Dating in Saudi Arabia KSA; How to Date Muslim Saudi Girls

Dating girls in Saudi Arabia

This Hub about dating in Saudi Arabia (KSA) is very much aimed at the men working in Saudi Arabia who want to date Muslim Saudi girls and women of other nationalities. This is aimed at helping them to find a woman here in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) and contains lots of advice and stories given to me by others here in the kingdom – not my own experiences I promise (my wife would kill me). Therefore the stories may be exaggerated or complete fiction – or maybe they are totally true, I will let you be the judge!

If you are female and wish to date a man then I am sure the advice here could be applied equally as well, but please be aware that where some men may just be slapped on the wrist if found doing something they should not; it is likely that your punishment would be severe. You could easily find yourself in prison locked up for deportation with lashes to endure every Friday for your sentence. Most women found in the company of men, especially foreign women from less wealthy countries will be charged with prostitution and jailed accordingly before being deported from the kingdom. If you are deported for these reasons, you will find that they will stamp prostitute in Arabic in your passport. If you are a married woman, just don't take the risk of losing your head over some young handsome man.

But that aside, it is not impossible to go on dates in KSA and meet some very lovely women here, after all I met my wife in the kingdom where she had worked for ten years as a nurse. You can also meet girls that will happily spend time with you for a few hundred riyals. Have fun whilst dating women and Muslim Saudi girls in Saudi Arabia, but stay very safe at all times.

Finding Love in Saudi Arabia

nice girls to date in Saudi Arabia
nice girls to date in Saudi Arabia | Source

More about Saudi Segregation Laws

You may wish to find out more about the various rules and regulations that are enforced in Saudi Arabia, follow this link to discover more about Saudi Rules.

The Rules of Dating in Saudi Arabia

Dating in Saudi Arabia can be quite difficult, as you are aware, you can only be alone with a woman if she is your wife or direct blood relative (sister, mother, daughter) therefore mixing with women is very difficult in the open unless you have nerves of steel and very lucky!

If you are caught with a woman who is not your sister, mother, daughter or wife you are going to be in big trouble, she in even worse! You can very easily be arrested for this offense and if any lewdness is alleged you could be finding yourself spending some serious time in jail or worse!

Should the woman be married and Adultery is alleged the penalty is death, although this is usually applied only to the woman! Should you actually be sentenced to death by stoning for this offense, you will only be buried to the waist, should you be able to escape then you are free, women are buried to the neck, but can also win their freedom by escaping! This is probably not the best ending to a romantic date in Saudi Arabia!

Saudi Arabia, the Place to Date Saudi Girls

What is like on a western compound

If you want to know more about finding a western compound and what life is really like you can follow this link to discover more about Saudi Compound life.

Finding Love on a Compound in Saudi Arabia

Most westerners living on the compounds can have the opportunities to meet ladies within the confines of the compounds, however, unless your compound is a particularly social one with many guests arriving your choices are generally restricted to the wives and daughters of other residents as I have only met one female resident who was “single”, her husband was in Australia. You are also not going to be dating Saudi Girls as they will not be allowed on to the compounds to socialize with you!

Most single women or women living in Saudi Arabia without their husbands will be housed in female only compounds or villas and will find their movements severely restricted; often with a curfew by which they have to be home.

Chasing other residents wives and daughters can be a recipe for disaster and I would suggest that you avoid this route, no matter how desperate your situation may be. This does happen frequently and at times very messily, with one man that I knew disappearing without trace!

If your compound is a fairly social one, then you may find that there are nurses and the like invited as guests to various events, more often than not Filipino although occasionally other nationalities. Depending on your morals and motivation, true love vs release, I am told (just told I promise) that many of these women are as frustrated as the men. They are as in need of a date in Saudi Arabia as you are in most cases!

The other options come in the guise of maids that offer freelance work such as cleaning across the compounds, most compounds try to keep them out as strictly they are illegal, however they seem to be able to persuade the male guards to let them in somehow! These occasionally offer services other than just scrubbing your pipework!

The maids and other female workers officially employed in the compound may also be a source of companionship, this may be easy or difficult depending on the compound management, one I stayed on had all female workers locked up safely by 7pm every night for their own protection.

However, do not take liberties or force yourself on them, these girls may come from poor countries and work in underpaid jobs, but they are not all going to accept a little extra pay to help you out and don’t assume that because one will they all will!

Don’t get yourself in trouble, a “friend” of mine ended up “dating” the mistress of the compound manager, this caused all sorts of problems when it was discovered as these things often are – moving on to another he then found that she also was the mistress of the compound manager! I am now looking for a job as a compound manager if anyone knows of any openings!

Dating Via Bluetooth in KSA

Finding Saudi Girls to date off compound in Saudi Arabia

Off compound in Saudi Arabia, if you are a westerner, you will often get smiles and little glances from ladies of many different nationalities, don’t think that these ladies, again often from poor countries, have fallen in love with your potbelly, untrimmed nasal hair and warts, they know that westerners are generally well paid and desperate!

Carefully passing on your phone number without being observed is the order of the day here, being six feet tall and handsome of course I have occasionally even had ladies secretly pass me their numbers – not that I ever used them! (Or the number).

Ladies will happily chat with you and flirt very naughtily on the phone with you, obviously if you want to chat more with them it would be best to send them a small amount of load (phone credit) maybe 50 or 100 riyals, you don’t want to appear cheap after all. This applies to ladies of all nationalities (and ages - remember many are veiled when they pass their number so you never quite know what you are getting into!)

A cute girl I know used be passed numbers frequently by men everywhere she went and talked to them all, she made an additional 4000SAR per month selling the load she received to her friends and others, when you consider wage was only 1000SAR as a cleaner on a compound this is quite significant, and she never had to meet a guy ever!

You may also receive random phone calls, more often than not men; people here seem to dial random numbers in the hope of chatting to someone interesting, I had one girl that kept phoning me for up to 10 minutes or more at a time, she would speak a little (very poor English) then start making all sorts of strange noises, what she was doing I am not sure as I had a very sheltered upbringing!

This is the hard bit – meeting the woman! If you are alone, how do you get the woman to meet you for a date in Saudi Arabia?

Dream girl in Saudi Arabia?

Looking for Love in Saudi Arabia
Looking for Love in Saudi Arabia | Source

Meeting a Girl in Saudi Arabia

You can be brave and take risks, many people do when dating girls in Saudi Arabia! It is actually quite rare for a westerner to be stopped and challenged about the woman he is with, although it does happen. But be sensible, you are a westerner, being accompanied by a fully veiled woman will raise a few suspicions, best for whoever you take out on a date in KSA to behave in a western manner even if not western, so no veils and uncovered hair.

A westerner walking with a Filipino or Indonesian girl will attract quite a few stares, especially in Riyadh, which is far more conservative than other cities. This can be uncomfortable for the woman and there is the potential for someone to say something. Many Arabic women look quite western so there are fewer stares, but they are harder to date (I'm told!)

Going out to dinner or a walk around the mall and a quiet, romantic coffee can be achieved, but little else, getting a room is quite difficult, requiring your ID and so on! The hotel is not going to turn a blind eye to you bringing a woman to your room I promise you! I do know one hotel in Riyadh where you can get from the parking to the rooms without being seen going through the lobby - if you need to know just message me.

Should Muslim women even cover their eyes!

Bringing girls on compound to date in Saudi Arabia.

If you are on a smaller compound and are on good terms with the gate guards then you may be ok, keep them happy with regular tips for good service and so on and your life will be full and joyous. But look out for the national guard, they may report the compound guard even if they say nothing about you!

The normal routine when someone comes onto the compound is for their ID to be taken and it will be faxed with your name to the ministry of "we know what you are doing" for them to keep tabs on you. The compound will not let a single lady in to see you as they are looking out for your morals and your eternal soul! So unless you have an arrangement as all ready stated, don't do it!

The other option is if you are friendly with a married couple who are happy to chaperone your trips and liaisons, this is by far the safest manner of dating in Saudi! But most married couples are unlikely to facilitate meaningful overnight relationships!

You may also be lucky enough to know someone on the compound who regularly invites single girls to parties or other events at their home, my wife and I always had several single girls at our place every weekend, so many of the guys wanted to be my friend!

Bringing Girls home in Saudi Arabia

Who said you can't date in Saudi Arabia?
Who said you can't date in Saudi Arabia? | Source

Bringing girls home for dating off compound in Saudi Arabia

Living off compound can be easier if you want to date girls in Saudi Arabia, you have no guards preventing you from bringing anyone to your premises. However, there are eyes everywhere, a “friend” who lives off compound was stopped by a group of guys belonging to the mosque nearby and questioned about the number of Filipino ladies seen coming in and out of the apartment building that he lived in, who were obviously visiting me (whoops cat out of the bag). However, this was not actually the case, 6 nurses had been lodged in one of the apartments temporarily by a nearby hospital – but this did not stop the very rapid spread of rumors and my apprehension by the concerned members of the community, people are very quick to assume the worst.

Bunny Boilers in Saudi Arabia

Some of the women here are very protective of their men, after all they show status and can be a very handy additional income. A friend met and had a sexual relationship with an Indonesian lady that he met at a nearby mall, he also met one of her friends who flirted with him and he made it clear that he was interested. The first girl was kidnapped and acid poured on her face to scar her so that my friend would no longer be interested in her! The second freely admitting that she had done it and stalking the man to the point where he had to move.

The same man having not learnt his lesson the first time got involved with another group of women, again Indonesian, again finding yet another stalker who had a rival kidnapped and gang raped after the man refused to see her as he preferred the other woman! Beware, there are some crazy women out there, be very careful who you date in Saudi Arabia.

Islamic Disco - Dressed to kill

Matchmaking in Saudi Arabia

By far the safest way of meeting and dating a woman in Saudi Arabia is through matchmaking, another couple introducing you and chaperoning everything that you do. If you are looking for a meaningful relationship then this is the best way forward. However, not always the best way if you are looking for a little release!

Saudi Women

If you want to know more about Saudi women and living and working in the kingdom as a woman then have a look at this article about women in Saudi Arabia.

Living with a woman in Saudi Arabia.

If you want to live with a woman then there is a very quick and easy way to do so, convert to become a Muslim and “marry” her, there are different “levels” of marriage so you can have a marriage of convenience that allows you to travel freely together with the right paperwork and then say goodbye when you leave the country! I know only one westerner that has taken this route, but it is very common with other nationalities – especially the ones that are already Muslim.

On compound it could be possible to have a maid "living" with you, however, this is best kept very quiet as you never know who may say something to the wrong person. All it takes is a shortage of housing and someone that knows you are living illegally that wants to find a quick way to generate a vacancy!

Riyadh Vice

Taking Girls to date in private places in Saudi Arabia for dating

It is possible to hire some nice villas with pools that are completely private which are ideal for small parties, in fact some even have smaller areas without pools that can be rented out on an hourly basis for very tired travelers! If you wanted to know how to find one of these then you could always drop me a line and I could pass you on to a few friends of mine.

Some of these places are less "religious" about checking your ID and so on so can be used for liaisons, however many will ask for ID, going straight to the guard with a nice tip can very often alleviate this problem.

These are ideal places for taking nice Saudi Girls to date in Saudi Arabia, especially if you are not looking for long term love in the kingdom!

Final word of warning about dating girls in Saudi Arabia

It is not allowed! Don't get caught dating girls in Saudi Arabia, especially don't get caught dating Saudi girls in Saudi Arabia! Saudi girls can look very cute, but if you are caught with one as a foreigner, you are going to be in really hot water.

If you are the nervous type on a date in Saudi Arabia or the woman with you is, you will stand out like a sore thumb if you go out in public, if you walk and act as if you own the place no one will confront you!

I have never been stopped in public with a woman (my wife), however, I get a lot of stares and comments, mainly from other women. I have been stopped at checkpoints, but I have always been waved on when they realize that I don't speak any Arabic (my wife is fluent) without my ID being checked. Most of the police would rather victimize an Indian or a Filipino who will not fight back than a loud mouthed westerner.

The wisdom contained above is the work of many of my friends who have dated many women in Saudi Arabia and has been passed to me as being accurate, it is not my own experience - honestly! (My wife would kill me.) So if you want to date Saudi girls or other women in Saudi Arabia just be very careful indeed.

A final Word on Meeting Women in Saudi Arabia

There are around 8 million expats in Saudi Arabia, the majority of which are male so you can imagine this makes for a lot of very frustrated men. Dating however, is just one aspect of being in the kingdom that many find difficult. You can read more about being an expatriate in Saudi Arabia by following this link: Expatriate in KSA.

Feel free to leave any comments or questions that you have in the section below and I will do my utmost to answer them.

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K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 6 years ago from Northern, California

It would seem being the compound manager is the job to have, are hilarious! This is one crazy module of information. What a huge difference between western and Saudi social rules. Tough gig if you're not brought up with that structure of politics. I enjoyed this hub very much. Well done!


Wendy Krick profile image

Wendy Krick 6 years ago from Maryland

Another Great Hub...It makes me glad I live in America.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

K9Keystroke, thanks for your comments. It is a big shock to the system coming here to Saudi, I would have loved the compound manager job, there is still time for me to find a job in that field. It is very difficult to Date girls in Saudi Arabia, the rules are very different from the west and the punishments are extreme.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Wendy, thanks for your comments. I am glad that I don't have to live my whole life in Saudi Arabia and that I am only here as a visitor. However despite the rules I actually feel safer walking the streets here than I have done in big cities in the West - but I would really detest it if I were a woman here!

Mutiny92 profile image

Mutiny92 6 years ago from Arlington, VA

wow! You did an outstanding job on this article. I learned a lot and appreciate the good old US of A!

Pamela99 profile image

Pamela99 6 years ago from United States

This is an amazing article and you did a wonderful job of explaining that dating may have dire consequences. I am glad I live in the USA.

I will never understand anyone willing to live with Sharia law if they had a choice, which I suppose they don't. Being stoned to death I thought went out in the dark ages. Glad to hear you're married and not in danger.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mutiny, thanks for stopping by and commenting. I actually quite like it here despite all the rather "stupid" rules. I actually have a better life here than I did in the west, what you do behind your closed doors is your business.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks for your comments Pam. Capital punishment is alive and well here in Saudi Arabia although not done as publicly as was the case only a few years back.

The "old timers" here talk of their visits to chop chop square and what they witnessed there but most people who have been here less than 5 years are not even aware of where it is..

Things are changing here slowly but surely, the government wants to fit in with the west but a lot of control is with the "church" not the state.

The population here has grown massively over the last 20 years or so, around half the population is under 25 (I will check the exact when I get some spare time), this is going to lead to some major changes over the next 10 years or so as they want more western freedoms.

Dobson profile image

Dobson 6 years ago from Virginia

I am sure there are plenty of opportunities to meet the women if you are patient and willing to learn the ins and outs. You have reduced that time considerably by compiling all this great information. Thanks for the knowledge!

lakeerieartists profile image

lakeerieartists 6 years ago from Cleveland, OH

For me, reading this hub makes me cringe. I cannot imagine living in a country that treats women so poorly.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks for your comments Dobson, I am sure that you would have no problem finding a date should you get the opportunity to visit here in Saudi Arabia.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Lakeerieartists, thanks for visiting, it is a great pity that women here have to go through their lives under the rules and oppression of Saudi Arabia.

humagaia profile image

humagaia 6 years ago from United Kingdom

Hah! I know all about 'Dating Saudi Girls' before I even got back to this hub - that I had missed the first time around.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

You will be an expert by the time you get here humagaia

Pandoras Box profile image

Pandoras Box 6 years ago from A Seemingly Chaotic World

"I have only met one female resident who was “single”, her husband was in Australia."

Too funny! Good luck with that!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks for stopping by Pandora, I am glad that you enjoyed my writing. People here treat you as single if you have a wife or husband in another country!!

