For my EX husband!

Dear Marcos,

Since I can not write to and will not not write you I am sharing my pain with the world! We were married for a few years but been together for 6. Who is Jennifer Himes? To rip this marriage apart.? Over and Over you blamed me. You said I was the one who cheated. How long have you been talking to the home wrecker? Well I call her that because you have been seeing her over a year now even after I asked you many times to NEVER talk to her again! So Marcos Carrillo have fun with your new family! This is goodbye forever! I will always love you and so will your two children. You made up your mind over and over so don't come around to us anymore we are done with the lies and cheating..! Jennifer Himes ( I'd say good luck but you guys are perfect for each other!!! crazy + crazy maybe that will equal sane?? If i would have stayed Marcos how many more broken noses would I have suffererd? How many more sleepless nights alone would I have had to wait up for you? I would have been alone too if I took you back, your girlfriend called CYFD on my and they told me if I ever EVER back to you my kids will get taken away from me! So Jennifer, you may have got my husband, you may have got my things, ( by the way its community property so marcos and u will pay me back) but you will NOT get my kids and never be me!!! There is only one FELICIA and it never will be you!

The only Felicia Vasquez!

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landscapeartist profile image

landscapeartist 4 years ago from Ontario, Canada

awesome note. your letter gives strength to many. thank you

YogaKat profile image

YogaKat 4 years ago from Oahu Hawaii

Wow . . . love hath no wrath like a woman's scorn. Who wrote that? Great passionate writing Felicia. Adios Marcos . . . loser.

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