Marriage and Money - How to Succeed at Both

Attracted to Your Opposite

Why is it that married couples tend to be attracted to those who are our opposites? It happens when one spouse is a tightwad and saves every penny they have and the other is a spendthrift who does not think twice on buying the latest and greatest. Having polar opposites in a relationship is just asking for a fight.

Money and Fighting

According to a recent survey, the more spouses have a differing attitude towards money the more likely they are to fight. Obviously, the more they tend to fight, the less satisfied they will find their marriages. So how does a couple who has different philosophies concerning money, find a middle ground? What do you do as the holidays approach and find yourselves once again arguing over gift giving?

Learning to Budget Together

Leading financial experts have agreed that you should approach this problem from two angles. The first is to sit down with your spouse and create a budget. After you both have created and agreed to this budget, now this is important, you both need to follow it. More couples create and agree on a budget but don’t always follow up. Take the time and encourage your spouse to follow the budget. Set up dates that you can check in on each other to see how well you are following the budget you both have agreed on. Don’t forget to take a look at what you have coming in the following year and discuss how you both will tackle those financial hurdles together.

Have Fun Saving Money

The next thing that experts have suggested is that you put a little fun in your financial situation. Do not criticize your spouse on the way they spend or don’t spend money, or worse, don’t try to change your spouse’s habits. Instead, try walking in their shoes for a day or two. If you are the penny pincher in the relationship, try spending some money just on you. Something you would not normally do for yourself. If you are the one who spends, use your self-control and try saving the money you would spend on yourself and drop it in the bank instead.

Learn to Respect Your Spouse

Putting yourself in your spouse’s shoes will help to create some appreciation, empathy and respect on how the other approaches money issues. It also gives you the insight to your spouse’s financial strengths. These will be important as you both sit down and tackle those major financial decisions in the future.

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