got I believe five hits on my past hubs, and five comments. Two of the comments made no sense at all. Two others sounded like maybe management. The fifth one I don't remember what was strange. And stranger yet, they all went by first names, not profile names. I had the idea it was management wanting to get rid of me. Fine, I would like to go, but that would mean I'd never see your hubs again, or Will Starr's. But one of these days I will copy and paste what I want of mine and delete everything else.

What do you think? Was it the new management sniffing around? They were all weird....

marcoujor profile image

marcoujor 2 years ago from Jeffersonville PA

Only nine years and quite a few stories ... I confess I got the giggles early on in this read and couldn't stop. dear Peg.

So glad you came 'out the other side intact and with your sweet J'... when they invented the expression 'you could write a book', this is what I think they meant!

Voted UP and all...especially FUNNY. Love and hugs and sharing, Maria

Minnetonka Twin profile image

Minnetonka Twin 2 years ago from Minnesota

Glad I'm not the only one with bad date memories. Your stories made me laugh and get worried too. Glad you got through those bad dates and that your sharing your wisdom with us. What a great and fun idea for a hub. Voted up and hit every button.

Frank Atanacio profile image

Frank Atanacio 24 months ago from Shelton

Pegcole.. I know this was an experience.. but I don't know why I found it amusing.. forgive me but I was so amused.... entertained and found myself chuckling out loud.. anyway I enjoyed the hub period

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

SubRon7, You are kind to appreciate my humor. That always makes me feel good. Not sure about what you mean by the top one, the musician? I was lucky to escape that situation. It was a real roller coaster ride. Sorry you stayed for the duration on one such disastrous relationship (or more).

As to the weird comments on your hubs, I've had a few of those that are truly spam. Sometimes I report them in the forum only to get a note that I need to fill out such and such email form or whatever. The best solution is to delete them and forget them. Have you ever looked in your comments under spam? Yikes.

No, I don't think that management is trying to run you off. From what I understand, there is a copy-cat site in Vietnam that allows people to sign in and interact as if they are on HubPages actual. That probably explains the weirdness. Or...?

Anyhow, thanks again for the kind words, the chuckles and the great comment.

Peggy W profile image

Peggy W 24 months ago from Houston, Texas

This was really funny to read but probably not as funny to experience on your end at the time. I am still smiling! Many up votes and will share. Am sure it will bring smiles to many more faces. :))

always exploring profile image

always exploring 24 months ago from Southern Illinois

Peg, while reading this, I felt pity for you, yet I laughed out loud. OMG a nudist colony. Hee.. I think the worst date I ever had was with a young man who went to church every time the door opened. He was a nephew of my sister's husband. We'd gone to a carnival and had a really good time. He parked in front of my house and kissed me, I'd remarked earlier that the little monkey hanging on his mirror was so cute. After the kiss, he whispered in my ear, " Ill give you the little monkey if I can make love to you. " needless to say, I couldn't get out of the car fast enough. I love how you inserted your picture in with the gorilla, very clever. This was a fun read..

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Oh darling Marcoujor, This could be volume one of many volumes. I was truly a glutton for punishment in those days. Some of the tales would make your hair curl. Maybe it will be my next book. I'm glad this gave you the giggles as it was intended to be funny. Usually, that's difficult for me to convey.

Yes, I am one lucky girl to have found Mr. Right after a number of Mr. Wrongs. I count my blessings everyday.

bravewarrior profile image

bravewarrior 24 months ago from Central Florida

Peg, you've had some real doozie dates! I can only imagine your surprise when you discovered your date lived in a nudist colony. You'd think something like that would come up in conversation beforehand.

I love what you did to the two-timing Bible thumper! Hopefully, that cured him of his wicked ways.

And the sweaty guy? What's up with that? Some guys are such dipwads. What ever are they thinking?

