Five Great Ways to Have a Romantic Night at Home

Tips for Romance

You may think it's impossible to have a romantic night at home but the truth is, it's easy and inexpensive. It's so easy to get caught up in the day to day chaos of work, cleaning and bills. Most couples are finding it harder to get some much needed quality time. Over time this can really take a toll on a relationship. After a long hard week of working and taking care of the kids it's understandable that you may not feel up to going out. Instead, send the children to visit grandparents and enjoy a nice, quiet night at home.

1. Don't be so quick to underestimate the power of a nice, hot bath. Bubble bath and champagne may seem like a television cliché but don't pass it off as lame. If you can't recall the last time the two of you soaked in a bubbly bath together then it's time to get the water running. Light your favourite scented candles and strip down. Grab the bath puff and gently soap one another. This is a really great way to show your love for your mate. Something as simple as washing your loved one's back can be a deep expression of your love and commitment.

2. If you know you will be enjoying an evening in alone with your sweetie, it can be a great excuse for shopping. Hit your favourite lingerie store and buy something new. Even if you're on a tight budget, stop by. There is almost always some kind of going out of season sale where you can score some great savings. A sassy new thong or silky new robe could be just the thing to ignite the fire in your man's eyes. If you're the male partner, why not buy her a sexy new item?

3. Ladies, remember that you are a woman and therefore have the ability to make your man melt with the most mundane of tasks. With a little creativity even household chores can be fun and sexy. That little lacy piece of fabric you bought from the lingerie store can be the perfect attire for cooking dinner. Add some heels and make him watch from the table as you bend over to get the pots and pans or ask him to help you open that jar of pickles. Be imaginative and anything can become a fun filled part of your romantic night home alone.

4. When was the last time the two of you tried something new? Don't just sit in front of the television. Do something. How about a game from the adult store? They have a wide array of choices from the slightly kinky to the extremely dirty. Let your passion loose in a fun and flirty way. If you don't take yourself too seriously this could be a fun way to have some laughs and kick start the chemistry that drew you together in the first place.

5. The most important part of having a night alone for romance and love is time. Enjoy the sacred time you have together. As nice as it is to have the kids home, don't feel bad about sending them off to visit family every now and then.

It's essential to the stronghold of a family for the parents to stay close and united. That can be difficult when you can barely have a discussion in a day. Make other things wait and give your relationship the proper devotion and time it deserves. And never forget that romance can happen anywhere. After all, it's really all about the love.

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crissy 6 years ago

i would love to do this but i have to find

a way to get out fo this shy stage or thinking

im too big for things

Cherry 6 years ago

crissy im exactly the same as u. but ive found that guys love confidence. sometimes u have to fake it. pretend u have confidence, and when u see he's responding to that, it'll give u more confidence =]

Tweety 5 years ago

Getting up the confidence is indeed helping when he cpmpliments u on the piece I once heard my mother say people will like u when u love yourself.

kristen 5 years ago

yaa had a great night yesterday coz of ur bathtub idea....i really lov dis stuff as well as my husband...thank u so much...:)

5 years ago

Good ideas but when ur man is over 6 ft and 230 baths are out of the?

Shannalynn 5 years ago

I agree T. I have the same issue at my house.

limitlesspecial 5 years ago

i think that was great.. if you cant take a bath take a shower. You wash his body and hell wash your.

Chocolate Monkey 5 years ago

showers are fun and now that I got a job I'm totally sneaking to the mall to buy some sexy underwear ;)

John 5 years ago

Oh yea baby

Ny 4 years ago

I am so gonna do all of that for my man sumtime around christmas. He is gonna love it !!!! But I already had all these ideas in my head. Im jus gonna add sum chocolate covered strawberries, my fireplace, and a sexy dance for him and we'll be good 2 go!!!!

lovable-ked 4 years ago

After reading this blog, I was so inspired.My boyfriend is on his way home from a stressful day at work and I have a little plan. First on our close bedroom door a note to him with a little suspense leading to the words i really mean to say, it goes further to apologize for the door being closed but in order to gain entry he must find another note hidden in the kitchen which carries code and undercover lover name to enter our bedroom. When he does get in a candle lit room with oldies music, a beautiful woman,dinner, dessert awaits.

beachbumaxp profile image

beachbumaxp 4 years ago from Denver, Colorado

Great stuff! I'm actually a guy reading this, so it's nice to see the other perspective. I need to make my woman feel like the special lady she is tonight.

jessica 4 years ago

Game on tonight;)

precious 3 years ago

i got a better to make my man happy

Lady T 3 years ago

I love all these ideas, I recently tried the bath thing followed by a massage from head to toe, needless to say he was very happy. Then it's his turn to give you a massage, just don't fall asleep.

sexy T 3 years ago

great tips trying them out this weekend!!! He will want to spend all weekends indoors after this

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