Unique Beach Wedding Ideas For A Romantic Beach Wedding

Fun Beach Wedding Ideas

Fun Beach Wedding Ideas - Lauren and Steve enjoyed every minute of their unique beach wedding.
Fun Beach Wedding Ideas - Lauren and Steve enjoyed every minute of their unique beach wedding.

Your Unique Beach Wedding Ideas Are Only Limited By Your Own Creativity

Why a romantic beach wedding? You want a unique wedding that's totally YOU - so you are joining the thousands of brides and grooms seeking creative beach wedding ideas to take full advantage of the flexibility, intimacy, romance and cost savings of a beach wedding. Not to mention "stress free!"

What can be more romantic than sunrise on the beach, or a late afternoon beach wedding ceremony with a sunset finale and tiki torch or candlelight reception?

Even broad daylight can provide sparkling, glamorous fun for your beach wedding. So here are some beach wedding ideas to ensure that your unique wedding will shine through a lifetime of happy memories.

Unique Beach Wedding Ideas On Video

Planning Your Romantic Beach Wedding Destination

Romantic Beach Wedding Stroll By The Sea
Romantic Beach Wedding Stroll By The Sea

Ideas For Getting Started With Your Beach Wedding Plans

The ball's now rolling. You've done your homework, chosen a romantic beach wedding destination, and developed a wedding and travel budget.Your beach destination automatically provides entertainment for your guests, and it's a great kick-off point for your honeymoon.

You've contacted the local government about rules, regulations and licensing. You've checked on any permits that might be required to commandeer that portion of beach or hold your wedding reception there (including any alcoholic beverage restrictions), and determined that you can have some measure of privacy as you say your vows on that stretch of beach.

You've also checked the weather and tides in that beach area for your chosen season, and know what should work out. So you've set the date.

Now it's time for Phase II. So what's next in planning your beach wedding?

  • Do some research on the unique features of beach weddings. Beach weddings can be more exciting and fun for you and your guests and can save money over traditional church weddings - but they can also be frought with disasters if you don't know what to look for, or have appropriate contingency plans in place. There are considerations with a beach wedding that simply don't exist for indoor locations... Things like rain, sunburn, winds, sand fleas, melting wedding cakes... And how about "melting guests" and thirst? You need to have provision for shade, water, bathroom access, and perhaps insect repellent, as well as "Plan B" for shelter in the event of rain. Take care of such details and the issues in this hub, and you're well on your way to having a "stress free," beautiful start to a beautiful life together - and truly the romantic beach wedding of your dreams!
  • Notify friends and family to save the date. You really need to do this as soon as possible after the date and place are chosen. There are some great "save the date" cards you can send. You might want to create a photo postcard of the two of you or the chosen location with some critical advance information for those you want to have join you. After all, they have to make their vacation and travel plans, too!
  • Ask for wedding and honeymoon packages and discounts. Ask for travel packages and discounts for your wedding party and guests when booking your own accommodations. Get a block of rooms at a vacation price your friends can't refuse! You need to make this wedding travel affordable for them, too.
  • Set up your wedding website. There a several pre-designed website packages that are as easy to use as Facebook and are full of ideas and features to help you coordinate your beach wedding with your guests and have even more wedding fun. They let you post updates on your beach wedding plans and details, photos, events, pre-travel parties, weather and maps, even your wedding registry. That's a big one. Just about all of them let you have a wedding blog, and some even help with budgeting and coordinating your service providers. A couple provide an email function to let you update all your guests at once - or call their attention to new information on your wedding blog.
  • Get local help at your beach wedding destination and, if possible, conduct a site visit. If your budget permits and if your beach wedding location is not local to you, get a consultant who knows the area and its local vendors to help. Sometimes the wedding planner at the beach resort can provide these services. Sometimes your travel package will provide much of this. If you are not getting married at the hotel, though, you might save money, be even more atmospheric, and have better wedding reception fare at the beachside location of a restaurant with local island music and tiki torches. Getting help from a local who knows what they are doing should save you money elsewhere and many headaches.

