Five Ideas to Spark Romance


Just as the pyramids couldn't have been built without pieces of stone, a happy relationship can't be built without pieces of love. Is your relationship feeling a little dead? Try these five hot little ideas to breathe some life back into it!

  • Smell yummy-Do you and your lover have a favorite scent of body oil? Wear a little dab on your neck to refresh those steamy memories.
  • Don't go too long without talking-Call on your lunch break, or send a text explaining what you would rather be "doing" with your lover. Just see what happens when you get home.
  • Boudoir Photo Shoot-Get some provocative pictures taken professionally and spark that wildfire!
  • NC 17-Rent a nearly-naughty movie, light some candles, and surprise your lover with a bottle of wine, then let the night unfold.
  • Roll Playing-Dress up like a naughty nurse, pretend you're meeting for the first time, or have a visit with an over-exploratory doctor. Have some fun, for heaven's sake!

Have an affair with each other, and your partner-in-crime won't wander to another!

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