Decorating Tables for a Patriotic Theme Wedding


Subtle Patriotism or Loud Festivities?

Whether you are in the military or just having your event close to or on the 4th of July, a patriotic wedding theme can go two ways: elegant or loud and festive. While your theme may reflect patriotism, you don’t want to make it look like a run-of-the-mill 4th of July barbeque either. Wedding themes in general can either be subtle or blatantly obvious. There are several approaches a bride can take when decorating tables for a patriotic theme wedding, so here are the basics to get you started.


Traditional vs. Modern Color Schemes

The color scheme you select will ultimately determine just how “patriotic” your table decorations actually are. A traditional approach to the theme would use red, white, and blue, but that is only if you intend to take the theme literally. A non-literal approach would use traditional color schemes, but sparingly and in different shades. For example, using light blue table cloths, silver, and deep reds would be a more elegant approach.

Floral Arrangement Ideas

As with any wedding, the flowers you use should go along with the color scheme you select. Use flowers that you like, but make sure they are available in the color of your wedding. If you are using a more literal approach with bright red, blue, and white, then use plain white flowers. For a non-literal approach to your decorations, use variations of light blue, red and white flowers. Try to not pair all three flower colors in the same arrangement. Use silver vases and pair white and light blue flowers together with a deep red accent ribbon. You could also stick with just one predominant color, such as red, and just use very tiny accents of the others to hint at the patriotic theme without going overboard.


Other Little Patriotic Details

If your wedding is actually on the 4th of July, see if you can have a fireworks display. At the minimum, place wedding sparklers at each table setting as favors to all the guests. They would light up the sparklers (with personalized matches) at the end when you are leaving. Don’t forget to incorporate the stars and stripes in different details of the decor, such as star place card holders and striped napkins. You could even have a huge American flag as a backdrop for photos. You can’t get much more patriotic than that!

Have fun decorating your patriotic theme wedding and enjoy the liberty and freedom that comes with being so completely in love.

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