To my ex-husbands new girlfriend

Dear Jennifer Himes,

Hello you know who I am, My name is Felicia and you stole my life from me! But I want to thank you for being so stupid and easy! I hated you the first time I ever saw you I knew you and my husband were hooking up. You can tell me over and over that you were just friends... Lie to someone who is dumb! I kindly asked my husband to never talk to you again! Yet you and him were always talking for years! HELLO! just friends right? Let me tell you I have many friends and not one of them did I secretly visit without my husbands knowledge!!!

You know what is so funny is you are so stupid you told me I took everything away from him.. Yet I have no job no money and no car!! what did you do with all my stuff anyway? Did you know its called community property? of course you don't your not very bright.. Oh and the one person who took everything away from him is you! IF it wasn't for you i would have forgiven him for all the abuse. I was stupid like you at one time too! So yes, I am angry and do not like you. But I am also going to say thank you for being a complete idiot like I was!

The only difference is your old and ugly so he is probably the best looking guy you will ever get, at least on the outside cause inside he is ugly and full of nasty creatures called pride and anger! As for me I am young and beautiful I have my two kids who I will raise alone without them having to see daddy hit mommy anymore! And one day, I know there will be a man who is going to step up and step in to be their daddy and adopt them! I learned my lesson by being with an emotional and physically abusive man! Apparently you didn't! I remember you even said he was just like your ex-husband. How pathetiq do you have to be? I know I guess cause I was there too, but I warned you and you even saw me with a broken nose and you read the police reports. Yet you are defending him?

If you want to get thrown around like a rag doll I know a couple of people that can degrade you I can do it in public too if that would make you feel better? You know what I finally get it! I do You are a crazy psycho old lady, Marcos is a crazy psychopath. Maybe they will make a movie on it, the title, " when two psychopaths fall in love" awwww i see a blockbuster here! Lemme guess the ending pretty pleas!! Jennifer is so angry with Marcos cause she found out that he was sleeping with another girl when he didn't come home those many nights. So she confronts him about it and he socks her in the face then, out of the blue Jennifer rages with hate and tries to hit him back yet he is not stopping, one punch two three then she looses count. Will she survive another beating like this? to be continued...

Yep definatly see a hit movie! At first I knda felt sorry for you I tried to warn you I tried to help you, but, all you did was laugh and tell me "God is making you do it" Honey go get your head checked please! God is not putting you in that sitation God wants to free you from the hurt and pain that Marcos is causeing you! Yet all you can do is sit there and blame me for everything? Hmmm? I dno't get it what did I take from him? His kids? He never cared about them, that is why his other ex-wife and their two kids don't bother with him at all either! Marcos uses people like a gmae! and it makes me so angry that you are so desprete for his attention that you are not even taking care of your daughter!She needs to come first not a man!

So if you get turned on by the abuse and ugly words he calls you then why don't you give Felicia a visit we can figure out a way for you to feel pain! You stole my husband, You stole all my possessions, diamonds, computers and trucks. I have nobody but my parents to help me get on my feet! So yes i do thank you for being a complete idiot! Because I have never been happier!!

Yes its hard, for 6 years of my life I had him. Yes I cry because I am trying to figure out who I am and what I am going to do with my life! You took the only man I ever loved away from me. I will always love him no matter what he did to me we have children together! So for that reason is why i will never like you! He was my husband! You are just a dumb girl who wanted to steal my clothes put on my pretty jewelry and walk around in my heels pretending to be me!

So go ahead be his rebound chick, I don't care! Like I said I will always care for him deep down in my heart, but that don't mean I have to ever be stupid or dumb ever again! I will never see MArcos Carrillo AGAIN! I am moving on with my life even if it takes years to get it back! I am STRONGER than you will ever be!!! I know he chose you over his family because you are way more pathetic and stupider than I ever was! So have fun being Marcos new pawn in his game. Enjoy being used and abused! Because I never will!!



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dashingscorpio profile image

dashingscorpio 4 years ago

If he was a cheater and abusive to you then you should be thanking the mistress for "stealing" him. However the truth is the decision was all his. This woman did not put a gun to your husband's head or force him to leave his wife and children. Your anger should be on two people; your husband and yourself for choosing such a man who you yourself state was abusive.

Be grateful he is gone and (forgive yourself) for marrying him. Your kids deserve to see what a happy marriage looks like. Lastly your statement "I will always love him no matter what he did to me..." is a sign that you that you may not be loving yourself. I don't think you need to hate him. In fact the opposite of love is not hate. It's indifference. You have to love yourself in order to look out for yourself. Once you can do that then you are likely to be selective as to whom you become involved with. Best of luck!