This is a great, fun article, Peg. Thanx for the giggles.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Minnetonka Twin, Sometimes you just have to laugh about these things (or else cry). I can say that at the time some of this stuff seemed tragic to me and some of it was rather dark. But it's live and learn on most of life. Some of the lessons took me a while to grasp.

Thank you for sharing a laugh with me on our mutual dating experiences and for taking time to leave a comment.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Frank, I don't mind in the least that you found this humorous. I'm really glad you did. Time has a tendency to ease the pain of our darkest moments. Looking back I realize some of my choices were not well thought out and could have been much worse. Those are stories for another time. Thank you for the visit and for the chuckles.

Jackie Lynnley profile image

Jackie Lynnley 24 months ago from The Beautiful South

Wow I appreciate the laughs! Great stories and reminded me of a few of my own but nothing near so exciting! lol


PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Peggy, It's good to laugh at our own mistakes from time to time. It's also good to be older and wiser now, thankfully, and no longer in the dating scene. I can't imagine how difficult it must be in these times of Internet and cell phone relationships.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Oh my, Always, that little monkey story was truly funny and yet, not so much at the time, I'm sure. Isn't it interesting that some of the ones who seem to be religious and morally upright turn out to be the opposite?

About the photo, there's a place at Universal Studios where you can have your picture made with a life-size King Kong. They charge for the service, but my friend and I always get one made when we visit the theme park.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Bravewarrior, Yes, indeed, you would have thought the guy would have mentioned the pertinent facts, right? Must have slipped his mind... As for Mr. Sweaty, it was his way of not mentioning that he didn't have a car and I would have to drive. I should have slammed the door in his face, but no. I was much less plucky back then. Nice of you to come by and read this. Thanks for the great comments. I'm really glad you found it funny.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Jackie, I'm sure you faced some interesting situations along the way in the dating world. At the time these situations weren't nearly as funny. But now? I have to laugh at myself.

kallini2010 profile image

kallini2010 24 months ago from Toronto, Canada

I have enjoyed your account of bad dates. I'd call it "an experience".

Every time someone asks me "How is your ... food (let's say)?", if I don't like it, I'd say "it's an experience". These ones turn into good stories sometimes or make us remember better.

There are dating manuals - do that, don't do that - "Dating for dummies" and what not. I've read "Dating for Dummies" and the best advice there was, if you are not ready for any dating (for whatever reason), date yourself first. I did.

I was trying to wreck my brain to remember my bad dates. I'm sure I had them, but...

I tend to remember the good ones. If anyone would approach me and ask "Do you remember when we...?" I'd say "If it was good I would have remembered. I guess it wasn't."

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hello Kallini2010, Sometimes it is better to forget than remember some things. I call it a learning experience as well. Ringo Starr had a song that went along with your sentiments in trying to remember bad dates.

Thanks so much for sharing your experience at how you got through this kind of thing. Dating one's self? Interesting. I remember the good ones and the bad ones.

Faith Reaper profile image

Faith Reaper 24 months ago from southern USA

Oh, me, dear Peg! You went through a lot in the dating world. It makes me grateful now that I was married so young! I know at the time, these were dreadful things to have to endure, but I am glad you did not throw in the towel and found your Mr. Right!

Although, I have not been single most of my adult life, there are still those who still try to sweet talk me into whatever, even though knowing I am married! LOL Those are some doozie stories too. I am glad we found our good guy for life!

Up ++++ tweeting, pinning, G+ and sharing

Blessings to you and your Mr. Right!

Well, I clicked the share button, but it never turns green?

travmaj profile image

travmaj 24 months ago from australia

Hi Peg, I guess this wasn't so hilarious at the time. Have to say reading it cheered me immensely. Made me laugh. A nudist colony!

I can't recall any odd bods from my dating days. (too long ago perhaps) Have to say your dating life was most interesting and much more memorable than mine.