Beautiful and Affordable Beach Wedding Ideas

Easy Wedding Arch Idea for the Beach - I came across this one in Mexico.
Easy Wedding Arch Idea for the Beach - I came across this one in Mexico.

Romantic, "Cool" and Unique Beach Wedding Celebration Idea

Beach Wedding Celebration In The Pool - A Cool Idea!
Beach Wedding Celebration In The Pool - A Cool Idea!

Casual Beach Wedding Ideas - Fun Beach Wedding Reception

Beachside Restaurant with Mexican Guitarist all the atmosphere for the casual Beach Wedding Reception that's actually taking place in the photo.
Beachside Restaurant with Mexican Guitarist all the atmosphere for the casual Beach Wedding Reception that's actually taking place in the photo.

5 Beach Wedding Ideas For Tight Budget Times

Save money on your beach wedding without sacrificing beauty with a few carefully considered ideas.  Here are some beach wedding budget ideas to leave you with more money for your honeymoon or downpayment on a house:

  1. Centerpieces or placecard holders - Use driftwood! Add some sea shells and candles, and perhaps some palm leaves or single exotic blooms. You will wow your guests just as much as with a formal, expensive arrangement and might fit in better with the atmosphere, anyway. 
  2. Green Reception - If you can drive to your beach wedding location, consider using potted plants instead of cut flower arrangements. These could later adorn your new home, or be given to your parents and wedding party as wedding favors. Small potted plants could decorate the tables and do double duty as gifts for your guests!
  3. Votive Candles - Twinkling romance, votives can also save you money. Use them on tables on top of inexpensive mirror rounds, reflecting all the light you'll need. Votives can also be hung from trees using simple wire, or from inexpensive metal poles stuck in the sand. 
  4. Off-season Wedding Date - While everyone else is trying to book April or May weddings to escape the winter cold, you can book a South Florida, Florida Keys, or Caribbean destination beach wedding during the "quiet times" between holidays and the holiday crunches - and cut your costs in half while enjoying more privacy!  For example, even in winter, Miami temperatures are in the high 60's or low 70's, perfect for a wedding, and the Caribbean breezes will be refreshing year round.
  5. Friday or Sunday Wedding Date - Everyone seems to seek Saturday night for a wedding - so that's when facilities are most crowded and most expensive.  Consider Friday or Sunday instead. You guests could come in on Thursday or Friday at the latest, have excursions, luncheon, and wedding rehearsal dinner on Saturday, then be fully rested to enjoy your wedding on Sunday. Perfect!

Bright, Exotic Wedding Flowers Adorn Palms On The Beach

White Gauze connects palms for the beach wedding ceremony site, anchored by wedding flowers for an exotic beach wedding theme
White Gauze connects palms for the beach wedding ceremony site, anchored by wedding flowers for an exotic beach wedding theme

Ideas For Tropical, Hawaiian Beach Wedding Themes

Whether in Hawaii or any beach with palm trees, you can carry out a Hawaiian Beach Wedding Theme
Whether in Hawaii or any beach with palm trees, you can carry out a Hawaiian Beach Wedding Theme

What's Your Theme? - Beach Wedding Theme Ideas

Choosing a beach wedding theme is not optional. It will save you money, help focus your planning, and direct your choice of everything from beach wedding invitations to beach theme wedding favors.

