Do You Trust Your Spouse With Money?

This is not the best place to hide money.
This is not the best place to hide money.

Deceptive Money

I think there are two categories about spouses and money. The first is the couple has a single joint account where both parties pay checks are dumped into and used for all expenses of the family. The second is both parties have their own bank accounts that their pay goes into and a joint household account that each deposits money into for household items (food, bills, insurance, recreation etc). But what causes the second type?

Usually, it is both have had either a divorce or bad relationships in the past where there was financial loss. Recent polls shows the number two reason is rampant and worse. For example, many couples have large debts that neither wants to be responsible for. The poll shows that only 31% of adults state they have been deceptive about financial matters. An equal amount have lied to their lover\spouse about their personal financial situation and debt and 15% have admitted to having hidden bank accounts.

Usually, when the marriage or relationship starts heading south and is on the rocks, this deceit spreads like lung cancer-fast. Both parties begin to secretly prepare for the demise and have secret bank accounts, stash money in safe deposit boxes, make secret investments knowing full well of community property law and how it impacts them. If the divorce is bad, some spouses go for deep pockets-payback. But, if the opposing side cannot locate the existence of secret caches, bank accounts, deposit boxes, or prove the amount of cash, only the disclosed amounts can be a target.

Generally, if the info you got on your spouse was obtained illegally, it cannot be used in court. It is usually illegal to hack into a spouse's personal password protected smartphone or Facebook page. Likewise, it is illegal to install a GPS device on their car or install keystroke monitors on a computer to get the passwords. Naturally, the other party is further enraged when these methods are used. But, activating the "find my phone" ability on many smartphones allows one to track where the phone is and could reveal secrets your spouse may have.

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Phoebe Pike 4 years ago

My fiance doesn't have a bank account and I am the one who handles the money. He's the stay-at-home father and I'm the working mother. We trust each other completely, but he respects me enough to ask how much breathing room we have so when he goes grocery shopping, he doesn't worry about spending too much.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

Very cool. That is the way it should be at least the first time around. Once one is burned, many have separate accounts and a family account. Being a stay at home dad is great, but it can wear on both adults for different reasons.

Phoebe Pike 4 years ago

It seems to be working out perfectly with us. On my days off, I do the household things while he goes out for a walk or we do family activities together.

dzephaniah profile image

dzephaniah 4 years ago from Florida

I believe that the trust is the most important thing in the marriage, including when it comes to finances. I believe that the better disciplined person in the marriage should handle money.

perrya profile image

perrya 4 years ago Author

I am sure that would be open to a heated debate!

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