IzzyM profile image

IzzyM 6 years ago from UK

Isn't it awful that there are countries in the world in this day and age where dating is more or less prohibited? Great hub! Full of useful information for single men.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks for your comments Izzy, yes it is very much a pity. The information is just as applicable for women also and I though you knew men better than to single out the single ones!

profile image

Omar Asad 6 years ago

Hello i m male looking female if any women i like a sex please call me on my no.00966535828043.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Omar, I am sure that you will get many calls with your smooth way of chatting up the ladies, you will be dating Saudi Girls in no time. For those that would like a little more background regarding how women are treated in Saudi Arabia please have a read of my hub on Saudi women, I have a few things to say about guys like Omar!

profile image

Artoflegendindia 6 years ago

Nice and informative hubs.thank you for sharing your knowledge.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you coming by and commenting Art.. Maybe we will see you here in Saudi one day.

dawnM profile image

dawnM 6 years ago from THOUSAND OAKS

wow insane is what I would have to say, why would any man risk their life and the women have no rights there. Interesting hub I must say!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

It is insane, trying to date here in Saudi Arabia is a total nightmare. The rules are just far to strict. Thanks for stopping by DawnM and leaving your comments.

lisabeaman profile image

lisabeaman 6 years ago from Phoenix, AZ

Incredible hub! The cultural differences are amazing. I hope you appreciate your fluently speaking wife :) I bet she keeps you out of a lot of trouble!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

I am glad that I have my wife here and that I am not trying to date Saudi Girls! Much better life and a lot less risks! Thanks for commenting Lisa.

inderyas  6 years ago

I am a christen boy form pakistan

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Inderyas, I hope that you have a great time and find what you are seeking.

wavegirl22 profile image

wavegirl22 6 years ago from New York, NY

LeanMan - Hmmmm just wondering how difficult this topic must have been for you to research. I may have to have a little conversation with Wilma making sure she is keeping you in line:)I do find the topic about Saudi women to be interesting. As an american female I realize how many things we take for granted. Keep them coming, great read:)

 6 years ago

Hi Wavegirl, I am firmly kept in check by my wife, all experiences above are not mine.. honest!!!! Dating Saudi girls is not a sport of

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi again Wavegirl, it appears that Hubpages forgot to put me on my comment... just so you know that it was my comment above about me not actually dating Saudi girls, honest!

Missing Link profile image

Missing Link 6 years ago from Oregon

Your hub reinforces my pre existing "I'll pass feeling" on ever going to Saudi. Neat hub!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Missing Link, you should never pass up an opportunity to experience new cultures, you may actually enjoy coming here to Saudi Arabia.

Smart Rookie profile image

Smart Rookie 6 years ago

Very interesting information about Saudi Arabian culture and dating.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Will we be seeing you here any time soon Rookie? If you want to come on over I will be happy to show you the ropes and get you into dating Saudi Girls..

CMHypno profile image

CMHypno 6 years ago from Other Side of the Sun

Sure hope you are being paid a lot of money to be living there, Lean Man! Very funny hub, you should write a book about it when you leave.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks CMHypno, I just may write a book about my adventures when I leave. The wages here in Saudi Arabia are what makes the life here bearable.

Tim Blackstone profile image

Tim Blackstone 6 years ago

Makes me glad we have moved on in the West and stopped religious people making the rules or we would still be burning witches. Good hub.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

We still do burn witches most days in the media Tim, thanks for stopping by. I am not too sure that we have moved on in some ways, we just answer to a different god, the god of money and media.

Original Saudi 6 years ago

Hi LeanMan

Imagine that your wife work in Saudi Arabia in future and you are working in some where else in the world… and your waif start dating with some one else …

What will be your feeling!!!

It looks difficult to answer this Q…

What I can say "Deal with others like how you would like others deal with you…"

I wish if you have a chance to be in SA to explain the truth of our culture in details.

Best Regard

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Original Saudi, I am in Saudi Arabia and look forward to your explanation.

Original Saudi  6 years ago


Let me ask you a Question before we start the explanation to be in the same direction… how you differentiate between the animals how they start relation and the humans with others? Is it the same?

For your case, you are looking for some one Anonymous around your home to obey to your personal needs (May be at the end "for your Libido") while you expatriate.

is that right?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Original Saudi I am a happily married man as I have said before, the research in this hub is from other expats and from Saudi Guys like yourself.

Whilst I treat ladies here with respect, I have had little chance to see your fellow country men doing the same when they get in a social situation with single ladies of any nationality!

Maybe if they were allowed greater freedom to mix as they grew they would not act in such a manner!

I have met so many run away maids here, the reason for them running away on the whole is the repeated advances of the male members of the household and in many cases rape!

lrohner profile image

lrohner 6 years ago from USA

LeanMan, Great Hub!! I not only learned a lot, but I was totally amused and became even more grateful that I live in the good old US of A. :)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Irohner I am glad that you enjoyed your read, although I can't understand why you don't want to be here.. lol.

jazzy  6 years ago

i am here in yanbu saudi arabia. if any girl from yanbu and i wana dating and want sex she can call me on my number 0508540239

i am waiting for ur calls.

poor drummer 6 years ago

you have described the real situation here in SA, i know how you were feel

living in jeddah since 2006

Keren Donna 6 years ago

Hey, I really like muslims culture of wearing such beautiful dress. Nice post here... Good job

Richy Rich 6 years ago

I am here in Riyadh Saudi Arabia. if any girl from Riyadh wana dating and want sex she can call me on my number 0503108103

I am waiting for ur calls sweety.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Richy Rich, let us know if you are successful in your endeavors! Thanks for reading about dating Saudi girls

m yasir  5 years ago


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Yasir, let us know how well you do... lol If you manage to get a date there in Saudi Arabia by leaving your number give us an account...

Charmman 5 years ago

I think the internet makes easy to communicate people these days. Who can control if someone want relationship. Free sites such as are even making things much easier.

Hady 5 years ago

Great Hub, but i wont lose hope.I am soudi and i am seeking normal relationship...i am in Open space... any experts advises

i'll be geatefull

ali 5 years ago

high lean man , just small and short advise from ali

try to remmeber your GOD that he is every where more than gaurds and police and reception he see every

thing we do bad thing we will asked about it and punished about it , good thing will support our life and family to be healthy and wealthy



Patriotic Indian 5 years ago

LeanMan:Actually all the commenter here wants naked system environment,actually there is no solution for you here in saudi arabia,you can find this in wester countries,naked sister,naked mothers and wifes and so on,but saudis don't want it,actually i want it,but i know it will direct me to blunder of sexual,soi have to keep quit,yea if i will be there in america or somewhere in western country no need to change any system,because its already naked,so what i want is there,but i know maybe she is sister of someone or may she is yours,even if you know this what you will do,will you agree on sexual relationship?i am sure you will agree,because you are western,you know what,you people change as you want,whatever it is,if time comes you cannot hesitate to fuck your mother or sisters,and lots of examples,you know everyone knows here,so please don't hide truth,let them know it dude,that where is rape case ratio is highest?do i have to say it?america right? or what,so rape is good or modesty is good?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Patriotic Indian, I think I almost understand what you are trying to say. Quite frankly I think that rape is far worse a problem in Saudi Arabia than in America or most other countries. The treatment of women by Saudi men is the worst I have seen in any country and I have been to many!

Many female expat workers that I have spoken to have been either physically raped by their sponsors, blackmailed into sexual relations, or abused in some way. I have never met so many that have been treated in this way! The attitude towards women in Saudi Arabia is far worse than in America so I don't see how you can criticize!

As to your comment regarding our mothers; I find you highly offensive, if it is what turns you on and you are happy fine, keep it in your family! But quite frankly that sort of thing is condemned heavily in the west!

I don't know where you got your education but you should take your head out from your nether regions and go look at what is really happening in the world because you clearly have no idea!

As to dating women, you have no chance with an attitude like yours, no wonder you have to talk like this, you are jealous of other peoples success with women when they treat women with respect and as equals! Pity you can't learn to do the same and get rid of your bigoted attitude!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Ahmed Mubarak, thank you for reading this wonderful piece about dating in Saudi Arabia. Unfortunately I am totally unable to publish your comment here due to the profanities that you repeatedly spout!

As to what you say about dogs, pigs and our mothers; I can see that your propaganda merchants are working well! You are talking complete and utter rubbish!

You say you have evidence, so why don't you leave another comment without your profanities, leave the evidence and an email address for people to contact you on!

I guess from what you had to say in your comment that actually you are desperately in need of a date in Saudi Arabia. You certainly need something to take out your frustrations on, or maybe just a woman to keep you in control and teach you manners and respect for your fellow human beings!

ZAHABI 5 years ago

Leanman, i would like to show appreciation to your good manners while writing this hub, though you are a bit frustrated from the rules of the country but you were really polite and understanding and you showed it many times, moreover you invited people to come give it a shot as you feel secured while walking in KSA streets.

I am commenting on this hub first because i felt that you worked on it hardly, and to clarify things that were mixed up by some of the ladies and gentlemen who commented earlier.

Sharia is the Islamic law, sent to all humanity through the Koran and prophet Mohamed PBUH and not only for muslims even if only muslims are following it (or act as if they are), and it's made by God, and when God sets rules, he knows what he sets and his rules are never a waste of time or inapplicable ones, however, as a Muslim, i see that Saudi Arabia is not following The Sharia though they say they are and people who are not living there believe that they are only because Al Kaaba is there, but the fact is, what they are following is a mixture they made, they took what suits them from Sharia and mixed it with a loooooot of their Bedouin traditions, and this mixture they are applying it to their life and forcing themselves to live it making life more difficult on them than it already is.

Sharia never said " don't allow women to drive", never said "Only Saudis can own two cars" or " You have to get a sponsor to be allowed to work" or " whenever it's prayer time force people to go pray", and Sharia said when the khalifa dies (ruler of the Islam nation)all Muslims should vote for another one, the best man after him, the one they see able to rule them as per the Sharia , and all have to be ok with this vote or else he can't be the ruler, and the Sharia did not say that when he dies his son automatically takes his role.

Thanks for spending time on reading my comment and apologies for it's length.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Zahabi, thank you for your long and though out comments on this hub about dating in Saudi Arabia, you make some very good points about Saudi Arabia and Muslim / Islamic ideals and how things really are in Saudi.

ZAHABI 5 years ago

LeanMan, No problem, I am an expatriate in Riyadh as well and the thought i mentioned came to me only yesterday even before knowing about hubpaged, while i was sipping my coffee at the mall ( as it's the only hangout around here if you are not hungry).

Loc Dogg 5 years ago

I admire your insightful views and open mindedness towards other cultures and I must say I enjoyed reading this article because as a foreigner who was born and raised in ksa for 20 years, i can relate to this..its just that you have a condescending view towards Arabs and Islam and third world countries in general and that's offensive, try to differentiate the cultural traditions in ksa from the islamic teachings please

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Loc Dogg, thank you for reading about dating girls in Saudi Arabia, I glad you enjoyed. Sorry if you feel that I have a condescending view towards Arabs and Islam and third world countries in general, I was not aware of it and certainly don't mean to be that way! I am married to a lady from a "third world country" who has lived in Saudi Arabia for some 12 years. What I write about are my own experiences and those of my close friends and colleagues as related to me.

I actually loved living in Saudi Arabia and have some very close Saudi friends, as well as many close friends from many other countries both male and female.

abdullah 5 years ago

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ali 5 years ago

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tess 5 years ago

I like your hub and I can really relate to it. I have been living and working in KSA for 3 years now. Surely, dating is so difficult in here and I never tried going out for a date until I met this American guy who has the courage to ask me out (I am a Filipina, btw). If you want to date here, I would suggest that you go to a fine dining, expensive restaurant as no religious police would ever raid such place. Fortunately ,we have found a private beach resort (in the Eastern Province) where no Saudis are allowed to get in so we're free as a bird to do everything we want. He was also living in a very lax compound where I can get in and out without being asked by the guard. Unfortunately, he was re-assigned to Jeddah so the happy times for both of us is over. But nevertheless, dating is very possible here in Saudi if you are lucky enough and you the know the ways. ;)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Tess, thanks for your comments and telling your story about dating in Saudi Arabia. I met and married my wife there in KSA, she is a Filipina also.

There are many places in Jeddah where you can be free to date and meet up privately, if you need any additional information you can always email me using the link below my profile picture top right on the page.

I hope you get the courage to date again in Saudi Arabia or become reunited with your loved one in Jeddah.

aatif 5 years ago

Hello, i would like to make a passing comment , The laws of KSA arent Islamic laws as someone mentioned above. Absolute Monarchy isn't Islamic for instance. As far as ur piece on dating is concerned,i hope u understand that KSA isn't a european country and if u don't like the laws of KSA leave the country and pursue your desires where they r allowed.It deeply perturbs me that many westerners think that they r obliged to change things in KSA etc . Why don't u work on the problems prevailing in your own countries like rape,incest or racism. While u r in a country, u should respect its laws . And also, for muslims religion is a big part of life, its central to a muslim's mentality and westerners cant understand this.

parting note: if u have to understand islam , read the quran and hadith . this is for all those who r interested in knowing what the Quran actually says .

and advisably drop all pre conceived notions before u start starting about Islam.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Aatif, thanks for your comments. I am widely traveled having been to many many countries for both work and pleasure; you mention that we need to tackle problems such as rape, incest and racism within our countries, I am sorry to say that I see more evidence of these problems in Saudi Arabia than in any other country I have ever visited.

Maybe people in Saudi Arabia should stop trying to defend the poor treatment of women, foreigners and non-Muslims and actually do something about the problems not keep trying to hide them! Your hypocritical comments above are typical of what I hear, rather than admit that there are problems within your society you attack those that point them out!

Working in Saudi Arabia has been one of the best experiences in my life and I have met some very wonderful people, but have also witnessed some of the worst treatment of people, especially those from poorer countries!

Luciano 5 years ago

I'm an american from Arabic background. Interested in meeting woman in KSA, i'm romantic and i know how to treat my woman like a queen. I live in a 5 stars hotel in Jeddah and i will move shortly to an american compund. any interested woman, write me please at Thank you

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

To those people that have left some wonderful comments over the last few weeks telling me how bad the west is and how I should not be informing people how to date in Saudi Arabia;

I would love to publish what you have to say but your use of the English language is rather crude to say the least and some of the suggestions that you make regarding mothers and daughters etc are a little disgusting and where you get those ideas if your society is so perfect I really don't know!

If you wish to make a point and have a discussion I would welcome it, but avoid the use of profanities and personal sexual attacks or I will not be able to publish your comments - this is a family site!

Moe 5 years ago

For ladies in need of dating, you may contact me for arrangement on my e-mail ( ).. Take care

Serious Arab 5 years ago

Hello I'm from Morocco I'm open mind I'm looking for serious dating relationship basing on true love I'm from Morocco if you see yourself can have my heart this is my email

Feel free to contact me because life is wonderful

rido 5 years ago

all facts i've read in the earlier comments actually true. i have a lot of female friends that now are working in saudi, and they say the same opinion about KSA (men in KSA treat women as they are their private-owned slave). the people of KSA aren't aware that they are absolutely afraid to leave their old-tribal tradition.

I hope one day they lost their oil sources so they will learn how to respect peoples who work for them. they also will learn how to develop bussiness without act like a f****** king. KSA had have many great anchestor, it seems like they can't follow the way and then start getting frustated.

personally, i would like to say. "they don't understand what dating is..they think dating is only about making a sexual intercourse"

amin 5 years ago

yea.. many people today do bad things not because of the religion teaching.

simply people do bad things because they are bad.

its unfair to state that law in ksa is sharia, thus sharia law is unfair and unethical.

if we study the life of the prophet, we should understand that the principle of islam is peace and just.

Alex 5 years ago

It was never difficult for me to pull a girl I ever wanted for a decent date in KSA.. College was the best time.. You just have to be a bit decent.. Much of a brave.. That's it.. As a research I must say leanman.. Good job mate..

Sana 5 years ago

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Adel 5 years ago

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saudi girl 5 years ago

u people are full of hate toward us as saudies if u hate us so much then why are u still here. I treat foreigners in a good way but never knew they hated us soo much.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hate is earned in much the same way that love is earned Saudi Girl. Personally I don't hate all Saudis, some are the most friendly and loving people I have ever had the pleasure to meet.

Most expats are only in Saudi Arabia not to date girls but to work to earn money, if there were no jobs there would be no expats there.

