Drama, drama, drama, seriously?


Isn't our world just filled to the brim with drama? Oh, so your best friend just called you fat. How dare she say that! That, my friend, is drama and we definitely have our share of it in the good ole USA. It is almost as if people simply do not know how to treat others anymore. What ever happened to love thy neighbor as thyself? Words can be hurtful to other people. Watch what you say. Think twice before you say something that someone might find offensive.

Why are people so mean? I have definitely ran into my share of mean people during the course of my life. I just can't help but to wonder what is it that makes people mean. Is it because someone was once mean to them so they feel as if they need to get someone back?

Be kind to others. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Are we forgetting these little things in modern society? Yes, we certainly are! Let's get back to the basics of kindness. You do not have to be a door mat for people but a little kindness to others will not hurt you.

You can't be my friend! Oh, really, I can't be your friend? Why is that? You have too many friends and not enough room for just one more. Is that the case? If you think so, let me tell you one thing that is for certain you can never have too many friends.

Am I getting off of the topic of drama? I think maybe a little. Although, does drama and being mean to people go hand in hand? I think that it certainly does. If you are telling someone by your actions that they can't be friends with you that is drama for sure but it is also mean.

Drama also comes in the form of talking about other people. I heard it through the grape vine comes to mind here. Gossip about other people is also drama. Why do people feel the need to talk about others? Saying things about other people especially if it is not true is just plain mean. Spreading rumors about other people is also drama and it is mean.

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