Does Peacocking Really Work?

Does peacocking really work?

Peacocking is the technique used by pick-up artists whereby an individual wears an unusual item of clothing in order to stand out from the crowd and attract women, much discussed in the literature of pick-up artists.

But does peacocking actually work? Well, yes and no.

First, we should differentiate between the styles of peacocking. One method involves wearing just one unusual item, say, a hat or a shiny necklace. The other involves a complete makeover where the individual dresses quite outrageously. Mystery, the pick-up artist who invented the technique, looks something like Johnny Depp in "Pirates of the Caribbean", for example.

It is important to understand that, as traditional PUA theory goes, these styles are appropriate in different situations. For example, a guy who is alone needs to go for the subtle approach. This is in fact most PUA's who may not have developed a big social circle, or, even if they have, may prefer to be playing the game solo for various reasons.

The extreme form of peacocking is really only appropriate for pick-up artists who are already surrounded by a group of friends and/or attractive women.

The reason for this difference is that a lone individual who is dressed too unusually just looks weird or an actual lunatic. A popular guy does not have this problem, he has obviously been socially accepted. In the latter case the popular guy wants to stand out from his own entourage and this requires a more radical approach.

Now, when it comes to the question of whether peacocking is effective, yes it certainly can be but it is easy to get it wrong. First, it is one thing to be unusual but quite another to look bad. Something can be unusual and aesthetically pleasing-for example, perhaps you've admired a hot emo girl? They can look weird and beautiful. But you probably can also think of some emo girls who just looked awful. Apply the same logic here-wearing a shiny pink cowboy hat is one thing, but if it is too big for your head that is quite another.

Pick-up artists tend to ignore basic issues like whether they look good or not as their skills don't tend to rely on being superficially attractive, but here it is important.

Additionally, it is important you feel confident and comfortable in the item. Anything that damages your posture is bad, it is not worth sacrificing that to peacock. You also have to believe you look good in the item or, again, it is just not worth it.

Peacocking helps most in nighttime situations such as clubs where you have a lot of excited and inebriated women in close proximity. You'll sometimes find women stealing your hat or fingering your shiny necklace, effectively approaching you. It is way easier for them to do that than talk to you directly.

In the daytime peacocking is much less important. Indeed, I dress relatively conservatively in the day.

Ultimately, peacocking is something you should use providing it doesn't detract from your game in general in other ways. Only you can make that decision, experiment and go with it if it feels good.

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