Sana Khan 5 years ago

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Mle 5 years ago

Well my boyfriend is in what I belive is a third world country. Women that do Westerners are whores! I will make sure he is tested for aids when he returns home. Filthy people I Saudi. Fipenos, even worse..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Mle I can see that you are a tolerant and accepting type of person! I can also see that you and your boyfriend have a wonderful and trusting relationship, you must really love him and he you!

Good luck in living your life the way you want to, I hope you never have the unfortunate hardship of being near a foreigner for their sakes!

I guess we will not be dating you in Saudi Arabia! - although maybe I should ask why you are searching for a date on the internet in Saudi Arabia?

Reasonable 5 years ago

Come on!!!!! This is bullshit man; you are just taking without any evidence that your article is true. Just bla bla bla bal and bla bla bla with Pilipino ladies pictures and some clips that for sure has been played by the one how do it, like the first clip for sure it's in Dubai not Saudi Arabia, Islamic disco has been shooted somewhere in Africa with bad actors. The big joke is the last clip, as if you shoot it with your friends. Come on be a man and confess that these are just Bla Bla Bla without any evidence to your friend’s stories.

one thing more I'm sure that you are not married because you are just saying that without any evidence, also I'm sure that you are not in Saudi Arabia otherwise but your address and location here.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Reasonable, glad you enjoyed reading about dating in Saudi Arabia. Maybe you can enlighten us with your dating success stories from Saudi Arabia and include evidence of course.

Please mind the bad language next time you comment as I should not approve some of the words you use.

Mohammed 5 years ago

hahaha, the funniest topic I read today!!

I thought we,saudis, only have tht problem, but turned out tht u guys strugling too !!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mohammed,

Many guys struggle to date in Saudi Arabia, Saudis, Filipinos, Indians, Westerners in fact all nationalities. It is not the easiest country in the world to go out with a sweet sexy girl!

Fahad Bin Jafar Al jabarti 5 years ago

Hii Dude how are ya i am a saudi and its read your post is quite intrstng however i wanna share one think with you that if you wanna date a saudi girl then please visit malls and switch on your Bluetooth and write ur name in arabic or ur number i guarantee you you will get a girl ...anyways i have dates many girls but i like saudi girls because they are my community and i can share more think with them

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Fahad,

Yes I used to have my phone ID as my number - I used to get quite a few calls and texts in the malls but unfortunately I could never read the Arabic messages I was sent! Maybe if I could I would have been more successful with dating in Saudi Arabia!

Maliya 5 years ago

HI LeanMan,

I'm from Sri lanka and my gf is a thai . i got a job offer to work in saudi and waiting for my ticket. this is my questions:

1 . My gf is from thailand and how can i take her to saudi to live with me ?

2 . can i find her for a job while she is in thailand ?

3 . I don't have time to go to thailand or to ask her to come to sri lanka to marry her , so what if i she comes in a visit visa to saudi and i marry her there and find her for a job while she is there . and send her back to thailand or cross the borders and get the working visa choped ? do u think this would be possible ? or plz tell me are there any loop holes ...

Maliya 5 years ago

Hi LeanMan,

Im from sri lanka and i got an job offer to work in saudi arabia , waiting for my ticket .

1. my gf is thai and how do i take her to saudi to live with me ?

2 . can i find her for a job while she is in thailand ?

3 . what if i ask her to come to saudi in visit visa and marry her in saudi when she comes there and find her for a job while she is there and cross the borders and chop working visa on return ? or send her back to thailand n get her to come bk to saudi ?

4 . plz tell me are there any loop holes to take her to saudi ?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Maliya, dating girls in Saudi Arabia is unlike anywhere else in the world and you are going to have problems with trying to bring your Thai Girlfriend to Saudi Arabia, and even if you do get her there you will have many problems in meeting!

It would be far easier if you can marry outside Saudi Arabia then you can bring her on a family visa, as you are not currently married you would be unable to sponsor her to visit you in Saudi Arabia.

You could try to find her a job in Saudi Arabia and then hope that you could meet when she comes to work there, but of course that could be difficult depending on her sponsor in Saudi Arabia.

I have a couple of hubs about finding work and visas for Saudi Arabia which you can get to from my profile link in the top right of the page.

I wish you every luck in your relationship in Saudi Arabia.

Maliya 5 years ago

thanks alot leanMan.

keep up the good work m8 .

Tanveer 5 years ago

Hello Leanman,

This is a very interesting and informative blog, I am a Muslim from India and I cannot even imagine living in a society like this. Why can't men and women just meet and be friends? Its time that the people there understand the hypocrisy of their culture and try to change.

Khalid 5 years ago

Hi Leanman

I’m Khalid 34 years Saudi live in Riyadh, well educated, matured and I agree with what you said…it is very difficult to question is, Does western single ladies living in Riyadh willing to date a Saudi man like me ? ? ( if yes, let me pass my email to have more chat: or my phone: 00966534019220

Best regards..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Khalid,

Good luck in finding a western woman to date in Saudi Arabia, let us know if you have any luck..

Dianne 5 years ago

This is a very interesting topic but all I can say is I do agree with you lean man dating here in ksa is hard as hell but I manage to have a Greek guy who asked me out to dinner somewhere in tahlia street resto and the funny thing is that all eyes on us as if we're came from outer space lol cause I'm a filipina and it's obviously why they,re all stared imagine the deff bet 6,1 tall and 5' flat tall Filipina girl walking around with a Greek guy lol.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Dianne, my wife is also a Filipina and we often went shopping along Tahlia street in Jeddah and you do get a lot of stares, but I have never been stopped or asked if we were married. It is a matter of confidence, if you act like you have every right to do what you want then no one will question you!

Dating in Saudi Arabia can be fun in many ways as long as you have the confidence to do it - but be very careful!

syedn shujath 5 years ago

find out a nice girl for me plz be fast

syedn shujath 5 years ago

find out a nice girl for me plz be fast

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Syedn you seem to be desperate to find a girlfriend in Saudi Arabia - I am not sure if placing a plea for help here will aid you in your search but if it does please let us all know!

Saad 5 years ago

hey im looking to socialize and dating with girls may be, any nationality is welcomed

call me at 0509905692, Place Riyadh.

fragglerock 5 years ago

hey leanman, I'm visiting riyadh in a few days to visit my girlfriend, we have a long distance relationship mostly, though we have met a few times. She lives there with her family and we want to spend some alone time, any suggestions on how we can make that happen?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Fragglerock,

Dating Saudi Girls can be quite difficult especially dating within Saudi Arabia. You don't say what nationality you are which will make a big difference in what you can do. If you are Arabic then I would suggest you just "brave it out" and go do whatever you want, but quickly exit if anyone says anything!

Otherwise I would suggest that the easiest place to be alone would be within the family home if they will allow that or even within the hotel you will stay at!

Antonio Banderas 5 years ago

:) I'm dating the most amazing woman I have met, and I've been in several countries, yes, she is Saudi!!! She comes to my compound with her friends and sister... We have been dating for a while... This wonderful woman owns my heart! This is in Riyadh, the conservative city... I love her so much! :)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Antonio, (Love your films), I wish you all the best with your Saudi Girl friend. Dating in Saudi Arabia can be a problem especially in Riyadh - how does your Saudi GF get past the security on your compound as most will not allow Saudis on especially women!

Antonio Banderas 5 years ago

Thanks LeanMan, I think if those were my films I would not be living in Riyadh... lol... Thank you... She is what I have ever wanted to see and find in the heart of a lady... Yes, it can be a problem, I made good friends with the compound manager and the gate guards... no money necessary... they just respect me and like me as I do for them... We've been seeing each other for only about 2 months... I have fallen in love with her... Now that is not easy!!! Thanks!

saudi girl 5 years ago

Those not saudi girls

Sayfulaah 5 years ago

Thanks to almighty ALLAH, Saudi Arabia is muslim country and our good religion of islam don't allow bad dating with girls like west, u see more illegal childerns and more bad things like more sex pages, islam is very careful of women and already given the best right so this is very good and doubtless religion, i suggest western to be muslims before the jihad come to them

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Sayfulaah, before you send out a Jihad to the west over dating girls in Saudi Arabia I suggest you look internally within your country and sort out the hypocrisy there!

I am sure that Islam is not the religion that says treat your women badly and rape and abuse your domestic staff, however many of your countrymen do!

I have mixed socially with men from Saudi Arabia and can honestly say that I have never met a group that are more sexually obsessed, lacking in control, and poorly behaved as Saudi men - so please preach at home first as coming from the west where you claim we are so bad I am disgusted by their behavior which is far worse than anything I have seen in the west!

Sayfulaah, I like Saudi Arabia, I have met many good people there, but I have also met some of the worst! Please sort out your problems internally before shifting the blame to everyone else!

BEAROXFORD 5 years ago



Antonio Banderas 5 years ago

Hello Saudi Girl... Oh, they are very much Saudi... I asure you there has been no kissing on the lips... I know it is not allowed... Nothing but respect to her heart, her soul and her beliefs... I did not fall in love with her because I was looking for a fast day with a woman... No, I thought I would not find a woman with the weight of her spirit in this world... She is more special than the biggest diamond in the world... Her value is bigger than the wealth of a thousand richest men in the world... I could not tell you anything about her friends, my beautiful Saudi Princess, or about you... because my job here is not to judge, but to love... God has asked us to love each other as He loves us... He is the only one who is righteous enough to judge us... And hear me when I say this, I am not looking for bedtime with my sweet Saudi Girl... Then also this may be only because I am different too... For me, I spend more time with Saudi people every day than with people from other countries... I feel welcome here... I can do one thing, I can love my Saudi Princess without asking anyone for permission because love is free and when the heart feels it there is nothing anyone could say to stop it... And mine a strong love... just simple love!!! Thank you Saudi Girl for listening to me because actually, I appreciate so much that you took the time to read this... It's very important to me... All my respect to you!

Sana 5 years ago

Hi im sana 26 femele karachi pakistan i like sweet Frend may email and may call number 00923422264867

zubair 5 years ago

i am also thinking same kinda questions,

but cant deny the fact tht even i try hard i cant escape from ksa coz of my family.

i hate it being here,

for humans they think all of them r crap

for muslim they define categories.

and for defination of categories they use the armor of sharia or islam.

thts unfair, they seek perfection of their own choice, they don't seek globalizing islam in terms of equeality.


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Zubair, thanks for your comments, I hope that you can make the future that you want for yourself.

Sabby 5 years ago

Hey there, great hub! I enjoyed reading it a lot.

My dad worked in Saudi Arabia for 20 years of his life! He didn't meet a single women, since in his days - around a couple of decades ago, life in KSA was a lot more strict and conservative. If you think it's difficult there now, imagine what it was like in say 1990 lol.

In the end my dad had to go back to his native country (Pakistan) and get married there and for 4 years of my life as a kid I lived in KSA. My mum said that she hated it there because all women there can do is stay at home! They aren't allowed to travel with a male relative.

@Antonio Banderas:

How did you manage to meet a Saudi girl in KSA? Since if I come back here, then I might want to date a Saudi girl, they seem so mysterious and just attractive lol I don't know why.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Sabby,

It is difficult enough to date a woman in Saudi Arabia now, I hate to think what it was like 20 years ago! The Saudi girls do look very sexy, having them all covered seems to have completely the wrong effect on men as it seems to make them more interesting not less!!

Dating in Saudi Arabia is a little harder at the moment with Prince Naif taking over, this has given the Mutawa a new lease of power and they are really cracking down on places where couples and parties go such as the beaches and the various villas that are for hire. There have been many arrests recently and people are now avoiding these places due to too many problems. It seems the only safe place to take a woman to date at the moment is your home! A step backwards, but hopefully one that will not last.

Sabby 5 years ago

"having them all covered seems to have completely the wrong effect on men as it seems to make them more interesting not less!!"

Lol very true!

Its a shame to hear of such "Princes" and "Kings" taking over simply because they hail from the royal family. But they'll never be able to dismantle the sexual desire of young men and women LOL!

And I know that meeting foreign women is much easier in Saudi (although still difficult)...but how do you actually meet an Arab SAUDI girl if you're a foreigner? And if you like one, how do you actually marry one?!?! (If something like that were ever to happen lol)

Neffy 5 years ago

When you say "western" does that mean white?

mallaboy 5 years ago

hey leanman !!

can you use hotspot shield and creep in to porn web sites in saudi arabia ???? have you heard any issues regarding this ?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Sabby, meeting Saudi Girls can be quite easy if you have some friend who are Saudi and like to party as they will bring them with them. Even at Saudi family social gatherings it can be easy as some are more relaxed about the mixing of the sexes than others.

Also having female friends can lead you to meet Saudi girls, I used to have an Indonesian girl who I worked with that came to my place on a regular basis to drink and she always bought a friend or two with her; she was born and raised in Saudi Arabia so most of her girl friends were Saudi (young beautiful girls early 20s.. sigh..)

Most of my friends used to love coming to my place also as my wife was always bringing home women from the hospital where she worked, all nationalities!

I have also had Saudi women pass me phone numbers in the shopping malls and passing numbers to them is fairly easy; but make sure they have made eye contact first and are interested - never try to pass on a number to a woman who is not interested they may make a fuss then you are in real trouble!!

Also switch on your bluetooth and use your mobile number as your ID......

Marriage is another matter however, they do not like Saudi women to marry foreigners, I have even read in one of the local papers that it is forbidden! I have a Saudi friend who married a Filipina, he was disowned by his entire family!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Neffy, I don't necessarily mean white when I say western, I am western and white but I know a few black Americans that do very well dating in Saudi Arabia.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Mallaboy, I could not get Hotspot shield to work at all in Saudi Arabia. I had the works IT manager install it for me, it worked in work as the connection went through Dubai, but when I was connected to the Saudi Internet it would not work - so this is not the solution to getting porn or to finding Saudi dating sites. My advice would be to install as many of these programs as you can find before going to KSA and hope that one works when you get there - of find a satellite internet provider when you get there.

Wiggatrigga 5 years ago

Yo Leanee, my cuz lives in Saudi and Im gona fly out there soon. Now I got to get my regular piece and ting or man gona be jacking in the street, you get me. So what you say, how me pickup some flesh quick without getting busted. Don't want some crazy mofo arab chasing me-raas nah. You ever been with arab gyal? How do I get them to a hotel, me'yard or you smashing them in the cars in parklots. Yush!

Wiggatrigga 5 years ago

You eva pick up a saudi gyal lean boy? If not, than how ya

know how it work, lyrix: please don't give me jackanory story without the glory becuz me too horny. lol

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Wiggatrigga I am sure you will be successful in finding the sorts of girls to date in Saudi Arabia that you are looking for. You will have to update us on your return.

abeer 5 years ago


this is too funny!!

what is ur problem u have wife!

do u know..iam saudi girl and it is hard for me to understand u western ppl! u just want SEX!

u date any one even if she is maid!! girls just as nothing!just to play with her..and u said some western convert to muslim to have wife then fly to his country and forget about her!!soo mean!!

u western ppl deal with women as nothing!no respect!!!iam glad iam saudi...

and i am soo happy to hear it is soo difficult to date here coz i wasn't know it is difficult to date in ksa,,,iam happy coz i save my affiance from prostitute girls :D ,,,and i am sure saudi arabia make ur relation with ur wife stronger right?,,,p.s u should write about the difference between divorce rate in saudi arabia and in west..then u will know this is the best way to have respectful and stable happy family life

romari profile image

romari 5 years ago from Heaven

I smell the scent of argument under the table..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you abeer, you also made me laugh as you know so little about your own country and accept your own propaganda!

Your attitude speaks volumes; "even if she is a maid", are maids not people that can date and have a life?

Westerners treat women with far more respect in my experience than most Saudi men that I have socialized with. I have seen many Saudi men treat and talk about women in a far more obnoxious way than I have seen the worst of westerners do! I have also seen Saudi men strike their wives and their maids publicly, something that would never be tolerated in the west!