Felicia Carrillo profile image

Felicia Carrillo 4 years ago from New Mexico Author

Thank you your words are very true! :o) I just have all this anger toward both of them its awful so that is why i decided to write them letters even if they never read them. I feel so much better toward her after writing this letter. I believe it released all the feelings i had bottled up toward him and her. I do believe i will always love him just not be in love with him.Thank you for you comment :O)

IrisMiranda profile image

IrisMiranda 4 years ago from Madrid, Spain

If you speak Spanish, dear Felicia, this is a book I'd like to recommend you.

It was my bible while I was getting through a divorce (being left for another woman)

Don't forget that Felicia means Happy - you'll be much happier and much sooner than you think.

Apology4Wolves profile image

Apology4Wolves 4 years ago from Kentucky

Blame him, not her. Then forgive them both for being lost imperfect people.

Nothing lasts forever, which includes the bad times. This will be a painless memory one day. In the meantime, take care of yourself and work through the disbelief, grief, anger, yada yada yada.

Life is too short. He'll think about you every night when he puts his head down on his pillow, which will only make him feel worse about himself.

landscapeartist profile image

landscapeartist 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

People can sit there and say 'blame him not her' all they want. The fact of the matter is that she knew just as he did that he was taken. And she still made herself available to him.

For him, if it wasn't her then it would have been someone else. There is always going to be someone else. Sometimes the wife doesn't find out what the hubby is like until its too late. So, don't blame yourself at all.

I have been there, twice, through two very painful marriages. Learn from this and grow. Enjoy life without him. I can tell you it is going to be painful...I am still going through the painful part after 4 yrs...but it is also amazing too.

Eventually, you will be able to forgive them...but don't do it until you are ready. And don't push yourself

Sunshine625 profile image

Sunshine625 4 years ago from Orlando, FL

Way to go Felicia! I hope you felt better after writing this letter. I know letters help me feel better:) Wishing you good luck on your new light without baggage :)

midget38 profile image

midget38 4 years ago from Singapore

Felicia, this was not easy and I hope you feel a whole lot better after this overdue letter. Time to put it behind and let it we all have to, of the many unpleasant things in life, in order to move forward. All the best.

Felicia Carrillo profile image

Felicia Carrillo 4 years ago from New Mexico Author

thanks for all your comments.. I have tried to put it behind me however the town i live in is very small and i'm faced with it daily :o(

karma33 4 years ago

God Bless you Felicia :) I am in the same situation as you...was married 20 yrs...3 kids..hubby cheats with a serial homewrecker that can't have kids and has no respect for other women & their kids never mind any respect for herself.,..she was married 2x's....preys on weak men....married men that are hurting & have some problems but all marriages have some problems..her second hubby left his family for her....married only 1 yr then started on my weak & very stupid husband....they say you can't blame the other woman....not 100% true..she preys on the weak to get what she wants..if a woman knows he's married with kids & she is married too...sorry toots but you're just a pig...they met up on facebook...went to school together..the pig saw pics of me AND my children & had the nerve to compliment my pics saying I was so beautiful!!! lol....bottom line the pig wanted what I had..she souped up my husbands ego..played the "caring friend" ...yeah ok..then kicked out her 2nd hubby after only ONE yr of them being married and moved mine right in...her 2nd hubby contacted me & filled me in on this sick insecure pig....Me & my kids lost everything too.even got evicted from our house rental....she buys him EVERYTHING & she basically controls him...he wanted to come back soon after but wanted to move right in with me & the kids...I said no...I told him to leave the pigs house right away & he would have to prove to me & the kids by going to counseling etc.. he was afraid to because he thought I'd never let him back & he'd end up alone..shows you what kind of "man" (NOT) he is!!! As for me & my's been a very long & hard road...I just got an apt for us after 7 months of trying to save for it because the "man" left us with no money....there is sooooo much more to the story but I just wanted to tell you how I feel your my kids were devastated..but time heals all wounds & this will only make you stronger..I didn't want to hear that....believe me..I just wanted my family back together..I too was in an abusive relationship with my husband....mostly emotional & mental....physical sometimes...but everything he has done since he's been with me & my kids........sorry but he never deserved us to begin with and he isn't a real man...this was 2yrs ago & believe me, if I was financially ok...we'd be divorced already...I don't understand why SHE doesn't pay for it then...she wanted him & she pays for everything else anyway!!! I learned & realized that they both are very insecure & weak people....While he may have been hurting at the time...she does this to make herself feel better..a sick way of boosting her ego because it makes her feel like she's so amazing that now two married men wanted to be with her!! lol...sorry pig but try to get a REAL..strong & secure man on your own...she did it twice....she'll do it again....I want to thank her in advance because she is going to teach HIM a lesson eventually....and ya know what? He will be devastated because he gave up a real woman...good wife/mother...being in his kids lives everyday (2 out of 3 hate him which that upsets me because every mom wants their child to have & love their dad)..........and in the end...HE will be for me, I am in a great relationship with a REAL man & guess what....I can look people in the eyes & keep MY head up because of the many accomplishments over these two yrs I have made with no help & most importantly I never helped break up a family & NEVER would.....I have respect for myself..other women & ESPECIALLY children! You keep thinking positive Felicia...God don't like ugly and believe that in the end..........YOU will be the one that's truly happy :) oh and what's that saying ............ummmm KARMA IS A B----and what goes around comes around.........3 fold!!!! Good luck & God Bless you & your children!!!

