Finding love in a lake


The night was hot and we were young. The water seemed to be our only escape and the moonlight made it to appetizing. I ran to the waves and let my skin soak it all in. He followed shortly after. Our bodies moved closer, The flames burning between us kept us from being apart. His lips collided with mine and sparked the fire inside me . I felt his desire run through my veins and hit me in the worst way. I wanted more and would do anything to get it.

His hands wondered my body and traced my curves . We were in uncharted water and ready to discover mother natures gift to us. I felt chills fill my skin as his lips moved to my neck and his finger tips undid my top . his hands moved to my chest and held my breast as his lips surrounded my nipples . I could feel the ecstasy in every part of my body. His tongue made me want to jump out of my skin as it made magical circles sucking me in.

My waste was locked in his as I felt the shape of his excitement. I wanted to feel it deeper. I wanted to be closer than close. It was my turn to heat up the waters and i was more than ready . I undid his short with a swift pull and filled my palms with every inch of him. i felt his desire as his kisses to my neck got rough. I began to move my hands up and down his shaft as he grew in them. He followed my lead and stripped me of my last piece of clothing. He then traced my hip and slowly moved lower. he felt that I was wet from more than the water we were swimming in and couldn't help but move me closer.

I couldn't take it anymore I had to feel him . I forced him inside me as he became shocked. He picked my legs up and placed them around his waist. I drew a deep breathe as I felt him become stiff inside me. He Slipped in and out with ease as my tention raised. The pleasure he provided my body with made us one as we both worked torward the same climax. His movements became harder an rougher and my nails dug deeper into his skin. My lips were fighting for his as my body fought for pleasure. I was so close i could feel it. It was within reach and all I wanted to do was feel it . His hands forced me in further as they grabbed my curves. i held my breathe as I felt him pulse inside me releasing his love . My heart was racing with the last pull. My teeth bite his skin and body exploded with love. I moaned in gratitude and began kissing every inch of him. I was more than pleased was pleasured .

My body fell into his and we both moved to land. We layed on the shore and rested our bodies just in time to watch the sun rise above us. That night I fell victim to lust but found my love.

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ScRuTTy 5 years ago

i love the way you write! great poem :)

Silent Sinner profile image

Silent Sinner 5 years ago Author

Thank you ScRuTTy ! :)

Cloverleaf profile image

Cloverleaf 5 years ago from Calgary, AB, Canada

Hi Silent Sinner,

Wow you've been busy writing! This one was very raunchy and seductive - I liked it! :-)


Silent Sinner profile image

Silent Sinner 5 years ago Author

Thank you Cloverleaf. I have always been told i was good with seductive writings. my only problem with that is I want to branch beyond it. It always seems to be the only thing i seem to enjoy to write.

Silent Sinner profile image

Silent Sinner 5 years ago Author

Sorry it has been a long night and that last comment I wrote was horribly written. :(

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

LOL I loved your last comment SS. That's amazing writing. No...that is bravery! I think I could write something like this but never post it here, LOL It would have to be anonymous! So, hats off to you, Lady, job well done in more than one way, LOL

Silent Sinner profile image

Silent Sinner 5 years ago Author

lol Thank you Denise. I do try . :D

Rebecca 5 years ago

You should write Harlequins

Silent Sinner profile image

Silent Sinner 5 years ago Author

Thank you Rebecca. I have put some thought to it, After all they are my favorite genre of books.

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