As to prostitutes, I have had Saudi women offer themselves to me for money, some of them even walk the streets! I lived opposite a hospital gym for ladies, so many Saudi ladies used to be dropped off by their drivers, wait 2 minutes to come out and be picked up by a different driver to vanish for an hour! Often they would boast to the hospital staff where my wife worked as to what they do and who with so believe me you do not have a country full of perfect women!

I think maybe you should investigate your own countries divorce rates, you may be a little shocked! You should also count the number of happily married Saudi men who cross the causeway to Bahrain at the weekend or fly to Dubai - do you really think they are visiting the mosques there? The queue to visit the bars and prostitutes in Bahrain over the causeway at the weekend is 4 hours or more long and it is mainly Saudi men!

I think if Saudi women were allowed to marry foreigners and dating in Saudi Arabia was open there would be more Saudi women wanting to marry outside their own country than inside!

Samiah 5 years ago

Iam Saudi married woman , yes if I had a choice I would not marry Saudi or Arabian man expect he is a real Muslim because just Islam makes those people human

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you for your comments Samiah, I hope that you found yourself a good Muslim man to marry and that you have a happy life.

Kamal 5 years ago

Hi Samira,

If you don't mind please send me your phone number...

I hope u might be interested for a friendship with me...

AussieMatt 5 years ago

Hi LeanMan,

I'd like to reiterate what another reader said in that your views are very balanced, realistic and reasonable.

I am currently thinking about accepting an offer to work in KSA for 12 months. I was surprised that the accommodation is not in a compound but in a series of apartment the company hires for its foreign staff. Not sure if this would help my social life or hinder it!

It sounds like shopping centres, Bluetooth phones and networks of ex-pat friends will be invaluable to me. Just one question if you wouldn't mind... would one normally discretely pass a phone number on a scrap of paper to a woman or is a business card the way to go? Do most jobs come standard with a business card? I'm wondering if I would need to get some made upon arrival to meet people (not just girls!) to avoid looking like a penniless backpacker!

In general terms, your page confirms exactly what I have read elsewhere online. But it goes much further and gives so much detailed information without any guesswork, hype or B.S. Just what I needed.

Thank you again for your post.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Kamal, good luck in finding a date in Saudi Arabia, but don't target married women please!

Aussie Matt, I personally would not use a business card unless you know the woman well, passing your card to a stranger who may get offended (or her friends may) leaves you open to them involving your sponsor (employer) in your inappropriate behavior and they can (and should according to their rules) sack you for this!

Tahir 5 years ago

I m new in KSA from Pakistan v exsited I m now finding a job here wish me good luck frnds but I. Want a sincere girl friend because I dnt hav any frnd here I want to share my life with frnd if any girl interested please call me 0558511430

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Tahir, thank you for reading and good luck with dating in Saudi Arabia, I hope you find a very nice friend.

Prince Titus Nartey Michaels 5 years ago

Well, it really a good one.

At least i've being enlightened and i'll consider this an eyer openner.

But sincerely speaking, need a Saudi lady between the Ages of 20 & 35.....

Am ready to marry her.... am really serious.

Any loyal & trustworthy saudi lady here who is not afraid to be in a long distance relationship.

You can find me on facebook with My name.

This is my e-mail with my Phone number;

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Thank you.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Prince, nice to have the royal seal of approval on this Saudi dating hub! I hope that you find some nice Saudi Girls to choose from.

Roxy 5 years ago

Are those girls All Saudi or What ?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Roxy, some are some are not; but they are all in Saudi Arabia and some would love to be dating someone nice.

zara 5 years ago

ISLAM IS tHE BEST RELIGION BUT MUSLIMS ARE THE WORST FOLLOWERS"practice what you preach bbefore blaming nd abusing.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

I love all religions Zara, every one has good points; but people always twist them and make them into something they should not be.

Olita profile image

Olita 5 years ago

very interesting hub! i enjoyed reading

Mohammad 5 years ago

you should at least ,if you're a good man, respecting your wife. Remember if you date women, your wife will do so. Enjoy your life with your honey and never be a cheater!

no one respects you if you behave badly! It seems that you're a well educated man therefore I pass my comment. BTW, I've been to US & UK before and I have no thought of dating western girls. if I need that I can marry her. Thanks for your understanding and I hope you and your family enjoy your time in my country

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mohammad, thank you for your reminder.

Lebanese 5 years ago

Hi there LeanMan, Woooow !!! really amazing that you've shared this with us, thank you. But I would like to tell you something if you don't mind, you should not mix between Islam as religion and traditions/customs. I really don't feel like I want to open such a subject, but if you're living in a country then you should respect it's religion and habits, even if you're not going to follow. you've stated a reality but still it's your own opinion and point of view. As I've been living in Lebanon, Dubai, Qatar, and Cyprus, I do find a big difference when I arrived to Saudi Arabia, and I'm now here for almost 2 months. I have lots of friends,(mostly males :P) but if that's the way it should be, i do respect their mentality, after all I'm here to work and save money, not to date their girls and women. I do have a fiancé back in Lebanon waiting for me, hoping in no time we can get married and bring her here to KSA. What I'm trying to say is that comparing to the USA and western countries in general, YES ... KSA (saudi arabia) is different ... no free sex, at least not in public :P ... no prostitutes on the roads ... no alcohol in supermarkets ... no guns in the shop at the corner :P ... Yes ... it's different .. but why can't you respect that ... this is the way they want to live ... if you're going to tell me that 50% of the saudi's don't want that .. I say there are 50% who wants it... again I thank you for explaining your opinion to the Americans and westerners as all, on how people date in saudi ... but what you can't know .. is what I know, because I speak there language and it's easy for me to get a date or a phone number ... and you should ask a saudi guy on how dates and parties are done here ... without anyone knowing about it ... (mixed parties of course :P) ... so for all who is thinking to come to Saudi Arabia .. I can tell you one thing .. you will get paid well ... loads of money in this country .. so if you have a good job offer then don't miss it... and you will have fun if you want .. girls and guys ... No one better than a Lebanese in Creating Parties of all kind ... take care all .... Live and have fun like there is no tomorrow ;)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

I have some very good Saudi friends,some of whom I knew long before I went to Saudi Arabia. So I have been to many of the parties you talk about and have hosted quite a few also!

I also have a few Lebanese friend male and female who I met in Saudi Arabia and found them great fun!

Saudi Girl 5 years ago

Hey! those photos are not Saudi girls :D not even close! most of these are East Asian servants who came to work as domestic servants , or nurses. I don't think there is an ORIGINAL SAUDI girl who would accept to be dated unless it's for marriage!and there should be no sex in dating until marriage. and if you are considering Lebanese, Syrian, Egyptian, or East Asian girls are SAUDI GIRLS, then go ahead and continue lying to your friends here :)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Saudi girl, yes most of the pictures are not Saudi girls as I respect their right to not have their pictures published on here. As to Saudi girls not wanting to date in Saudi Arabia or have sex before marriage I think you underestimate your fellow Saudi girls! Girls are girls no matter what county or culture they come from, every one is different and everyone has different values, beliefs and needs.

profile image

Truthinaging 5 years ago

wow, somehow it still amazes me how different other things are in other countries...its amazing to learn about other cultures- sometimes I take our country for granted but I wont anymore!

Saudi Girl 5 years ago

Oh i'm sorry! I'm the native saudi girl who is 22 years old now and lived all her life in Saudi Arabia in the capital Riyadh and grew up in a high social class between her family,her friends ,and her community and still dosent know about the people who is she been mixing or living with!! :(

I'm sure whatever you are dating and think they are saudi, we call them trooosh, bakaya :D so enjoyyy

Saudi Girl 5 years ago

hmmm where is the last comment I posted!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Saudi Girl, sorry I don't sit online 24hours a day to approve comments as soon as they appear. I have met Saudi girls of all sorts of different ages and classes and all are different. Some have very reserved attitudes and some are quite frankly wild!! Much the same as any other nationality.

Saudi Girl 5 years ago

We were not talking about meeting saudi girls, of course you met some , we all did, I met different men and woman.

there is a diference between meet and date !

And what is it you noticed which gave you the hint that one girl is from a different social class than the other?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Yes there is a big difference between meeting girls in Saudi Arabia and Dating a Saudi Girl. But you seem to think that Saudi girls do not date, they do! They are the same as girls from any other country and given the right circumstances many will go out on a date not just for marriage purposes!

Saudi Girl 5 years ago

let me tell you this,Whoever saudi females you have been around or meeting, I am sure they are khawaj or bokharien or troosh, these communities might be called saudi but their roots are not, that's the difference! and these communities differs from us in the life style. So if you wanna talk and generalize your statements about the whole saudi girls, you better read the history of this country, and stop telling lies!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Saudi Girl, I think actually it is you that is generalizing your statements if you think that every Saudi Girl is perfect and never dates in Saudi Arabia. I don't want to get into segregating whole sections of the Saudi population as you suggest - if you were born and raised there you are Saudi! Same as if you are born and raised in America you are American! Just because someone comes from a different "community" does not make them any less Saudi than you.

ALL people are equal, whatever background, sex, or religion. No individual has any right to claim superiority over any other!

MsMabelle 5 years ago

"that many of these women are as frustrated as the men. They are as in need of a date in Saudi Arabia as you are in most cases!"

So true!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi MsMabelle, thanks for your comments - they are so true!

Saud 5 years ago

expats in saudi, just because saudi is completely a different type of country, u don't have to judge it. let the country run how its running.

these are just point of views u have but my advice is, stop criticizing how country runs or what people think. just let it be..

all i know is every country has its cowboys. so all your text that u wrote up ther, dating and rules ..there r no rules all things u wrote above r point of views, u shud choose different headlines man...

point of view of an expat to our country has always given us a bad image...just because its a different country ... yes every guy and girl dates, so what,,let them be man,,but don't make it a rule on how they do it..

u all expats come here for work and the money cuz the whole world economy is screwed at the moment. end of story and be happy loool..cheers

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Saud, thanks for your comments about dating in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Girl 5 years ago

If an indian american woman wears Sari (you know, because she's indian), and I said: American women wear sari, would it be fair or even true statement?!

it's the same with us!

meow 5 years ago

you can get the best dates(fruit) but no date habibi

meow 5 years ago

well saudi girl needs to grow up, get a bit matured., fall in love , see more movies and then talk or the other way..SHUTUP

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

I am not sure as to the meaning of your statements Saudi Girl.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Meow, everyone is entitled to an opinion and to be able to express that opinion. She does not agree with what I have written and that is fine, I am happy for her to write what she believes about dating in Saudi Arabia and about her fellow country women.. Her point of view is as valid as anyone elses and I welcome her debate.

asad 5 years ago

hii leanman nice hub very informative pls tell me if any married lady (whose husband is not in saudi ) want to sex with any non saudi boy she also give him money and call him to her home (only a samall baby with her) the boy should go to her home or not please advice me

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Asad, stay away from married ladies Saudi or Non-Saudi, it is not right ethically nor is it safe for either of you.

Balkanite 5 years ago

I live in Saudi Arabia, and for 7 years I didn't manage to arrange a decent meeting with a girl.

What I read here is an incredibly rich area of useful information. Comments are useful too. Thanks for sharing.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

You are welcome Balkanite, just put the info to good and safe use and be careful how you go dating girls in Saudi Arabia.

Just Arrived 5 years ago

I guess I'll have to become gay for release - What say?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Just arrived, good luck whatever choices you decide to make.

Sexy Brunette 5 years ago

Hello LeanMan, thanks for a very informative article and a friendly attitude - makes all the difference.

I was just wondering whether you know how and where I could meet gay ladies here in Saudi?


Sana 5 years ago

Hi im muslim girl from pakistan im looking for frend call me 00923422264867 and Email

abdul kader 5 years ago

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malik 5 years ago

i m malik lving in jeddah from pakistan and 28 years old.i m working as technical engineeer. i want friendship with any type women in jeddah. i have good home and living alone.if any one want date pls reply me. thanks i m waiting for reply. (mob: 0540030748)

Big Mo 5 years ago

LeanMan, well done and nuff respect for your info. I'm an expat english teacher in jeddah and was looking to try the dating thing here, due to the fact that i'm single of course, but to be honest, i'm not convinced it's even worth the hassle. I ain't into the whole cheating thing, massage++ is more my thing (by a chick of course!!!), hence me stumbling on to your treasure chest of info here. like the way you debated that saudi girl2 character, real professional. Haven't found what i'm looking for yet, and it does get tough being out here without a woman in a few contexts,but who knows? Once again, Nice one. Peace.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck in your Saudi dating big Mo.

SRK 5 years ago

Hey LeanMan...its a very interesting and informative blog. I am travelling to Riyadh next week and was quite afraid of that being 25 and not sure if I could live in such conservative culture. Got some excitement after reading your blog, if u know what I mean. Would like to get in touch with u in SA.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck in Riyadh, that is one of the hardest places to live if you are used to the freedoms in the west. Dating in Riyadh is far harder than the other Saudi cities but still not impossible, in fact if you are on the compounds it is very easy!

Sahar Al-Bishri profile image

Sahar Al-Bishri 5 years ago

Hey,I'm Sahar from Saudi Arabia and i would love t know more about compound ,and is it for workers or any american citizens could stay there .also is it allowed for Saudi girls to go inside there? greeting from jeddah =)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Sahar, they are unlikely to let any Saudi woman onto a western compound alone. I like Jeddah, I met my wife there and we enjoyed our time there very much, dating in Jeddah was good fun but we had to be very careful.

Pargar 5 years ago

hey leanman, very good blog and info.cheers.considering a job offer in Saudi but I have a cople of concerns...mainly that my sex and socail life will go out the window. You suggested that many compounds don't have single western women. Is this true? What about the option of going to Barhain at the weekend...what are the options there for a single western guy?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Pargar, there is a very definite shortage of single western women on mixed compounds, of course there may be many on compounds belonging to some of the female schools and universities and hospitals but you are unlikely to ever gain entry to those! Bahrain is very easy to visit as long as your company issues you with an exit re-entry visa, there are many "women" there but most are only interested in your wallet if you know what I mean, so it is very much over-night dating!

KnightRider 5 years ago

Hi LeanMan, Kudos to you for showing some guts and writing such an informative & interesting article which would help lot of youngsters to be very careful while dating in saudi arabia, Whoever is opposing this article are the ones who didn't have a chance to get hitched,I just hate hypocrites, As they say all five fingers of your hand are not same, we have different people with different opinions and beliefs living in this part of the world, please let me know how can I contact you as I need more information on this topic,,

Take care & stay safe !!!

jinny 5 years ago

What an excellent article. I don't know why people are taking your personal views so serious. I actually enjoyed reading it and I believe whatever you wrote here. As an expat living here for over 30 years. I can verify whatever info you gave here. :)

Keep writing.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Knightrider, thanks for the comments and encouragement. I can be contacted directly using the "contact leanman" button just below the profile picture top right of the page.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you for your comments jimmy, it makes a change to have some verification rather than the more common types of comments I get bashing anyone from the west! The Saudis date, they just don't like to admit it!

rizzy 5 years ago


i have here a very difficult but very rampant situation. my husband left for saudi for a greener future for me and our 1 yr old baby. recently i have been told that he converted into muslim and "remarried" another filipina nurse.

the situation is very difficult for us and i want justice for this. he destroyed the bright future of our son.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi rizzy,

This is a very common occurrence when couples separate for extended periods, both men and women. Within Saudi however with the dangers involved with dating and finding "release" from your frustrations it is often safer and easier to "convert" and take a marriage of convenience. I know several people who have done this, some returning to original partners when they leave KSA.

rana 5 years ago

in (jeddah, Saudi Arabia) you have the freedom to wear the hijab or not!!! ...but about dating u can go where ever u want with ur girlfriend .. BTW i'm a Saudi woman, and it's clear to me that u r not can u judge a society that u r not part of it!!!

Maybe lots of men here have a strict way of living, but this is how they raised.

ALSO we have many places where foreign people can do whatever they want if they want the real freedom.. i'm in a society that accepts the differences without loosing our culture.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Rana, my wife has been shouted at a few times by Matawa to cover her hair so the rules are the same in Jeddah as in any other part of Saudi, however there do seem to be less people trying to enforce them as rigorously as they do in Riyadh.