Felicia Vasquez 4 years ago

Wow these woman are not right at all!! That's exactly how she was too playing the I'm your friend card! Stupid woman, even stupider then men who fall into their traps!! I've now been in my own apt for almost a year and it's been the best thing ever!! I met a real man, he's picked up the broken pieces of this family and maned up.. We have never seen a penny from my ex he dosnt even bother to talk to his kids! Nothing! Since Jennifer homes he's gone girl to girl.. Ummm can you say male whore!! Lol good luck to them I think cause we r woman which naturally makes us stronger!!

Lisalisa7 4 years ago

Felicia my friend god stepped in & made sure he was removed from your life!!! You have every right to your anger & rage!!! Play all the songs that sing of revenge & betrayal & then.......move on. Please. It took him leaving w/ another woman to save you from anymore of a life of hell w/ him!!! you will heal. You will be so disgusted you ever took a breath over either one of them.but that is all in time. After you work through the on your strength & power as woman & a mother to shine as you should! A beautiful woman & loving mother you will shine!!! This will change you for ever, a whole new person you will become. I promise. Good things will come your way....when you let go & in some way, forgive him. That's not for him, but for you. Not now, but one day, forgive & move on. Blessings to you & your children........Shine on!!!!!

Felicia Carrillo profile image

Felicia Carrillo 4 years ago from New Mexico Author

thank you lisa!! I am truly learning to forgive them and my heart is getting better I am now going to school to better myself to provide for my children :O) thank you so much for you positive words!

Apology4Wolves profile image

Apology4Wolves 4 years ago from Kentucky

What you wrote Felicia

is a good poem.

A great poem. Wow.


I know the substance of your letter,

to my ex-husbands new girlfriend

is not a laughing matter

but that doesn't change

the poetry of it all.

You should keep a journal

write 20 minutes a day

for a year

publish the collection as a book

and send the first copy

to his conscience.

You make it clear: he's a low life snake

with a mustache

whore dick

what goes around

cums around

what animal are you, sir?

Tiana 3 years ago

Wow! That could have been written by me.

Except it was 24 years together, a black eye and an ugly old escort he left me for. He is still playing games.

And he is begging to come back .....yeah thanks!

I hope that you are happy now - I can see a light at the end of the tunnel its called divorce ;)

She calls me Princess and said that 'I don't look after my man'

and now he visits the kids covered in scars from their 'fights'

wonder what scars she has...

all I know is that if he broke your nose and if mine blacked my eye - what they will get will be a higher level of violence as the domestic violence women told me it gets worse not better - so death it is for them - and we did warn them and all we got back was verbal abuse.

And now he tells me how bad she is - I am the other woman now?

But I am not as stupid as her - I don't try to squeeze into other women's shoes, break up families or spend money that doesn't belong to me - take a job, a career from another woman, upset her kids.

But I am glad she did - I am glad she was stupid enough - I feel sorry for her but I did warn her. And after we go to court I hope that she has to pay me back for all the luxury hotels, meals ,holidays and designer clothes that I never had - as I was helping grow the company so that she could live in luxury - we made it and were ready to enjoy our hard work then along comes this cuckoo and steals my nest - well enjoy it while you can because pretty soon you will be kicked out of it and replaced - he is already dating someone else and she knows that is why he has scars.....phew we are saved we are alive!

Tiana 2 years ago

Update - he got caught cheating on the Escort he lives with and is now trying to move in with a mum of two who thinks I am the one who gave him the cuts that the Escort gave him. She has let her children meet him after knowing him for a couple of weekends. And we haven't completed the divorce yet neither has she. Despite being in abusive relationship before. If she'd bothered to get him police checked she'd have found out the truth. I warned the first affair and got threatened by her I warned the Escort and she gave me a death threat so this one is on her own - although I did feel bad for the kids so warned her on Facebook but as I'm not her friend I guess she never read that warning message. Well I am better off and he still wants to come back. At one point he was with both women asking to come back. There will always be stupid women out there to fall in love with these men. Remember that we never cheated nor were we warned . He was my first love. I push men away now but I think that's ok because they give me warning signs an abuser will always let you know who he is early on. There are good guys out there - I pray that everyone who reads this finds one!

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