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Call Men Dating Advice for Women - Calling Men

How to call men. The perfect dating advice for women. Men are different! They like the thrill of the chase and I am here to give serious dating advice for women. with regard to calling men

The Way You Handle Calls, Emails, and Text Messages Will Seriously Affect How Much Your Man Wants You.

Have you ever hesitated before you dialed his number?

Have you ever made a phone call to a man and later regretted it?

We've all been there and we know how it feels to call men! that is why you need this dating advice for women regarding calling men

How to Call Men - 3 important things every woman should know about calling men

Communications are critical - we all have to talk or send signals or we won't know what to do and what is going on. But understanding some basic psychology of gender differences can make it or break it in the dating game, especially when it comes to calling men

Perharps you have called a guy after a great date. Is that so wrong? Actually, most of the time it might be. Complicated isn't it, this world of communications between men and women. How about texting? Is that ok? What about calling after a certain amount of time. Is that ok? Is it impossible to figure this all out? Are you doomed to being powerless? Absolutely not!

By the time you finish reading this dating advice about calling men, you will be far ahead of your friends who will wonder how you manage to handle those handsome men successfully.

There are some basic rules and information that can help you make the right moves and keep the worry monster away. we talk about these in our dating advice. Listed below are three of them.

1. If he calls and you aren't available, return the call. It's polite, it's friendly and it's the right thing to do. If you like him, this may be his time to ask you out and if you wait too long, he may think you are not interested. If you aren't interested, call him anyway. It's the right thing to do and at some point you have to learn to do the hard things in life such as telling a nice guy, "I like you , and thanks for asking me out again, but I didn't feel we had enough in common to move on to a second date."

2. You had a great date and he isn't calling. Should you call him the next day and thank him? NO! I hope you thanked him on the night of the date. Now, you wait.

3. Why are there rules? Why is a man the one who should call after a date? Hasn't the world changed? Yes, of course the world has changed in many wonderful ways for men and women. But calling after a date isn't one of them - and that's not a bad thing. Every game has rules and the dating game is no different. Play by the rules and everyone is comfortable. That's why you don't see people in restaurants standing on tables and yelling - the rules of eating out require you not act like that. They also require using utensils properly and speaking in a quiet tone of voice. The world runs smoother this way.

And the same is true of communications between men and women. Is it fair? Actually, yes. Rules allow you to know where you stand in the game of dating. If he doesn't call you after a date, you know he doesn't want to go out again. At least not now. Ok, that's a bummer - but it frees you up to move on to the one who can't wait to call you and see you again after a date.


If you really need to talk about "the night before" - call a friend. Tell her the good, the bad, and the ugly. And then, go play a game of tennis or do some work, or call another friend. Go have a life - the more you do that, the less you will care if he calls, and the happier you will be whether he does or not. Life is not lived on the cell (not completely anyway!). So go do something and see how interesting you are to him when he calls and you are out doing something!

You will agree that this is priceless information / dating advice that puts you far ahead of others in calling men you are dating.

Some Five Dating Tips For Women | Ultimate Dating advice

It is usaully hard to get worth reading dating advice for women. But here is some dating advice that I got from Jonathan locke. I am sure you find is useful as a woman.

If you're a woman having trouble getting past that first date, left wondering why he never calls back, and what you're doing wrong, here are some important tips to keep in mind the next time you get dressed and go out on the town. The first thing to remember is that it has very little to do with you, as a person. It has nothing to do with your physical attractiveness, your personality, or anything about what makes you, you. It has everything to do with simple psychology, which is employed masterfully (whether intentionally or not) by those women who seem to have the best luck on the dating circuit. Here are five tips you can't do without.

TIP #1: Don't Treat Your Date Like It's an Interview

The is one of the most common, and most fatal mistakes made by both men and women. Sitting at dinner, searching for things to talk about to keep the silence from becoming deafening, a woman will begin asking every question in the book. From "what's your favorite color" to "where do you see yourself in five years," these questions seem harmless enough, but enough of them will sink the ship. If you feel you need these questions answered ahead of time, the best online dating services are waiting for you. Let the conversation flow naturally. If a question should arise through the normal course of talking, feel free to ask. But don't sit there and ask question after question, as if interrogating a criminal.

TIP #2: Practice a Certain Amount of Aloofness

This one is straight out of your mom's playbook, but it continues to hold water today. Guys, by and large, don't want someone they just met calling them every day and night. Every other time you feel the urge to call, let your hand do something else and let the phone chill.

TIP #3: Control Your Nerves

One of the easiest ways to wreck a first date is to let your ne4rvousness get the best of you. You start laughing at things that aren't funny, you do things you normally wouldn't do, or, worst of all, you sit in silence because you're too afraid to say anything. Relax and be yourself.

As you scheme through what is written here, I bet you are beginning to realize what was in Jonathan's mind. This is invaluable dating advice for you.

TIP #4: Be Honest

Most people, believe it or not, have a pretty good BS detector. If you have skeletons in your closet, the first date is probably not the time to bring them out into the open. On the other hand, answering questions honestly and not trying to make yourself seem like something you're not is equally important.

TIP #5: Keep Your Clothes On

Another one you might perceive to be out of your mom's handbook, but this is critical. Guys aren't going to start a long term relationship with someone who slept with them on the first night, except perhaps 30 year olds still living with their parents. They just aren't. The only thing going through their heads will be "how many other guys has she done that with?" It may be sexist, it may be wrong, but it's the truth. If you're looking to start a relationship, hold off the sex for another time.

I will keep on posting more useful dating advice and tips on this hubpage for all my readers.

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calling men 7 years ago

So much true words have spoken here, it's all a one big game.

Should I Call Him? Click Here To Find Out 7 years ago

Great tips! I had a lot of fun reading them!

Erin 7 years ago

Sometimes sleeping with a man the first night does end in a relationship. Lots of them start that way. Try this:

Tell him you are the kind of woman who thinks everyone should be accountable for their own body and feelings. Tell him that if he can't handle something as fun and harmless as sex, then he should also wait until he is ready.

All men will reveal a lot then.

If they say they want to wait, oddly he is the best bet for accidentally having sex too soon.

Yet if he gives you this "mate for life" crap, watch out.

mangarita 7 years ago

what if the guy after the three dates he stops calling you. if u call him he doesnt pick up your calls then after three months of no comunication he calls you and pretends to be gud as though nothin happens what do you do to show u missed him as well?

Lubowa profile image

Lubowa 6 years ago from Uganda Author

Dear Mangarita,

Yes men like the thrill of the chase. In my opinion, when he stops calling you after the three dates, he wants you to start chasing him. That is why after three months without you calling, he call. An actually he might not be pretending, He is speaking the fact. To him, nothing happened. But to you, something happened. But if you follow the dating advice given in the book on how to call me,I assure you that you will win the game.

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