I am not trying to judge your society, I am happy with your rules although as a westerner I want to be able to regain some of my freedoms and so do some of my countrymen and women. As you say there are places where we can go to find freedom such as our compounds and even some private beaches.

The article above is not aimed at you as a Saudi dating, it is aimed at expats who want to find dates and even wives and husbands in Saudi Arabia.

Sahar Al-Bishri profile image

Sahar Al-Bishri 5 years ago

Thanks for your good answer.

I also like western.My uncle's wife is from America and she's very nice. ^^

I got another question,What do you mean by "that allows you to travel freely together with the right paperwork and then say goodbye when you leave the country!"

Are you saying that American men can pretending to be Muslim just to have sexuality relationship then leave the country!

This is a hypocrite work and it's tarnish the image of western in Saudi Arabia.

There are good and bad people everywhere, even in your country but that doesn't mean you can distort the image of Saudi women and help Americans men to exploit religion just to practice their game with girls.

I hope that you'll write more useful article ,not just for sexual purposes!

Thanks again,I love western and i believe that they're nice people but i didn't like what you wrote there!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 5 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Sahar, many people are not religious (including some Saudis) and can use religion to get what they want. Many expat men and women convert to Muslim just so that they can have a "wife" or "husband" while they stay for a few years in Saudi Arabia. Some of these relationships continue beyond their time in Saudi but some just end when one of the couple leave the country to return home.

Whilst it may be hypocritical with regards to religion, I can understand why some people do this, it can be very lonely living in a foreign country without family and good friends and not being able to freely form a relationship. This route gives both expat men and women a way to safely form a relationship for the duration of their stay and even beyond.

I think I would have gone crazy long ago if I did not have a wife, I did not convert however, we got married in the embassy, but the paperwork for that was huge and difficult to assemble! Before we were married however we had to take many risks to spend time together as dating in Saudi is not the easiest thing in the world.

I have only ever met one westerner who converted for these purposes, most of the expats who use this method are Philippinos, Indians etc. The conversion allows a more formal long term relationship - not just sex!

m imran khan 5 years ago

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dan 5 years ago

Am an African man from South Africa and am currently in Saudi for bussiness.I am looking for a woman friend from any country but currently living in Saudi Arabia.Life hear is so quiet and boring.Can phone me on 0540295019 or contact me on

j.d 4 years ago

sounds frisky .. sounds like an adventure rather than a date.

nearlife90 profile image

nearlife90 4 years ago from Najd, SA

well u talked TOO MUCH about how most relationships in SA work!!

i just want to let u know that we as Saudi women r fighting for our STOLEN rights! we fight for our own freedom! i think that patience can learn from us!

we r lost between islam and traditions!! we r lost for being second class citizens!

so please stop talking shit that most of us take advantages of men!!

u know that it is IMPOSSIBLE to marry forgine men or even Saudi men that r from unknown family "has to do with tribe and stuff".. thats why u get to see most of us try to have fun around bcz they know they will get HURT once they fall in love!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi J.D. Did you mean frisky or risky to date in Saudi Arabia?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi nearlife90, I was not aware that I had ever said that Saudi women take advantage of men, quite the opposite in fact!

Saudi Girl 4 years ago

I never said anything about equality! you interpreted it that way!!

I was just clarifying to you how our communities work and the differences between the different classes of our society,, it's

Jo Blow 4 years ago


Western guy living in Riyadh - looking to meet Saudi women for fun, frolics and release. Drop me a mail & let's start chatting.

Mohammed Alajmi 4 years ago

the video where the dancing was is not a saudi. they are from Africa

AJMI 4 years ago

a Saudi guy lives in Riyadh hoping to make a good relationship with a good western girl. we can get to know each other if u drop me an email

Kind Regards

noor 4 years ago

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Manik Peters 4 years ago

hi im an Indian... lukn fr a grl who i cn chat nd hang around hv gud tyms... i cnt gt u d no. unless v gt to knw each othr well so im gn gv my id add me in fb or drop me a mail if intrstd...


Sahih Muslim Hadith

Hadith 7058 Narrated by


Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) said: The world is a prison-house for a believer and Paradise for a non-believer.

Al-Tirmidhi Hadith

Hadith 5249 Narrated by

Abdullah ibn Amr

Allah's Messenger (peace be upon him) said, "The world is the believer's prison and famine, but when he leaves the world he leaves the prison and the famine."

It is transmitted in Sharh as-Sunnah.


Sunan of Abu-Dawood

Hadith 4284 Narrated by


The Prophet (peace be upon him) said: The people will soon summon one another to attack you as people when eating invite others to share their dish. Someone asked: Will that be because of our small numbers at that time? He replied: No, you will be numerous at that time: but you will be scum and rubbish like that carried down by a torrent, and Allah will take fear of you from the breasts of your enemy and last enervation into your hearts. Someone asked: What is wahn (enervation). Apostle of Allah (peace be upon him): He replied: Love of the world and dislike of death.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Mohamed / Abdullah why do you have to use two names, is it not deceitful? It is not very Muslim! Your Ip address is recorded so I know you are the same person. While I don't mind anyone commenting and will publish anything as long as it is not offensive and obscene I prefer comments to be about the subject of the article which is Dating in Saudi Arabia. If you want to preach please go to mosque or find a forum that accepts what you wish to share. If you want to learn how to date pretty girls in KSA then this is the article for you, otherwise...

Puppies 4 years ago

I got depressed as I was reading your article...

I've been waiting to live a normal life like any other human being with natural needs, but I guess this won't happen any time soon. I'm a female and Saudi, what could be worse than this? And it's a huge disappointment to see that many Saudi women are blinded by ignorance, like Saudi Girl who accused the Saudi girls you're talking about of not being originally "Saudi", as if being Saudi is actually a privilege, it never was and never will be anything other than a curse, a curse that I was unfortunately born with. However, I have fallen in love more than once and have had my heart broken. And I still see my past relationships as good experiences because I satisfied my emotional needs, even though I couldn't satisfy neither my physical nor Sexual needs. Nonetheless, now that I am single, I try my best to avoid friendship with the opposite sex, because living isolated in such society is better than falling in a hopeless love as I already know that love has no place here. I should also make it clear that my relationships were long distance ones.

Life here is very difficult in every aspect for us, women. Our dignity is humiliated, our natural needs are forbidden, our beauty is hidden and most of all, our rights to choose the life we seek for only exist in our daydreaming. And what makes it worse, Saudi women can NOT escape the country for a better life.

Thank you for your good article. but I hate how it's killing me. Reality is killing me, I have been trying my best to be positive because I got depressed to the point where I tried to commit a suicide. However, being positive means running away from our shameful reality as women in this sick society, and that's what I do each day... sometimes I succeed, sometimes I fail.



Sahih Al-Bukhari Hadith Hadith 7.33 Narrated by Usama bin Zaid

The Prophet said, "After me I have not left any affliction more harmful to men than women."

Sahih Muslim Hadith

Hadith 6604 Narrated by

Usamah ibn Zayd ibn Harith and Sa'id ibn Zayd ibn Amr ibn Nawfal

Allah's Apostle (peace be upon him) said: I have not left after me turmoil for the people but the harm done to men by women.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Puppies, sorry you feel so sad; don't give up hope I am sure that things will improve as time goes by. I hope that you get what you want and deserve in life.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Mohamed, is this your attempt at getting relevant to the subject matter? It is I am afraid a very poor try; what about the harm done to women by men in your country - men like you who treat women as possessions and not people and try to find excuses to justify what they do in words written down by a man over a thousand years ago.

It is only a weak and fearful person that tries to exercise this level of control over another! Are you afraid of your women Mohamed? If not release them to do what they want to do and stop trying to control them!

s-deep 4 years ago

f**k you

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

s-deep, you obviously have not been dating any girls in Saudi Arabia and your frustrations are getting the better of you!

JeeDoo 4 years ago

hello jeedoo from riyadh.... im male and looking for a girl for dating... my mobile number is 0500447576.... call me at anytime... there will be no problem about the money... thanks everyone...hope i will get some calls :)

just4me 4 years ago

hi leanMan.

i am saudi guy

I visit all place in saudi and i now all things abut saudi.

The truth stay truth!

@ Saudi Girl she is Right ,and u Also Right

but The truth stay truth!

dateing is hard 4 the new visit in SA

but its 2 hard 4 u if i but u in Other city in SA

SA is very different , if u go 2 anther city u will face different type of people

Not all the same u now but I agree with u in Jeddah dating is Ridiculous all can do it u now what I mean , in Jeddah I can get what I want but in Riyadh its more hard 4 saudi

@ Saudi girl she is Right but not 100% b cuz Thayer will b mtwaw=(Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice) as u say if they Caught your

With strange girl u ass will kicked if u Muslim but if u not muslim I don’t now what they will do 2 u

I wish that u understand what I try 2 say and tnx

(@Saudi girl and @ leanMan ) u both Right

Add me if u want lean man or Send me a message on

my e-mail;

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you for your comments just4me. I understand what you are trying to say, I think, thank you for taking the time to read and make comment.

4remindU 4 years ago

Hi LeanMan,

The Arabian has The God Rule, they are most of muslim. They believe to life after death, End of days.

In their beiliveing, we may not do sex with other than husband and wife, sex is sacral thing. Human is not same with animal, can do a freesex. Sex is not only for fun but in basic need it is for new life too. so it is not free to be done with anyone you want. It is a holy thing. Man and woman are same, may not do with other than husband or wife. They can life year without sex, it is much better than doing it with a freee person. You can not belive that all women and men there are virgin until they get married. If you found some people who are not like I said, ther broker rule, in Arabian (Muslim) rule they are sin people.

I suggest you to bring your own wife if sex is your need, one sex is only one couple.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi 4remindU, many religions say that man and woman should remain virgin until till they are married, however most people crave sex and do not wait; Saudi Arabia is no different to any other country in that respect.

John 4 years ago

Hi i am male 27 searching nice girl friend and to get married with her and spends whole life togethers in hearts of each others with full of joy and happiness in everyseconds of life if anyfemale from sadui interested plz sends me a mail in my email id i likes saudi girls and saudi cultures too much so i wants to married muslim girls

Mubuku 4 years ago

As an Indian, currently living in the USA and with a finite possibility that there may be a job for me in Saudi Arabia, I have enjoyed reading your blog; however, what I enjoyed even more is reading the comments from a fellow Indian, the "Patriotic Indian". Patriotic Indian's comments were so imbecile that it hurt my eyes to even read those.

I fail to locate the comments from Ahmed Mubarak (whom you mention in your response) which I would have enjoyed reading.

Thank you.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck John and all those others seeking love in Saudi Arabia, I hope that you have success.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mubuku, there are many comments that I receive on this article about dating in Saudi Arabia that I just cannot publish as they contain language that is offensive or are just plain offensive.

danny 4 years ago

i was checking this side and like the way u put it down , i was in saudi for some good years and dated a nice sweet saudi woman , for about 1 year , to be truefull i like them a lot and they are very sweet , she gave me everything , bring me to every place , and i realy lived good with her and felt like a prince , when i wanted to do the paper work to marry her , everybody was against it , the family was open minded and aprove it but the saudi government and some other culture and old traditions people around them that have nothing to do with theyr religion islaam was all against it , u are right by saying that u have to be very brave to date in saudi , i went everywhere with her and also to all kind of hotels without a problem , but frankly i didn't care about theyr opression , it is a sweet country but theyr ruling is very very salty some of it nothing to do with islam or democratie and i feel very sad for the saudi woman , i experience some very nice and good saudi womans there very good , sweet , romantic saudi womans and i love them

, the point is that we are all humans and have to be treated like humans ,but i think that some of this hard people there in charge forget this , and come with theyr unpossible bad culture and bedioun tradition dictator rules in that country that have nothing to do with the islam .

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Danny, thanks for relating your experience with dating in Saudi Arabia and Saudi women.

ackdog 4 years ago

LeanMan- Thanks for the info as I'm on my way to KSA. I respect the way you have delt with the ignorant comments. You are a true professional! I'm looking forward to the Saudi experience! Take care and be safe...

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks for reading about dating in Saudi Arabia Ackdog, keep us informed of your time in Saudi.

كك 4 years ago


This is what you want. Want our women to be played in your hands. For this reason put these laws.

Because we do not want exploited. Women Sexually.

You are filthy animals. You think women like prey And want to Tstmato her body.

Our women are not like your women.

And by the way These women That reveal Her face Not a Saudi girl. Mostly Filipinos and Andunsaat.

Even they are not Arabs.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi, I wish people like you would look inside your own country before you start to insult others.. You think everyone is so pure and perfect. Go sit on the causeway into Bahrain at the weekend and ask your brothers queuing for 4 hours why they are going there..... Ask the women that get dropped at the store or the gym why they come out and get in a different car 2 minutes after their driver has gone.. Ask your brothers why they trawl the markets where the Filipinos and Indonesian girls shop trying to hand out their telephone numbers.. Ask the many runaway maids why they have not stayed to be abused and raped... But I forget; you will say this is all lies, isolated instances, inspired by the west........ Continue to ignore what happens in your country and say and do nothing, is that the Muslim way to stand by and condone the wrong doing of your fellow Muslims and blame others?

MANSOUR 4 years ago

LeanMan , I respect what u have raised in ur Topic , cultures are different everywhere in the world , if we look after the whole world cultures from far east to far west we can note many differences been noted by some people as mistakes and others as customs or pleased action its our (view angle of the action ) so , am a young saudi living and raise in Saudi Arabia up to my 30 yrs old now , i have visited many countries around the world and i note the point of our (view angle) toward the action , so if we take the whole picture of saudi arabia we can note its wonderful country to live with a wife and making a family and fortune, for that the society here are looking after this point to make a difficulty for the single to live in the country and try to force more for getting married and making family am pleasing this point , but on the other point of selecting ur future wife its difficult and should be through families relations , also the life expenses in saudi arabia is nice and the person can make money and good future i think , from my point of view " I don't think the dating is the main objective for all the people to have it instead of that marriage is the best solution "

thanks for reading my comment .

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mansour, I am a married man so I have to agree that marriage is the best solution, however if you come to Saudi with no family then it would be next to impossible to find a future bride.

MANSOUR 4 years ago

Thanks LeanMan for your comment ,I agree with u that single will face difficulties to make a date ,but we both agrees that Saudi Arabia is good to live when u r married man and have a family ? meanwhile Saudi Arabia is not taking taxes on salaries as of the western countries, in Saudi Arabia u can open ur business free of tax just registration charges , in Saudi Arabia u can go with ur family any place u want and no one has the right to stop u or talk to u , in Saudi Arabia u can own ur home with your money , in Saudi Arabia the naughty websites are blocked for the respect and protection of our children and family ,I think its good to live in such country ...... Thank u again LeanMan for this topic .

FAIZA KHAN 4 years ago


Azan Khan 4 years ago

Its awesome hub i enjoyed a lot. me too looking 4 a date in Saudi Arabia is there any solution give me a feedback.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Azan, just follow some of the tips above and I am sure you will get on just fine..

Azan khan 4 years ago

Thanks For Reply Mr LeanMan. Dating is possible in saudi arabia. i think its very Hard to date in saudi arabia.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

It is hard to date in Saudi Arabia, and you should be very careful to remain safe.

meyer 4 years ago

I agree that dating is very difficult in SA. It doesn't matter because (I) most expats come to SA to work and earn money.

@Mansour, I concur that living in SA is much better. I have a decent job with better pay compare back home. People are friendly too but least likely to under educated men who are arrogant and less respectful. I have no problems dealing with my Saudi colleagues in the office because they are educated and treat me professionally.

Yes, it's safer to walk here [KSA] in the street corners than in my country where robbers on standby waiting for their victim.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi meyer, thanks for your comments about dating in Saudi Arabia and for supporting some of the other comments.

profile image

Mansour Orabi 4 years ago

Thanks meyer & LeanMan , after reading the topics and comments around other topics in hubpages i been encouraged to have a user name and password to write down my own hubs and topics.