AliciaC profile image

AliciaC 24 months ago from British Columbia, Canada

I'm sorry that you had such bad dating experiences, Peg, but it was funny to read about them! Thanks for an interesting and amusing hub. Thanks for sharing the important warning at the end of the hub, too.

Jodah profile image

Jodah 24 months ago from Queensland Australia

Oh Peg you certainly had some dates to remember :) I have had a couple I'd prefer to forget,(one especially but I'm not writing about that here)but most went ok. I am sure these were horrendous at the time but I couldn't help but laugh at your experiences now. They say you learn by your mistakes, I am sure you did. Thanks for sharing this. Voted up.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Faith, You're right about the married ones who pretend not to be. I could write a bit about those types as well. Early in my working career I discovered some who were not hampered by their wedding vows. I'm very grateful to have finally found a man who has old fashioned values and who will put up with me.

Thank you so much for trying to share this and for the votes and the great comment. Mostly, I just use the "link to this page" at the bottom to share. It seems faster than the button.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Travmaj, Thanks for finding this funny. I'm so glad this cheered you up. Maybe it's a good thing that your dating life was not as turbulent as these instances I described. But wait, there's more. Oh yes. Oh, no!

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

AliciaC, Glad to see you dropping by and thanks for the uplifting comment about this story.

FlourishAnyway profile image

FlourishAnyway 24 months ago from USA

This was really fun. You've had quite a time of it. Way, way back in my younger years I went on a date with a cowboy, but he picked me up for the date on a motorcycle without warning me (I was wearing a skirt and heels). He took me out two-stepping; everyone else was in jeans and boots. I can't do that type of dancing and the contrast picked up a lot of unwanted attention. It turned out that his ex-girlfriend and her chums were at the dance hall. He kept pursuing me in spite of my non-dancing abilities but I never returned his calls.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Jodah, We can only hope to learn from our mistakes. I certainly tried to learn every way possible that a date could go wrong. Your experience intrigues me and I'm sure when the time is right you'll tell the story, whether in a fictitious form or in one of your meaningful poems. Thanks for getting a kick out of this story. That's really encouraging.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Flourish, What a great story about your cowboy. I can't do the two step either and I think I went out with your dance buddy once. I have no dancing ability at all. Thankfully, he had a car and not a motorcycle. Don't you despise it when they take you out to show off in front of a former girl friend? What a cad. Thanks for coming by, for the fun comment and for sharing your dance fever story.

Shyron E Shenko profile image

Shyron E Shenko 24 months ago

Peg, this was a fun read, I did not date that much and I met my EX-husband when I a young girl, not old enough to date. I do remember one date, we went on a picnic and to a long story short, we were in my car and he was left at the forest preserves.

You have had some fun adventures (after the fact, years later)

Voted up UFABI and shared

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hello Shyron, Picnics and dates, hmmm, that brings back other memories of liking the wrong brother. Dating can be really difficult or a lot of fun, sometimes both. You sure had other adventures as I recall, with hot rods and fast cars. Thanks so much for reading this and sharing your reactions and thanks, too, for the votes and shares. You rock.

aviannovice profile image

aviannovice 24 months ago from Stillwater, OK

There's lots of unacceptable, for sure. I much prefer the lake, so much less of a problem.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Getting out into nature is a good thing, Deb. Thanks for dropping by.

Genna East profile image

Genna East 24 months ago from Massachusetts, USA

Oh, Peg. I loved this. It is written with humor, courage and character. Thank you for sharing your experiences. I hadn’t suffered many weird dating encounters before I married, save one that might make “honorable mention” in The Nightmares of Dating. He was married and failed to inform me of that one important little detail. It’s a mine field out there, Peg. Excellent, fun read. Voted up across the board. :-)

cam8510 profile image

cam8510 24 months ago from Colorado Springs, CO until the end of March

Very, very funny. I haven't had a lot of dates that went south, but maybe the women I dated did. Thanks for the laugh this morning.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Thank you, Genna. I'm so glad you came by. Your experience reminds me of another one who did the same thing to me. I left my job with the airlines for him, unfortunately. Yes, it's interesting how that small detail slips their mind. Mine field. That's a good description of it.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Good morning Cam8510, I'm glad you came by to check this out. Thanks for letting me know you found this funny and for the insight into your dating experience. I imagine some of my dates thought I'd headed south or maybe off the deep end.

