Flower Arrangements for Weddings

Flower Arrangements for Weddings

This can be a difficult choice. After all it would be great to have the most fragrant flowers of the highest durability allied to the decoration of the room where the reception will be given, the church and even the bouquet made with them. But there comes other factors like seasonality of flowers that can increase much the cost of each species. Only this dilemma could discourage the more excited bride and the more determined groom.

Now, more fragrant: Jasmine, lily white, lily star gauze, gardenia, freesia, lavender, orange blossom and narcissus.

But then, knowing all this we just need to choose, isn't it? Unfortunately the answer is no. Because, depending on the time of the year the wedding is given, these flowers may be unavailable or may be at a very high price. Compare with the times when flowers are available and seek to adapt the day of the wedding to the harvest season of the flowers. So you could get a cost/benefit and, if possible, plan your wedding for months when the flowers of which you do not give up are plentiful and cheap.


Agapanto, Anthurium, Aster, mouth of a lion, Caspian, glass of milk, chrysanthemum, dahlia, Delfino, statisticians, freesia, gerbera, gypsophila, sunflowers, gladiolus, gouges, Iris, lily white, lisiantus, narcissus, oncidium, pink, strelitzia , tango, tulip.


Angelica, Anthurium, Aster, Boca de Lion, Caspian, milk glass, pink, chrysanthemum, dahlia, delfino, gerbera, gypsophila, sunflowers, gladiolus, lisiantus, orchids, pink, tango.


Angelica, Aster, Catla, cimbídio, pink, carnation, chrysanthemum, delfino, gypsum, gladiolus, daisy, daffodil, orchid, rose, Strelitz, tango, tulip


Angelica, aster, Catla, cimbídio, Glass of milk, pink, carnation, chrysanthemum, statisticians, freesia, gypsophila, sunflowers, gladiolus, gouges, iris, daffodil, oncidium orchids, pink, Strelitz, tango, tulip.

Some details on the choice of flowers arrangements can also help a lot in time to take a final decision on what types and colors to choose from.

Still, if you believe the amounts involved are too high, no hesitations. Use of artificial silk flowers. They are much cheaper (depending on model) and you do not have to worry about seasonality and conservation. The worst times to deal with the decoration of the church are the last days of October and early November because of the proximity of Memorial Day, where prices rise and very close to Valentine's Day (the same reason). If the reception is not at church, give up on bringing the flowers there. They will be destroyed and abused by the transport.

Use and abuse of the Internet to search prices, but remember that a visit to the florist is essential to check how they work, hygiene and overall quality of the flowers before closing a contract. Believe me, this will ensure fewer problems with poor service and flowers wilted and ugly.

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