Regarding the expact coming to Saudi i can notice that quality of some compares to others in thiers countries are pretty different specially some nationalities and their profession , i also agree that Saudi citizens are mostly educated in science and art and books but not educated on life style and civilization with their own even nationality . that what comes to my mind and thx 4 reading my comments .... Mans

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks for taking the time to read and make comment mansour, I wish you every success in Saudi and here on HP.

hameed 4 years ago

hey lean man i have one question if we would date with girl in public place will there be any problem ? i am living in jeddah...

Zafar 4 years ago

hi i live in jeddah and i want to ask u if i date with girl in public place like corniche,resturants and Shallal would there be any kind of problem ?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Hameed / Zafar, very clear rules you should not be alone with a woman.. so yes there could be a problem if you are asked to produce your marriage certificate or your iqamas.. Big problems especially for her.

Zafar 4 years ago

thnxxxxx....but whenever i go em not alone neither she is alone we are having group date with me i am having my 2,3 friend and with her she is also having her friends so in this case also there will be a problem ?? whenever we guyx date we meet in a public place like resturants, pizza hut like that....i don't think so they will ask about marriage certificate because we all are teenagers :D

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Zafar, teenage or not you could still end up with a problem, the extent of your problem will depend on your nationality and your age of course. If you are youngsters you will probably be ignored or at the worst told to split up and go your separate ways.

amine 4 years ago

None have been stoned to death in saudi arabia and it is not the dark age either. I know saudi arabia extremely well, only riyadh is an exeption and not really. Jeddah, khobar are very different and very open.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

If you feel like trying to challenge the law and taking a risk then feel free to go ahead amine. Personally if I were a woman I would not take the risk, even if not put to death the penalties are still far to severe for the "crime".

I agree Jeddah amd Khobar are far more relaxed than Riyadh and it is far easier to meet and date girls there. However lately I have heard of parties being raided and other problems by Mutawa trying to reassert their authority.

waseem :) 4 years ago

I'm from Saudi Arabia! Unfortunately, most of things that mentioned in your article is WRONG! I hope that next time make sure you right the truth about my country! If you are NOT sure you can ask me and I'll be more than happy to tell you about My country and my culture!

Good luck :)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Waseem, please feel free to correct me and tell me how to go about dating in Saudi Arabia, I would love to hear your views.

Judah Wize 4 years ago

Well Leme Tell ya Bot Sumtin Dat U Guys Wont Believe,Am Livin In Saudia,Its Almost 9 Years Now,Av Slept Alot With Saudi Girls,Since Am A Foreigner And Wenever They Come To Ma Place Where I Work I Get To Talk With Some In Engliesh And When They Find Out Am Not A Saudi They Quckly Give In..Ive Bhang Dem Alot Even Married Women Saudis...I Keep My Profile Secret I Don't Wanna Be Chopped Of Ma Head,Am From Afrika

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Judah, thanks for your story.. Don't be too bad and lose your head over the women there..

Asuu 4 years ago


big up my pal.

Very informative article

Allah will reward you more.

Im in saudi en to tell you the truth

apart from the strictness and adhearance in upholding the sharia

its a land full of bounties and neema.

Id love to come back again after my contract expires.

Majority of men are nice but saudi ladies are more humble and i can tell you from experience that once a hospital staff in the reception on my first visit there

a saudi girl refuced to accept payments from me.

Believe me i raised an argument with her why she wont accept my payments after several attempts she admitted liking me.

I felt embarrassed coz i was not expecting that kind of response:

the girl is a white saudi and im black african

till today ive never attempted to take her number though ive frequented the place many times with sick friends but my objective is to meet her

we could exchange dialogue and most of her working aids all saudi know about it.

I like the girl but i cant be with her

just following the rules and trying to be safer.

I like saudigirl style of arguments

she sound strong and if she were in my country

she would have made big.

I also feel for puppy

ive read her comment over and over.

She needs to take heart.

Surely one day

her dreams and aspirations will be realised.

She will find love.

I wish i coult talk to her

but again its just a wish.

I need friends from anywhere in the world to share ideas and experiences



plz not lovers

sorry just playing safe

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Asuu,

Find the courage and ask for her number or give yours, if not you may regret it for the rest of your life.

Asuu 4 years ago

Ok my man

i hear you

you know saudi

but it seems you have forgotten something

the rule here

not even a black saudi can mingle let alone marry a white saudi

im not a black saudi

atleast id have tried hale wale!

Im african

black african.

Sorry i forgot to tell you

sometimes id collect bills from her

very strange coz we hardly have enough tym to talk coz most of the times the other ladies would gather at an arms distant to listen to the outcome of the dialogues

im somehow shy en i get more scared in this kind of set up.

None the less ill try en i don't need to use blue tooth or handout a piece of paper

she will tell me en ill write it on my mobile..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck Asuu, just don't get yourself in a bad situation.

newbie 4 years ago

i had fun reading this and i agree with. great hub

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

thanks for reading, I am glad that you enjoyed.

AnonOnMyWay 4 years ago

Hey Man,

Great post here. The responses were interesting and very indicative that people of all types are in the country.

I am applying for work all over Saudi as a result of economic needs and such. I am a single man in my early 20's from the states. Not too worried about caving into my biological need for release (although we'll see how true this is after a few months). I gotta say that this all scared me a bit. I am guessing from these posts that the best place to target for work is Jeddah and Khobar, in terms of social liberalism. Any other recommendations?

Also, do you have an update on how the crackdowns are actually progressing in those areas? This is really interesting to me as someone who plans to move there.

Do you happen to know of a good publication that I could read for news that isn't just a propaganda machine? I have heard some alarming reports of schools being closed and teachers deported and such. Is now not a good time to head there?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Jeddah or Khobar / Dammam are 100% the best places to be as far as I am concerned. As to the crackdowns they are still going on, my friends have stopped having parties in a number of places that they used to use regularly due to there being too many road blocks and other activity. It is getting increasingly difficult to date and hold decent parties unless you have a co-operative married couple to act as host and bring the single girls. On compound of course things carry on in much the same way as they did before.

Read the blogs about living in Saudi Arabia if you want some news that is not propoganda, although saying that I guess all of the blog writers have an angle as well.

They are definitely giving schools a hard time, my sister In-law's kid's school was recently closed and the staff deported after it was raided and books were allegedly promoting Christianity and there was not enough about Islam, this is an expat school!

FilyQ 4 years ago

LOL I'm saudi

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi FilyQ, are you dating??

Jo Blow 4 years ago

I live in Riyadh and our Compound is throwing a massive party this weekend. Over 500 tickets sold.

In terms of schools being raided (The British School/International School/American School etc) i haven't heard of anything like this going on.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Jo, will there be any nice girls going to the party this weekend? Throw an invite my way... The last school that I heard of it happening to was a Filipino school in Jeddah, I guess they avoid the US/UK schools as we are just too argumentative!

profile image

joharkaran 4 years ago

can you have me some contacts of arab women, or expats? who would like to enjoy lif

email me

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

You need to be a bit more enticing than that joharkaran, give them a real reason to get in touch, this post is as bad as a phone number written on a public toilet wall. If you want someone to mail you need to sell yourself.

helpme 4 years ago

hi. i just want to know where i can send photos of the person who i wanna deport to her country because she is leaving with other man..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Helpme, I have noticed that within many communities that most people are likely to get more trouble from their fellow country people than from Saudis due to petty squabbles and jealousy.

I would suggest sending your pictures to the pope or a celebrity watching magazine; I think they will have as much interest as most of us do.

Asuu 4 years ago

Hi big man!

I frequent this page mostly as an observer.

I told my girlfriend about this hub and she was like " what "

she was suprissed to findout that fellow Saudis contribute greatly.

She is more interested and i hope in here will bring her the most terrific experience of her life.

In a very short while i made numerous friends from within and miles without thanks to this platform.

Very good friends indeed!

For those who expressed interests to come here please don't think otherwise,

Saudi is a beautifull place to be,

plz join us and be fellow expatriates at heart.

As usual whenever i come here,

two personalities that captured my heart whose comments i must go through over and over before I check out,

the tough iron lady Saudi Girl,

and the one who stole my heart completely my lady Puppy.

For new friends,

below are my details..




puppy dear,

those are my details.

Please get intouch coz id Love to hear your experiences first hand!

En for the rest of the world,

please get intouch and lets share usufull information or experiencess of our lives.

Be safe!


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck in your quest!

im jake lee profile image

im jake lee 4 years ago

I am here in Al Khobar Saudi Arabia. If any girl from Al Khobar wanna dating and want sex she can call me on my number 0536708209 im waiting for ur calls habibi...

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Jake, most women would like a little romance. You need to be a little more subtle with your approach if you want to date girls in Saudi.

im jake lee profile image

im jake lee 4 years ago

ok please help me to find girl here thank you....

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Maybe someone will take pity on you and find a nice girl for you. Failing that you could try talking nicely to some.

Aamir 4 years ago

I m pakistani and wana girl for friendship in saudia. Any national from pakistan, saudia, barma and indonasia plz call

adham 4 years ago your blog....

it is really helpful, but some of the comments here are sick...hahahaha

so what do you do in life , other than writing this blog?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks Adham, I only write and date in Saudi Arabia..

Good luck with your life.

nice man 4 years ago

now its different you can easily date open mind Saudi girl if u are in Riyadh just send me your mail i will give you some contact

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Nice man. Thanks for reading, good luck with your open minded Saudi girls!

Lerma 4 years ago

i am a filpina looking for date.508646648

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Lerma. I hope that you find the date you are looking for there in Saudi.

Man U fan 4 years ago

What about going to Bahrain? Is it better there? Can a bloke take a lady to a hotel without marriage certificate? thanks

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

I believe in Bahrain if you don't bring one back to your hotel room the hotel will supply you with a woman out of pity!

profile image

Contemplator 4 years ago

LeaMan I am a white South African male living and working in the kingdom as a design engineer. I was browsing for expats views on KSA and stumbled across your hub. Well maintained and fair game for all. Yes I am here for the money (for those readers that want to nail me on that). I also served in Iraq during the war for three years, Jordan for some 1 year (if all are combined), UAE and I stayed in Kuwait for 1 year. This gives me quite a good understanding of the region. I just want to state that whatever I say is not factual, it is only my honest and personal opinion. There are those Arabs that really believe in the Koran and live their lives accordingly. For them I take my hat off. They are however by far the minority. The average Saudi man (I don't know Saudi women and probably never will or feel the need to) is biased, sexist and extremely capitalistic hypocrites. I design equipment for military and meet everyone from royal family, business owners, generals, soldiers to normal workers. What these people do is sickening and the way that they have adapted their own society goes very far astray of that witch are written in the Koran. They will come out of the mosque, tell you a bunch of lies, get into their cars and drive off to Bahrain for a weekend of frolicking and drinking. I have joined in on some of these weekends and they will spend up to 15 000 SAR on one weekends adultery. Meanwhile the wives must stay home and do whatever Saudi woman does. No wonder you find some of them trying to break through this barrier of laws laid down by man not religion. Saudi where desert wasteland populated by the poor until the oil production started in the 1940's, now they want to rule just because they have one natural resource that are driving their whole economy. Some day that will dry up, the expats will leave and they will become bedoins again. Poverty drives people to become fanatically religious and only in recent times did the Saudis become affluent. The new found riches will start to change their fanatical religious behavior sooner or later. The more they are exposed to the rest of the free world and get addicted to the freedom and technology the more they will break away from this inhumane behavior. They are under the impression that they are the true Muslim and have the right to do what they want because Mecca is here and they have oil. Please read:

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi contemplator, thanks for your comment. You are quite right about Saudi men; the queue to get over the bridge every weekend tells the real story of their attitude. But for the moment the money is still good so us expats will still work in Saudi.

qudduspasha 4 years ago

my name quddus iam cool boy and age27 and wmail id .

iam tech

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Not so sure this is going to get you a date, if you do let us know!

profile image

Contemplator 4 years ago


It is my third time in the Kingdom. First time was back in 2009, the second time I where here just for two days, only for a meeting and now I'm back for a month already. The good news is I managed to get a date. The honors must go to this hub. Lean man You are a STAR!!!

Unfortunately I am not willing to share the details because as you know this may land me in hot water. A gentleman also do not kiss and tell. I suppose that if you are self assured and determined, you can even get a date in hell.

Stay safe and keep your heads high!!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Way to go contemplator, just be safe dating in Saudi Arabia, I am sure you know how things will turn out if you get caught. All the best for your future..

mohammed 4 years ago

any girl wanna doo friendship with indian guy please send email

Malibu mo 4 years ago

Hey Lean Man,

Been in Riyadh now for a few months. I MISS LONDON :-O. Can you guide me where the best place to meet a woman would be? would DQ be a good start? Is it safe to approach woman in compounds? Hey if any lady out there is just up for freindship. Then please give me a shout. Waiting to hear from you 0595 471069.


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mohammed, you will have to let us know if you get anywhere with your eloquent plea for a date.

Vari 4 years ago

I want to visit a male friend in his apartment here in Riyadh. Is that possible? By the way, I'm a woman. The receptionist of my hotel told me that they don't have rules with foreign people, so, I can receive male visits. But I feel afraid.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Vari,

The rules are very clear, you should never be alone with a person of the opposite sex who is not a direct blood relative or your spouse. Your hotel seems very understanding and I guess that the receptionist is not a Saudi! What they have told you will be very unofficial if it is true, but be careful.

As to visiting someone in their home it is not too difficult and you are unlikely to be stopped. If you don't disturb anyone you should be fine. But still be very careful!

Vari 4 years ago

Thanks for your answer. In fact the receptionist is an Egyptian man.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mo

You are safe on compound but just remember that most women there will already be attached!! A weekend in Dubai or Bahrain is safest.. If you want to find a woman in Riyadh ask friends to introduce you or go and have a long walk in the souks or the malls and see if you can catch the eye of a nice woman..

irfan 4 years ago

i am looking for a pakistani aunty in riyadh ksa who are sexuly not satisfy i ll 100 % satisy her just send me email on

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi irfan, you really do need to get yourself a better chat up line the one you are using if you want to find yourself a young lady in Saudi. Just asking for sex rarely goes down well with ladies of any nationality.

Ahmad 4 years ago

really i love saudis, also women all are not bad so no need to think anything wrong, i am really looking for a marriage,


HOTGUY 4 years ago

0594030717 GIRLS CAN CALL ME

Yorkshirelass 4 years ago

Leanman... You are just too funny!! A great writer, smart and witty - but down to earth. I am considering Saudi (with my hubby) and you take on it is great. Thank you :-)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thanks for your comments Yorkshirelass; Please be good when you get there I don't want to read about you in the papers here!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

You will have to let us know if this approach works or if you just get mutawa calling you..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi SaudiMan, I am afraid that I cannot publish your comment due to the large number of expletives that you have used. For a committed Muslim you seem to have a very large collection of these words and use them very freely!

As to what you have tried to say in your comment I am sorry but Saudi women are like women anywhere else in the world and there are some that are very much looking for loving relationships and to date men of any nationality. Your claim that every Saudi woman is a good Muslim who would never date is completely wrong and I tell you this from years of experience!

I am also not a liar nor am I full of excrement and I certainly am not going to go do what you have suggested that I do with my mother - do not try to push your own preferences onto others!

Feel free to reply without the abusive words and I will happily debate with you.

Also you may also want to move to Saudi Arabia to post your comments as according to your IP address you are in LA!

Josep Anderson profile image

Josep Anderson 4 years ago from Khobar, Saudi Arabia

Hi josep anderson here... any girl wana friendship...?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck Josep, have you had any luck in finding a girl friend in Khobar? It must be very easy for you to just cross the causeway and go to Bahrain where things are a little more relaxed.

Ghufran 4 years ago

Hi Dears...i think now we need to discuss something about western rules and there life style.... western people can never use that tooth brush which already a person used.they dont eat that food if another person touch that.they never drink that drink in that glass if one person use that they use disposable glass, plates, cups etc......But they dont think if a person is using one glass one plate and one cup and keep it clean and no other person can use his glass plate or cup. then he can use his glass etc 2nd time 3rd time 4rth time upto life time without any tension... all clever persons can understand... so we dont need disposable things.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Disposable things are generally cheap throw away quality and I think that everyone knows that.. but at times it is useful to have those disposable items to hand! Thanks for sharing your philosophy about cutlery Ghufran.