P Sachiko Kashima profile image

P Sachiko Kashima 24 months ago from San Francisco Bay Area

Insightful and entertaining!

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Thank you P Sachiko Kashima! Nice to see you here.

poetryman6969 profile image

poetryman6969 24 months ago

You would think this kind of stuff would put you off dating altogether.

I remember a date that crashed 15 minutes in due to a political discussion. I refused to pretend to be a communist. Not my idea of getting lucky.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 24 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

It's good to know you wouldn't compromise your principles to please your date. That was a good move, Poetryman. It wasn't meant to be with that one. Trouble in the making, for sure.

PAINTDRIPS profile image

PAINTDRIPS 23 months ago from Fresno CA

Peg, very funny and entertaining. I haven't dated much but I know I don't want to. I actually MARRIED one of my bad dates. That made him a bad 4 years. Very funny. Voted up.



PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 23 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Oh dear, Paintdrips. Too bad about the bad date that lasted for four years. Thanks so much for the votes and sweet remarks along with the blessings.

pstraubie48 profile image

pstraubie48 23 months ago from sunny Florida

O my you really have had some doozies, haven't you?

Angels are on the way to you this evening. ps

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 23 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

That's for sure, Pstraubie48. Good word for it.

Suzanne Day profile image

Suzanne Day 23 months ago from Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

I really enjoyed reading about your experiences with bad dates and you've inspired me to potentially write a hub of my own about these too! I can't believe some of the things men do to get away with what they're presenting ;) I'm often surrounded by men with paunches who can be just plain stupid....examples to come in a hub! Voted awesome and well done. x

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 23 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hi Suzanne, It's nice to know you feel inspired to share some of your experiences in this department. Yes, amazing what some of them try to get away with. Thank you for the votes and great comment.

Rangoon House profile image

Rangoon House 22 months ago from Australia

You've definitely been on more interesting dates than me!

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 22 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hello Rangoon, Give it time...I hope your dates were much more pleasant than some of these.

sgbrown profile image

sgbrown 21 months ago from Southern Oklahoma

Yes, I have had a few bad dates similar to some of yours. However, I have never been taken to a nudist colony. I don't think I would have made it through the front gate. I guess all dates can't be good ones!

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 21 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Sheila, I imagine any of us who have been on the dating scene for any length of time will experience some of these things. I count my blessings now that it's all in the past. Thank you for your visit and nice comments.

letstalkabouteduc profile image

letstalkabouteduc 21 months ago from Bend, OR

Thoroughly entertaining hub, Peg. If I had a daughter, I'd tell her to always drive herself on the first date and always meet at a neutral spot -- restaurant, coffee house, park etc. I'm really intrigued with your parents setting you up with the 40-year-0ld guy. What's up with that? My worst date occurred when my female boss set me up with her male friend. On our date, he revealed they were not only friends but roommates who had been in a romantic relationship for years and just recently broke up. It felt like they were playing some twisted game with me. I was 25 and they were in their 40s.

PegCole17 profile image

PegCole17 21 months ago from Dallas, Texas Author

Hello Letstalk, You have good instincts when it comes to dating preparedness. I learned to take my own car after a girlfriend decided to stay out until three am and I rode with her that evening. Work the next day came really early.

I was always amazed at that set up by my folks. There may have been ulterior motives of keeping me nearby if we got serious. He lived across the street and played classical music on the piano. They liked him.

Your situation sounds quite uncomfortable and you're right, like an ugly game.

Thanks for coming by and for sharing some of your experience here.

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