Eharmony Online Dating - Is it in the business of dating or clicking?

Business of Dating vs. Clicking

I recently rejoined eHarmony for reasons I won't bother getting into...let's just say I'm back on the market. Eharmony has been around for well over 10 years. They aren't some fly by night business and word on the street is because of their 'guided communication', it tends to attract potential dates looking for something more serious.

In Your Face

I'm not here to review the users, as I haven't been on long enough to fairly say. What I am here to say or rather what business is eHarmony really in?

Is eHarmony in the online dating business or the 'get them to extend their subscription' one?

Since it's been years since I was a member, the look of the site has changed a lot. What is most shocking is how front and center the extend my subscription button is.

It's the first thing you see upon signing in. It's HUGE and ORANGE. If you click on a match - it takes you to their page, but once again, your eyes are drawn to the right side of the screen this an even larger button this time.

The Danger Button

Am I here to actually connect with a match or just keep extending my subscription with eHarmony? They sure don't make it clear.

This just feels so opposite of classy. It cheapens the entire experience. And this is through no fault of the members. This is all on eHarmony and their chosen design. By trying to upsell me while I'm trying to review matches, they are choosing not to provide a classy experience.

EXTEND YOUR MEMBERSHIP is so in-your-face, it feels like an accomplishment everytime I don't accidentally click on it. Like I got away with something...

Not only is it obnoxious, it feels dangerous. I signed up for a membership to date, not accidentally leave a giant bar tab open indefinitely.

I feel like I shouldn't log on if I'm tired. What is my palm accidentally brushes against my laptop's mouse and it accidentally clicks? I can only imagine the process I'd have to go through to undo the mistake. No doubt, it would have to include calling my credit card company and filing a complaint.

Make no mistake, the choice of placement and color is designed to make you click. It's not just there for your convenience. Nothing on the page draws my eyes more than that extend your membership orange giant button.

Eharmony - I already subscribed for the chosen amount of time I am comfortable with. I agreed to your prices (which are not cheap) and you have my money. Why can't you just let it go and let me get on with what I gave you my money for in the first place?

A Better Way

I understand you are a business and exist to make money. But have some integrity while you go about it. Come on, you guys have enough branding awareness where you don't have to stoop so low. It would make a bit more sense if that button started to show up say...a month before my subscription ends. Okay, I could deal with that. But I just signed up. Why is it in my face on day one?

Behave like an established dating site and not some fly by night internet marketing scheme. I promise ya'll will feel better about yourselves and how you go about making your living if you do.

Extend Some Class

A final word to eHarmony - if you have any desire to up your game or level of standing within the competitive game...class up your act. Put your extend subscription button out of regular sight and under account settings where it belongs.

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Roger 3 years ago

I couldn't agree with you more. I'm joined them recently and that button is a major nuisance. VERY annoying. I also like how you list dating websites for sale underneath your article.

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