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Welcome To My World
Welcome To My World

Welcome To My World


I will admit that this phrase "IN YOUR WORLD" is taken from a comment made by my grandson Dalton Kane Scott to his mother Cherene. Pearls from the mouth of Babes! "IN YOUR WORLD", by my interpretation, means I am not in agreement with your perception of something, I perceive something totally different. This is what we need to tell people, when they have a lower expectation of God. When they cannot see his power and influence in everyday circumstances. Because "IN MY WORLD"if it was not for the Lord, I would have been 6 feet deep a long time ago! However, He keeps blessing me and watching over my children, that I pray for all of the time. They may not see all of the dangers that the Lord has delivered them from, seen and unseen, however, "IN MY WORLD" I give him all of the Glory for all the good things that have transpired in their lives and mine. "IN MY WORLD" I thank him for the sun, rain, moon and the stars. 'IN MY WORLD' I awake every morning with an expectancy that I can make it through today, no matter what comes, because I trust in my Lord And Saviour, Jesus Christ! I cannot make it without his love and a knowing, that as long as I have him in my life, I can make it through ANYTHING, this world throws at me! My world is one of FAITH, HOPE and LOVE, and a belief, if we would only try him we would see him, in every breath that we take! We would know that he breathes on us every morning and wakes us up to a brand new day! Glory be to God, for his love and mercy towards all of us! "WELCOME TO MY WORLD"! Love, Daphne Marie McDonald

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