Dating Libra Woman: Miss Charming

Ah, Libra woman. Possibly the only balanced female on Earth. Not that she's without faults; she's just a little less crazy than the rest of us. If you'd like to cozy up to a Libra woman but haven't been sure where to begin, or if you even should, have a read. This astrological dating article on Libra woman is utterly tongue in cheek but you'll still learn a thing or two about the Libra woman in your life by reading it.

Miss Fair

The Libra woman is so balanced and logical she could make Data from Star Trek look imbalanced and neurotic. And it doesn't really help matters that she can actually argue with herself. No, really. She can start an argument from one position and then somewhere down the line switch over to your side and start arguing against herself and lose the initial argument because she teamed up against herself. But in her mind, this is perfectly rational and logical because it's the argument itself that matters, not who wins it. See, I told you she's the least crazy of all the astrology signs!

Miss Sophisticated

Libra women tend to be very cultured even if they grew up in a dumpster. I don't know how they manage this, but they do. She will look right at home in a posh restaurant and she'll even know what all the cutlery are for. She likes luxury and beauty for the obvious reasons, but also because being in pigsty makes her ill. Physically. This is because she gets very depressed, so if you're with a Libra woman, try to clean your bachelor pad at least once a week, eh?

The Supportive Woman

If there's something most men long for, it's a non-nagging woman who will support them nonstop. That's this chick, and probably only this chick. Why is that? Because even when you're acting daft and talking utter nonsense, she's somehow capable of smiling and making you feel as though it all sounds very clever. When you've finished rambling she will then keep an eye on you and secretly steer you away from your silly plans without you ever realizing it. This is very different from other women who might just call you an idiot and then go to bed.

The Basics:

  • How to flirt with a Libra woman: Be fair and reasonable
  • How to tick a Libra woman off: Be unfair or barbaric

  • How to scare a Libra woman off: Try to dominate her entire life

  • How to get a Libra woman back: Put forth a convincing argument that proves it would benefit both of you equally.

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