Friend Thoughts


Some Thoughts About Friends

This is short and sweet. As I edit more of my collection of quotes, I may add to this. Meanwhile, you are welcome to add to it through your comments. Enjoy!

Thoughts of Friends

  • When you are with a friend you can talk a lot; but you don’t need to talk at all.
  • Friends come in all sizes.
  • Friends come in all ages.
  • Sometimes friends have two good legs, sometimes friends come on crutches, sometimes a friend comes in a wheelchair. Sometimes you need to go to your friend who cannot leave the bed.
  • When a friend goes away the friendship doesn’t.
  • Friends don’t excuse what you do wrong, but they do forgive you.
  • A friend delights in your successes and good times. A friend walks by your side through the hard times.
  • A friend listens; a friend shares.
  • *Joy shared is double joy, sorrow shared is half sorrow. (I have temporarily lost the reference for this quote, which appeared in Reader’s Digest.)
  • A friend doesn’t mind you being silent when you don’t want to talk. A friend is willing to listen when you do want to talk.

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John Juneau profile image

John Juneau 7 years ago from Sierra Nevadas Author

This hub has received many visits. I am glad that it seems to be popular, but I haven't found all the good things to say about friends. So if anyone who visits here would like to add some comment or observation about friendship, I (and I am sure others as well) would appreciate your insights.

pritam 6 years ago

Always be happy............

A friend delights in your successes and good times. A friend walks by your side through the hard times.

John Juneau profile image

John Juneau 6 years ago from Sierra Nevadas Author

This hub was published over 2 years ago and has attracted nearly 6,500 views. It is gratifying to find that something I shared has touched so many. Some of the expressions here are mine, some come from others, including some of my former students. If you have some thoughts to add, I would welcome your posting as comments here.

reesha 5 years ago

well done !!!!!!!!!!!

hemani shukla 5 years ago


moiyamoe fofanah 4 years ago

don't be afraid of death; be afraid of an unlived life. you don't have to live forever, you just have to live.

srujan lokhande 4 years ago

jhon juneau u r very good writer of thoughts

is was so good

javid bhol 4 years ago

hmmm soo good

angel 4 years ago

what a bakwas

Raj 4 years ago


eshwaree 4 years ago

cool............. yar

najmulhuda 4 years ago

i like these thoughts

sharukh 3 years ago

nice thoughts

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