Ghufran 4 years ago

LeanMan i think you are the administrator and i am not a philosopher.i am an Engineer and this time in Saudi Arabia.and most of my friends are in Australia and he said me last night that he used every week new i feel very shame on him.and also very dis-heart from that environment because how a girl can spent her whole night with friends and dates with him etc... as any girl new it that this guy is just flirt he is just using me.. and after marriage how husband can believe on her wife. as after marriage a blind man can also understand that this girl is already used by another person... so i think western are very neat and clean people they keep clean cloths their shoes their teeth, but why they have no control on their wives their sisters.... basically i love Australia but i dont like their environment....

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Ghufran, people are people and you should never judge an entire country based on the behavior of one individual or a small group. I know many Saudi men who drive across the causeway or fly to Dubai every weekend just to find a new woman. I also get invited to regular parties hosted by Saudis where many women will get "involved" with the Saudi men; many of these women are Saudi also not just expat women who have come to your country from poor countries and only see their bodies as a way to make a living.

I also know expats who are wholly faithful to their wives and women who would never behave the way that you are discussing.

Individuals are exactly that; individual and they have their own beliefs and values. Some like to have fun in this way as it makes them feel good; others do not. But it would not be right to generalize about different nationalities and condemn an entire nation based on a few individuals.

I like Saudi but I know many men that I would never let within a hundred yards of my wife, mother or daughters and there are others that I would welcome as house guests. There are also many Saudi women that I know who are outrageous flirts and would sleep with any man who could make them laugh and there are others that are faithful and pious.

I am sure you would never behave the way your friend behaves and yet he is still your friend. I am sure also that if every woman in Saudi or every other country was perfect then your friend would never be able to behave as he does.

I also want to address your final comments; we do not feel it necessary to control our wives or sisters. They have free will and the ability to choose their own path in life. We are all educated as to what is right and what is wrong. If a woman wants to socialize and have fun in her life that is her right and no one should be able to prevent her from doing so. If she goes too far and is unfaithful to her husband then in all likelihood she will loose her husband and her marriage and have to live with the knowledge that maybe she destroyed the best thing in her life, that is the punishment.

Trying to control people through fear and punishment will never work. They will just eventually open Pandora's box to find out what is inside. Better to educate and give people the choice.

Ghufran 4 years ago

Thanks LeanMan i dont know which type of person you are.but i like it that you also think that dates and flirts are not good for the whole world. i think it is less in islamic countries. but from because of media and movies islamic counties are also going towards the wrong path. Saudi Arabia is the only country in front me, where dates and flirts are very less. but as it is going on... the time is coming when the environment of Saudia Arabia will also be so bad.... and they are safe upto that, as they leave the Islamic rules they must be finished. every thing is perfect in Islam if our Muslims follow that path which Islam teaches us...But now all other religions read "Quran" understand "Quran" but Muslims are going far away from their Holy book "Quran".

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Ghufran, the Muslim and Christian religions teach very similar things; after all their roots are the same. In fact all religions advise against men and women sleeping around and promote marriage in some form. This protects society and the people within it from conflict and other problems. That being said, the world is moving on and what people once found unacceptable is now common place and barely commented on.

Ghufran 4 years ago

hi LeanMan and offcourse all the religions advise against men and women sleeping around and promote marriage. This protects society but as in Saudi Arabia you see it...That it is strictly prohibited and if a person want to do this. he think more than 100 times about it.So this is in Islamic religion but other islamic countries dont follow this. In saudia here is no AIDS so every person can understand the reason. and why it is...

ali 4 years ago


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Sorry Ghufran, there is aids in your country. Not bought by expats as they are all tested but by your own people who have contracted it. Unfortunately there are many Saudis who do not follow your religion as they should as there are Christians who do not also.

Making something prohibited will not stop human nature. There is a huge amount of drink and even drugs in KSA as well as the other behavior we have discussed.

AnasJ profile image

AnasJ 4 years ago

I was born and raised in the streets of Riyadh, I understand the culture here very well.. You did a great job describing KSA- dating issues in details LeanMan! I'd say your description is correct to a large extinct.

Yes the rules and traditions here are extremely strict, sick and just doesn't support the nature of all human beings, not only westerners.

I am a Muslim. I would like to clarify that the rules in Saudi Arabia DO NOT represent islamic religion, its the culture of Saudi Arabia that forces extreme limitations for the participation of women in society. unfortunately, the government do enforce these regulations by the name of Islam, they either do this to convince ppl easily to follow their culture's rules or simply for their incorrect understanding of Islam.

Saudi government understand Islam the way there ancestors did, not the way that prophet Mohammed educated it! prophet Mohammed did not ban Christians, Jews or ppl from any other religions to practice their lives freely in the city of Madinah ( The capital of Islam at his time ), they had there churches and temples and they was living their lives the way they choose to. he did not force woman of other religions to wear Abayas, he did not even order muslim woman to be veiled up to toe! and he sure would not question you about the number of Filipino ladies seen coming in and out of your apartment at night..

I apologies on behalf of all true Muslims for you and all other non Muslim expats in this country for the inconvenient things you experience here every day and for not having your rights to live as a free human here..

Just don't get caught ;)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

AnasJ, thank you for your comments, nice to have some intelligent comments made about how women are treated in Saudi Arabia and about dating here. To be honest I have no problems with the way things are here but I do not always follow their rules! As you say - "don't get caught!"

رغد 4 years ago

i'm saudi girl

i just want to tell u those girl are not saudi

they look like Philippines girl

and why u talked about us like that ?

if one want to marry me,he have to give me money, Jewels,..etc

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Saudi girl, glad to see that you have your priorities right..If a man wants to marry you he has to pay you with money and jewels etc....

Generally in the west people marry for love not money!

ahmad 4 years ago

ahmad 0591638036

sara 4 years ago

they give us money as present not to buy us .. it's like culture of the rich country .. its shame if u dont respect our culture

anyway thanks


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Every country has its own culture so maybe you should accept that even if another countries culture is different from yours it is not wrong.

Sara 4 years ago

I do not say its wrong .. I respect it because we must give respect in order to receive it. What Im trying to say is we all human bing we love to life. We r not live in 19 century man ...I'm sure in your personal relationships you are a gentleman of integrity and fairness.. Nice to talk to you bro

Sara from Saudi Arabia

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Nice to talk with you too Sara.

MANDE 4 years ago

The easiest way to date in Saudi is by getting your date in a tinted car and stop on any main road on the right, nobody will care about you and you could do whatever you want ! thats what i used to do before moving back to NYC

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Mande, not the most romantic of ways to date - but I guess you can bring a cool box with some sandwiches and some cold beers (if you have some..)

Having witnessed a crazy driver try to overtake at speed by going down the hard shoulder and into a parked car I would be very wary of stopping anywhere near a main road in Saudi.

usman 4 years ago


usman aziz 4 years ago

exactly sara,i am usman aziz civil engineer here in ar,ar city,i know its not a place to find out my life partner or something like that but i will be feel very lucky if i find any true friend here in saudi arabia

Bsb F0x 4 years ago

good job ,, LeanMan

keep it up ..

M , 23 years old , Riyadh

looking for a girl

thank you ..

Nora 4 years ago

LOOOOL this hub is very funny! And it genuinely made me glad that westerners and other men are prevented from reaching to us.. I love these rules that preserve us from being a tool to muse men what happen with west women ..

I really really feel pity for west women who can't keep their men for their whole life .. a west man can easily change his beloved woman "just because he saw another beautiful sexy woman therefore his previous love towards his ex wife vanished "... what a poor life for women their ! and also vice versa, when a woman meets a new love she easily leave her ex lover !!!! once I asked a British guy who's 40 years old "how many girls you loved during your life?" he answered " I don't remember " !!! Oh !! really you don't ?? are girls there games for you ??? this is the disgusting life of WEST ! which is the opposite of our life ..Thank God.

all parents I know here have been lived with each other for 20, 30 , 40 years .. with their children as well .. because the man preserves his eyes from looking to other women .. also the woman preserves her eyes from looking to other men .,. that's why we cover ourselves .. to not let the man- whose wife is not that beautiful- look to another beautiful girl and leave his wife.. FAMILY here has the priority .. we live for UNITY .. not for our own selves .. west life encourages selfishness .. a man there lives for his own desires and goods as well as the woman .. whereas here we care for all of us .. this is what I love about here.. and hate about there ..

I am happy and honored of being a SAUDI GIRL ! THANK GOD....

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Nora,

You seem to believe your own propaganda!

I believe you will find that the divorce rate in your own country is one of the worst in the world! There is a huge problem with divorced women who have found themselves with children and no way to support them.

Go sit on the bridge to Bahrain or in the airport in Dubai and count the married men heading out every weekend to visit the girls there and to drink beer!

Go to some of the hospitals and other places where Saudi women get dropped off by their drivers and then leave 5 minutes later with a different man!

Human nature is stronger than your religion and your rules, people (men and women also) will always seek to enjoy themselves with members of the opposite sex. Your rules try to prevent it but for most they do not work.

This is not to say your religion is bad as Christianity and most other religions say that you should stay and respect each other within marriage; humans however are weak and led by their instincts and primal urges on the whole.

Yes some have control the same as some in the west do. I see no difference in this between Saudi and the rest of the world except that Saudi men typically are less well able to treat women well as they do not have the experience of mixing with the fairer sex.

The life in the west is not disgusting and the opposite of yours, it is surprisingly similar in many ways. Stop believing what you are told and go out and really look for yourself. My grandparents have been married for over 60 years and I know many couples who have been happy together for decades also. Where you get the idea that all westerners spend all of their time fornicating with new partners I really don't know. It is like the middle ages when one country will spread rumors that their neighbors eat babies! Open your eyes!

Nora 4 years ago

hahaha ... what I've said is not from others who talk about west .. it is from ( westerners themselves ) since I have many friends from UK and few from US ... Plus that I am studying English literature and I know very well your culture .. also, number of my relatives are studying in America and UK including my brother who lives with an old woman .. and he always feels pity for her .. coz her children left her alone .. each one there lives for his/herself.." except some special cases of course, no one can generalize something " .. so , you can't deny it Mr.Lean :) !! as an evidence to what I am saying is this british guy who was very impressed by the life here :

and even even if I don't know anyone there .. this is the age of globalization.. !!! we have media ! this whole world is like a very small world.. don't you know that? every people know about other cultures .. ( not as in the middle age as you said LOL .. you are the one who should open his eye ( sorry ) ) .. we know your movies, programs, documentaries that reflect your life which I hate it the most ( I mean your "social" life ).. I am surprised that you are an educated man and you replied in such a way !

what I got from you that instincts are very strong to the extant that men can't control them?!!! .. and what I know from nature that only animals who can't control their instincts .. instincts are put in our bodies as a test .. those who are strong will be able to control these instincts by marriage, then by being loyal to their wives and preserving their families, and I know very well men of my local society who never look at another women .. they love their women so much .. and even if they don't , they control their instincts to preserve their families from falling apart .. as I said before Family has the priority here..

those who travel to Bahrain, first you should know the concept of manhood here before you talk about those who travel to Bahrain .. ( strange you have been here and you don't know about it? ) they are ostracized from the society,,, because they are considered weak .. they are not considered as " true men" .. because simply they can't control themselves, they are close to animals than to humans ( this is how we think, and this is our culture if you didn't understand it yet) ! can't find a man who is proud of traveling to Bahrain to date women there .. this is a huge stigma here .. and there're many reasons behind this, the most important one is that they don't practice Islam .. it is impossible that you find a man who prays the 5 prayers at their times and in the same time travels to Bahrain to date women lol this made me laugh .. and you know our society is very conservative .. the majority here pray the 5 prayers ( that's why you can see Mosques everywhere).. therefore who travel to date are the minority.

finally, I am sorry if I said something annoyed you ... I respect you if you respect our culture .. Thanks Mr.Lean :)

[ bye ] :)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Nora,

Our societies are not that different despite what you may think! No society or religion tells men and women to go off and do what they like with regards to sex or anything else. What you see in films or in the press is often sensationalized in the same way that what is depicted about Saudi is also. People are people where every you go. Some are strong others are weak.

But to make a sweeping generalization that one country is worse than another is hardly something that an intelligent and educated person should do! Judge individuals not whole countries based on the behavior of a few.

Anyone can go and select a handful of figures, news stories, interviews and so on to prove anything they want, after all this is what some newspapers in the west do to demonize Muslims. As I keep saying people are people, you will find bad people in every country but that does not mean the country is bad.

The difference that I see between the west and Saudi is that the behavior that you refer to is seen and discussed openly whereas in Saudi it is hidden and shameful and by many denied. Denying the existence of a problem allows a society to turn a blind eye to it and do nothing about it - you may as well say that it is acceptable!

But if you want to believe that the west is totally evil and corrupt morally and everyone in Saudi is perfect then that is your choice.

Thsnvser 4 years ago

Nice hub.

Am a indian from west cultured bangalore

In thare am going with ladies to just have the fun but here I can't do any of those things and from the people of saudi I learn to respect the islam and of course i'll continue my dating in india i do not want to blame saudis regarding theies culture . Let us date in our cuntries.

But one thing is very true in gere that is there us most% of this country people selfish and thay are not following the holly quraan..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you for your comments Thsnvser, always good to have someone's opinions about dating in Saudi.

Aziz 4 years ago

Thank you....

Hey girls I am here in Riyadh

... any one wanna date just call me or sms on 0580207050

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 4 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Aziz

Just hope that you don't get calls from the mutawa looking for a date!!

saleh 3 years ago


I am looking for a girl live in Riyadh

if there single women sms me or call me


Abeer 3 years ago

I am so glad I live in Saudi Arabia, It protect our girls and boys from sexual diseases and pregnancy in early ages. I moved to canada 3 years a go and its horrible. kids here goes to sexual clinics starting from 12 years old because they are engaging in sexual activities. Apart from the psychological effects that having sex at an early age can have, girls are more likely than boys to get a serious sexually transmitted disease, not to mention the fact that the girl is often left as the sole caretaker if she has a baby.

I am a Saudi Girl and I met my Husband at work and we dated each other before getting married, and all my friend had the same process. I don't know where do you live because cities are different. I can't wait to go back to Saudi Arabia :)

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Abeer, I have to agree with some of your comments about the way some younger people behave in the west, but at least they have the knowledge and the route to protect themselves. But Saudi is still far from a perfect society and has many of its own problems.

saudiexpatgal 3 years ago

I live on a female only compound and everyone I know is dating - it doesn't appear so difficult when done behind compound doors.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

On a compound most things are easy as you are not restricted in the same way as in public places, that being said if you are on a female only compound how do you smuggle the men in??

o.O 3 years ago

the problem is when you are single ... and you dunno anyone ... when you say you dunno anyone

so you mean it

... so i dunno anyoneeee how the hell i will be in relation if there is like this rules ? LOL

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author


If you can't meet anyone then you will never have a relationship!! If you can't be introduced to anyone you will need to break some rules - just don't get caught!!

sameer 3 years ago

hey can i frndshp wth you...plzzz

sameer 3 years ago

when there is faith...there is no fear...can i frndshp with you only girls join with me...

hi 3 years ago

Any riyadh n nearestwomen for satisfied.

Mail me.


peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 3 years ago from Home Sweet Home

interesting article. I have a friend who was married to an Arab guy. She was introduced by a friend through internet and never met her hubby until the marriage day. An awesome love over the internet. Anyway, she was happy because this guy is rich. Are arab guys so rich? What you had mentioned are true. Girls will be punished by stoning. Bad case. Voted up

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Peachpurple

Not all Arabs are rich, much like any other country out there; some are rich and some are poor. But with the oil wealth there you can find plenty there in Saudi with more than enough to spare. Most non-Muslim expats are unlikely to be stoned, they would probably just get jailed and eventually deported.

janshares profile image

janshares 3 years ago from Washington, DC

This is hilarious and unbelievable. Really? That's how it is over there? Your humor told the stories well. Glad I came to visit in honor of your one millionth view.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Jan, yes this is all true.. As long as you follow all of their rules in public Saudi Arabia can still be a great place to work and surprisingly enjoy yourself. My time in the country has been truly wonderful and I would never want to go back and change my decision to spend time there.

