Do we need one more party favor at the wedding?

I do not feel people are going to miss the treats from the wedding. You could get away with a backyard barbecue and everyone will still have a good time. My brother in-law and his wife did a nice wedding in the Cascade Mountains at a reception hall while we did the small wedding at the local church. My twin sister did the medium size wedding at our hometown church and had a full blown reception that was a pot luck. My reception was a meal at the International House of Pancakes (IHop). I'm not joking about it because we got married at 9am and it was the only restaurant open after the ceremony. It is all to your taste not the guests' expectations. You do not need to one up anyone else because it's your day so you get to make the most or least of it. I echo what others have already said, are people really going to miss the chocolate covered almonds? No they really are not going to miss them.

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