Female Sexuality

What is sexuality? It is the feeling and activities connected with a person’s sexual desires. In this section I am going to be talking about how women perceive there sexuality and I will be talking on behaviors’ and how your sexuality can work for you positively.

In the Studying of female sexuality, an aspect of female sexuality include issues pertaining to biological sex, body image, self-esteem, personality, sexual orientation, values and attitudes, gender roles, relationships, activity options, and communication.

I shall summarize all of this aspect of female sexuality for better understanding. My aim here is for women to understand the power behind being a woman. Our ability to influence policies, control our environment and to take charge of our career all depends on how we make our sexuality speak for us.

For instance what level is your self esteem? How do you carry yourself? What’s your personality like? What are your values and how’s your attitude to life? Your manners and how well do you relate with others? What’s your love life like? All this questions,   if truthfully answered will help you know how well your sexuality has been working for you.

As women or females it has been heavenly ordained that we can influence things to suit us like Eve in the bible, we can create like (Esther in the bible) and destroy as we so please but only if you know how to use the power you possess which is your sexuality.

My point is that you should start recognizing your potentials as a woman, don’t let little things way you down when you can conquer it with just a snap of your finger. Learn to build your personality and image. Stop making your self feel invisible, create a friendly atmosphere around you, and be accessible. Take charge of your career and your life and everything would work out just fine. For your physical appearance, look stylish, be stylish, dot get tired of using those makeups. Flaunt your curves you own it and deserve it too, it works magic I tell you.

 When you watch Tyra’s show or Oprah’s show, you hear and see women complaining of having low self esteems, well this has to stop you have to personally build your esteem yourself, no one can do it for you except you. First solution, start by treating your self and others with respect.  Love your self and your “God given body” and see how much love you will get in return

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Astra Nomik profile image

Astra Nomik 7 years ago from Edge of Reality and Known Space

I love my body, but my lover loves my body even more! I do have a bit of a confidence issue, but she is very wonderful and "lifts me up" so to speak. Good hub. I'd love to read more on this.

lawretta profile image

lawretta 7 years ago from England Author

thanks astra, i wrote this hub along time ago during my early days on hubpages. i am going to elaborate on my points and add more message that i know will help raise your confidence issues and make a lot of other females take charge of there lives.thanks

leeberttea profile image

leeberttea 6 years ago

Yes confidence in a woman is sexy, and a woman that is unafraid of expressing her sexuality can be intoxicating!

jof155 6 years ago

Nice blog, so true in parts.

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