Cheeky Girl profile image

Cheeky Girl 3 years ago from UK and Nerujenia

What an amazing amount of information in this hub! Saudi Arabia is a country where the culture is very different. I almost got an opportunity to go there with my boss, and some co-workers, but didn't go through with it, on account of a birthday event.

While it is good to observe the culture of others, and also good to see it from their point of view, it's easy to pick out the obvious differences between Arabian culture and Western culture, which is a whole lot more free and loose. I know people who have worked there and sang the praises of the work ethic system there and how businesses work.

I confess I am enjoying reading the comments here too! Awesome hub, LeanMan!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Cheeky girl, thanks for taking the time to read, can't say I have ever met anyone who has been singing the praises of the work ethic in Saudi Arabia. It is generally well accepted that Saudi workers are amongst the hardest workers when it comes to avoiding doing anything! The first company I went into there employed a large number of Saudi managers; they would come in around 10am, play on their playstations, watch TV and then go for a long lunch and fail to return that day - IF they came in at all! This is one of the reasons why so many expats are employed in the country.

But yes; the culture is very different, very much more restrictive than that in the west to the point that most of us would feel that for women at least their human rights are being restricted. Would you as a woman allow yourself to be controlled to the extent that you were not allowed to travel without the consent of your husband or father or to have your future husband chosen for you even if you were a teenage girl and he was an old man?

profile image

gooddream 3 years ago

Hello i m male looking male if any man like a sex please call me on my no.00966565659808 or 00966508517942

Faisal 3 years ago

Any divorced women or widow want to date in Riyadh.

Email me at

I will give you a true satisfaction with love and respect and may be it can bring is closer for further relationship.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck Faisal, I hope you find the right woman for you. Let us know if you have any success. Would love to know if anyone that has posted an email or phone number here as ever met a woman because of it.

profile image

sweety93 3 years ago

i am an indian muslim girl who spent all her teen age in saudia, this place is unbelievably weird, men are so frustrated .although i dont like covering my face,but men here are desperate and the way they stare at you,its better to remain covered. thnx to the amazin rules made 1400 years if its only about sex when we talk about women,else they dont exist. i remember i was young and cvrd in abaya,even then many times,i got touched indecently and passed on really affected me,i felt sick and i was so young back then.. thank god i left that country, i have a job and have amazin non muslim bf...i keep goin back every year only cuz my parents are still there,but its so damn borin,no movie halls,no lounges,no LIFE...only desperate eyes amd ugly frstated faces..oh btw amazing blog..

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you for your comments Sweety93, very nice to have a woman's viewpoint aired on here. Life is not good here for women and I certainly would not bring a teenage girl to Saudi Arabia. The men who live here do not have a good attitude towards women and I have witnessed much in the way of very poor behavior. I hope that you have a much better life now that you are settling elsewhere.

profile image

sweety93 3 years ago

yes ,but i grew up with very bad impression about this country.well,going through comments,i noticed how arab women still are justifying that arab women never date. well,they are human and have rights to do watever they want. atleast they are better then men who can marry as many women they like and leave and sleep around with slaves. i wonder why these women never revolt back,r they really ok with these rules made by this guy who had only sex in mind, and used God 'name for his fantasies. introduction is nt even required !

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

I guess it depends how you are bought up, if you are bought up from birth with men acting this way and women allowing it then you will believe it is right and normal. Every society is different with regards to what they believe and how they behave.

However that does not make it right and the behavior of many men in Saudi really makes me angry, they would be arrested for their behavior in many western countries.

Nish 3 years ago

Mr lean man that is a lot of information u shared, appreciate your work in spreading the knowledge, couple of my mates migrated from bahrain to saudi since last couple of years, ur hub gave me a clear picture how it works there,

really a very good work, hats off mr lean.

claire 3 years ago

I am moving to Jeddah in December. I am a single western woman from Atlanta, Ga, but I am 42. Will I still have dating prospects? I am a financier.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Claire,

If you end up staying on a mixed compound you will probably find that you are the only single woman (not with her parents) on the compound. So I would guess that your dating prospects would be pretty good even if you have no teeth and a wooden leg.

In a country where most men have limited contact with women, and the sexes are not allowed to freely mingle; I can assure you that you will be hit on regularly whether you like it or not.

Intelligence 3 years ago

Lol ,

Good stuff boy

But, if I were u then I wouldn't help ppl to do such as thing like this .

However, if you really successful Pearson then try to advise them about how the can be great businessmen or women and so..!

I was really a gourd and I met so many foreign ppl specially from USA and UK and found them so quite and polite but I know young ppl are bit more active and loved taking risk with some challenge ( just like you marred boy ) by the way how many pug-nosed girls you gate lol

Those type of girls with all the respect to the Nationalities I would never ever go for one of them ,

Moreover, as was saying up there

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi "Intelligence", obviously you have chosen your name as a request rather than a statement of your ability! I find your comments very offensive and just typical of small minded people like you.

You are typical of many of the people in Saudi I have met who feel the need to insult and belittle people from other countries that are poorer than yours. It will be interesting to see how things are when the oil finally runs out!

Calling Filipinos and other Asians "pug-nosed" is hardly the action of someone who is a real Muslim who should respect everyone! Personally I find Asian women very attractive. I think even if you were attracted to them I am sure that they would find your attitude repugnant!

Have a nice life "Intelligence", I hope that you get what you deserve when you reach paradise and we will see if you are a true Muslim!

Abdullah 3 years ago

Coming across this “hub”, or whatever you call it, was great. I appreciate the great effort, hope you keep up the great work. Born in alKhobar and raised in Jeddah, I don’t know what I would’ve done if I were a woman having to conform to rigid, unjust, medieval gender roles. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I were a national of a less fortunate country and the need compelled me to take a position in KSA, having to withstand the demeaning, crude, untoward bigotry and racism that runs deep through much of the social structure here. I don’t know what I would’ve done if I were a Saudi man who fell head over heels for a girl that he can’t meet or, what the hell, marry because the family doesn’t approve and parents get so much say in their son’s wife…. I can go on and on….and on… These social restrictions we impose on ourselves cause so much unnecessary misery. So to those who keep saying life here is “better” or that whoever wrote in this “hub” is an ass for pointing it out, it is NOT better “in most respects” and thank you sir for pointing it out. I’ve seen how many expats are treated in airports and it makes me sick. I’ve seen how much a girl in a clinic takes abuse from her husband or her father and not being able to do much, it makes me feel like shit. Yes, every country deals with their own problems, so let’s deal with ours, admitting them is a start.

On a positive note, change is happening and people’s minds are opening up, I see it year after year. The rates of people admitting being “liberal” or “secular” is thankfully skyrocketing. It’s going to take time, but it will happen. Let’s not forget that this is a nascent country and that as recently as the 70’s, while the west had just gone passed its puberty “their sexual revolutions”, the government here was heavily involved in urbanizing the nomads that still lived in the desert. Love and peace to all…

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Abdullah,

Thanks for taking the time to reply and for the points that you make about your own society. I see plenty of faults with our society but at least we have a choice and we openly admit those faults. It makes a pleasant change for someone to say that things need to change rather than just insulting the West.

We have a saying in my country that "if you live in a glass house; don't throw stones." Too many people leave comments on here regarding the west and completely ignore what really happens in Saudi.

Sad Single Saudi Man 3 years ago

Thank you for this article ... I have been in this ugly place full of sad people for 10 months and it has been nothing but a misery.

I found your article while googling dating in Riyadh in "ARABIC" ... I don't know how

it was blocked but I accessed this through a VPN ...

It is sad being a saudi single man coming from a conservative family and looking for meaningful relationship in this place

I think you have some misunderstanding for saudi women but I trust that your intentions are pure ... I will read Saudi Arabian women next :)

Thank you again for your article ... it does not solve my problem but it was a very good view on life here in Riyadh



LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Ali,

Thanks for reading and I hope that you manage to solve your problems there in Saudi very soon, maybe you need to take a break over in Dubai or Bahrain for a few days.

Ali (Sad Single Saudi Man) 3 years ago

HAHAHA ... thanks ... yeah I should do that :)

Hello Ladies 3 years ago

Im a British Expat in Saudi Arabia

Looking for female company


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Good luck with your appeal, although i would guess that it would be very easy for you to just take a walk down to your local souk and smile at some of the ladies there until you find one that smiles back.. Be careful who you answer your phone to - it may be a mutawa!

Vincent Moss 3 years ago

Hi there! THX for all the info mate! Would U possibly know of ANY potentially safe haven in Al Khobar... as close as POSSIBLE to the




LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 3 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Vincent,

I have walked along the corniche there in Khobar a few times talking to young ladies without problem, although I do not recommend this publicly in any place in Saudi Arabia.

There is NO safe place to meet women publicly in any part of Saudi Arabia, you always have to take a risk!

The best is to meet on a western compound or to be in the company of a married couple so that you have a chaperone.

GTK 3 years ago

true story. im a saudi guy but for some saudis ppl like saudi girl said "troosh " which means the garbage from the see .mmmm yeah that's me . Dating her mostly depends on blind date or as you said giving your number secretly i used to be an asshole whwn i was young a lot of girls playing here and there but there is no such a thing called one night stand in saudi . And we dont have clubs what a shame because i wanted to try my twerking skills in a club okay so every kind of "troosh" has a diffrent culture than the arabian one so mine is more mindly open than the saudi's culture . Some of the saudis should learn how to treat the ladys. Fill her way by flowers (from bed room to kitchen ) kidding .... no really they said that we treat our sis and wifes like a queen .... bullshit

msg for all saudis if you thought that you are perfect and following the islam in perfect way don't forget what the prophet said before he died :take care of your women (he said it three times) women are mother and sister and doughter women are the warm hug in cold winter ..

Take care of them guyz or leave them taking care of you or just leave them they are able to do more than guyz sometimes

and for girls who is intersted in sex 016****** xD

khan 3 years ago


I need a girl in khobar for dating any nationality girls can contact me.


Eng.Gina Knet 3 years ago

I am Eng. Gina Kent from US (

Spemcer 2 years ago

wow... I guess I should probably get married if i wanna go to saudi

tim 2 years ago

I think the writer is biased toward his opinion. The article evolved from an expat guide, to some hatred towards the locals and degrading of the other nationalities. I don't think it is right to rank westerners top of the others, neither considering the western life style and culture as the right way of life and start judge others based on that.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 2 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Tim. You are welcome to your opinion, look forward to reading your alternative guide when you publish it.

Loneranger 2 years ago

Great Blog dude. You did loads of research. Anyways i would really appreciate if you could mail me on my email address below as i need help in some matters. Cheers mate!

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 2 years ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Loneranger

Just mail me, use the profile link top right to access the profile page where there are instructions for how to contact me.

peachpurple profile image

peachpurple 2 years ago from Home Sweet Home

with them wrapped up like a mummy, isn't it hard to see their face except for the dazzling eyes?

Moe 22 months ago

Great article. Gives a lot of good advice and info to keep in mind. I am moving there in a few weeks so I'm preparing myself for this drought of women and alcohol. Could you please give me your email so i can stay in touch with you and get ALL the ins and outs of KSA.


LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 22 months ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Moe, you can email through my profile page here on HP if you want to ask any further questions about Saudi Arabia.

Ex-ExpatInd 17 months ago

Hello Lean Man,

I used to live there.I grew up there.I get what you mean by hypocritical society.I agree.But you westerners are the privileged class.They have faults but also there is a good side too. I miss Shawrma and Mussakil.

Had made friends from various cultures.You learn.

Sandra 17 months ago

My husband is an American contractor on a company compound and I have discovered some very reliable evidence recently that he is having a relationship with a African housemaid working in Saudi arabia. He denies the affair but I do have correspondences and pictures as well as her name, phone number and Iquama number. What is my recourse against her? She is our daughter's age and we have been married 30 years...I will deal with my husband when he is no longer living in Saudi Arabia but the correspondence very clearly shows that she is fully aware of his marital status and also is trying to get pregnant....

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 17 months ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Sandra,

Sorry to hear that you are having problems, I suggest that you talk to your husband as he is the one that you have the problem with.

Mel Carriere profile image

Mel Carriere 16 months ago from San Diego California

Looks like dating in Saudi Arabia is fraught with peril. At my age I think I would just stay in the compound with my laptop, a date with very few complications. Great hub!

Aman 12 months ago

Nice post, I am in saudi for the past 4 years and have been happy . Would like to settledown in saudi . (28 years old , handsome 6 feet tall)

If any of the women reading this wants to marry me she can email me on

Andre 10 months ago


I currently work in KSA and intend on doing so for a few more years. I have a wife and daughter back home. Personally i think it best to make your HOUSE as comfortable as humanly possible (Spend the extra few SAR) and keep to yourself. If the urge really gets to you to socialise, make the trip to Bahrain, spend the night there as not to get caught under the influence, and return. I think it is important to keep mind that we are not in our country and as such must respect the laws and religions of our host country as they would in ours.

My colleagues have been nothing but understanding and accomodating of both my culture and religion. Though not a topic of discussion of course.

Again, I think it best to keep it in your pants and be faithfull to your families. Or even bring your families here. The laws may appear very strict to us, but we have weird laws to. If you do not break the laws, you have nothing to fear. So just be a good boy ok. Lol...

Ultimately, a good hub thank you.

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 10 months ago from At the Gemba Author

Thank you for your comments Andre.

I am glad to hear that someone working in Saudi Arabia has the required self-control.

Abi 9 months ago

Hi LeanMan

Thank for your hub page.

I really need to express how madness life here especially for dating stuff.

Long hours after work, not much of freely places to walk in to meet guys.

I want to get a date with white guy but don't know where to find them !

Please don't say Mall or Suok because it didn't work here if somewhere like Dubai , would work easily. I'm so lonely here as if anyone els lives beside.

Luffy 9 months ago

Helo there,

I want to ask to the experienced one as of now saudi checkpoints alwasy asked for iqama. I want to know if I have my wife here with me under my sponsor, Do I need to bring all the time our marriage contaract even she has already an iqama? or IQAMA itself is sufficient?

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 9 months ago from At the Gemba Author

If she is your wife and you are her sponsor then it will say so on the Iqama so there is no need to bring your marriage contract. However if you are not her sponsor then it would always be best to carry a copy of your contract with you to avoid trouble at Saudi checkpoints.

Jscam92 6 months ago

Hi Leanman, I m visiting Riyadh in short time and would like to know in which hotel I can date with my wifey? How can she come to my hotel room withou any hurdles? Any idea about such hotel in Riyadh !! Pls advice.thanks

LeanMan profile image

LeanMan 6 months ago from At the Gemba Author

Hi Jscam,

There are no longer any hotels in which you will be able to book in as an unmarried couple. The one which I used to know how to smuggle in a woman has since closed the route that I used. However some of the bigger hotels that are busier are not going to do too much checking if you book a room and then bring in a woman while it is busy - it is a risk - but then it depends on whether you are willing to take that risk. Remember also that the person that will be punished the most will be the woman if you get caught.

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    Dating Girls in Saudi Arabia, a final warning.

    This hub is part of a series of hubs about being an expat in Saudi Arabia (you can find out more by clicking that link!) Dating in Saudi Arabia or even just being alone with someone of the opposite sex can be very risky and could lose you your job, your liberty and any benefits you may have accrued through your employment.

    Be very careful indeed as to what you are risking to chase women (or men) within Saudi Arabia. Maybe you will find true love dating in Saudi Arabia, or maybe you will find yourself losing everything for a very brief liaison. I also do not recommend any approaches to Saudi women themselves; it is one thing being caught messing around with a Filipina maid and another thing entirely being found alone with the daughter of the chief of police's third cousin!

    Dating in Saudi Arabia is a risk, if you can stay on the compounds or be in the company of a married couple who can chaperone you it is far safer. But if you want to take risks and take a nice Saudi girl out be very careful indeed.

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