Your beach wedding theme includes your color scheme, your selection of wedding decorations, wedding flowers, and even your beach wedding dress style. It impacts your guests' choice of beach wedding attire, your wedding reception fare, and the fun celebration - your beach wedding party! So here are some ideas:

  • "Anything Goes" For Your Beach Wedding Theme - Any theme that is not out of place in a beach setting and is centered around something you both love is perfectly appropriate - even if it seems a little crazy to others. Just be serious for the serious part - the wedding vows, the wedding covenant. It's not a contract that it can be broken, but a commitment to oneness, a joinder for life through better or worse, a matter of the greatest and most precious solemnity. Save the crazy parts for advance parties or post-ceremony celebration. Why, even a post-ceremony dip in the pool is okay. It's YOUR wedding!
  • Nautical and Lighthouse Themes - Many beach weddings on the Eastern seaboard of the USA center around boat themes, nautical themes, and lighthouses. The decoration ideas are almost limitless - from Cape Cod to Florida. From fishing nets, to sailboats, big fish to classic seaside crafts, muscles and lobsters... classic, deep, pure nautical colors and paraphenalia can create a "wholesome values" yet excitingly manly environment. The bride's gentle beauty just shines all the brighter in comparison! Lighthouses represent a beacon of hope, and of guiding people home safely from life's storms - a perfect representation of what a marriage should be - and for the Christian, of the true love and holy light that guides the way as we navigate the waters of life.
  • Beach Party Theme - Hey, it's the beach - so any beach party theme will do. Many couples have everyone wear sandals, sun dresses, and other cool and comfortable beach party attire. One popular beach wedding idea is to have a large basket of thong sandals in your beach wedding theme's colors - so no guest has to get sand in the shoes. Other beach weddings simply have everyone go barefoot on the beach. In fact, there are even "beach wedding sandals" that are truly just an upper decoration for the bride's manicured foot, so she can appear classic and elegant without being deprived of the "beach etiquette" comfort! The beach party reception can save money, too, serving barbeque, fondue, Cuban or Mexican fare, or whatever simple party food you want. Your guests will have a blast in any event!
  • Exotic and Tropical Beach Wedding Themes - Your beach wedding theme can be drawn from the beach destination's culture and style... or you can borrow from another location. For example, a Florida beach wedding could have a Caribbean theme, Hawaiian beach wedding theme, or other tropical theme - carried out with compatible island music, exotic flowers, tiki torches, colors, and cuisine. Make it as exciting and exotic as you want! A buffet-style wedding reception would be much more fun for this one than a seated dinner, and would save you money, too.

Ideas For Classic Beach Wedding On The US East Coast

Formal Wedding By The Sea
Formal Wedding By The Sea

Ideas For A Classic Wedding At The Beach

You always wanted a formal, more traditional wedding yet yearn for the romance of the beach environment you both love? You can have it all! There are ample beach wedding ideas that include classic elegance - right there on the beach or in a seaside chapel or gazebo. In fact, there are some fabulous gazebos at the seashore and some better resorts that cater to beach destination weddings.

The bride can wear an elegant, long wedding dress with train, too - but with a little cooler style than some indoors wedding dresses. Even formal beach wedding dresses still tend to show a little more skin - strapless, spaghetti straps, halter tops, one shoulder wedding dresses, and off the shoulder styles. Styles that were too uncovered to be appropriate in many churches.

Your wedding reception can be a formal, seated dinner with white linen tablecloths, too. But you can still add thematic and colorful touches such as "runners" of flower petals, beautiful cakes with starfish and seashells, silver dolphin place card holders, or Calla lilly gel candles at guest seats to match a bride's bouquet of Calla lilies. Whatever your beach wedding theme and color scheme, just continue it on the tables.  You'll want to continue it on your beach wedding cake, too.

Classic Wedding On The Beach With Purity And Elegance - What's Old Is New: The All-White Wedding

Formal Classic Beach Wedding Idea
Formal Classic Beach Wedding Idea

This Beach Wedding Cake Carries Out Natural Flower Theme

Wedding Cake Carries Out Flower Theme Simply, Inexpensively, And Very Elegantly
Wedding Cake Carries Out Flower Theme Simply, Inexpensively, And Very Elegantly

Variation On The Theme For This Tropical Wedding Cake

Meringue, fruit, and flowers adorn many personalized cakes for more intimate beach weddings.
Meringue, fruit, and flowers adorn many personalized cakes for more intimate beach weddings.

What Cake Decorations For Your Beach Wedding?

You are having a unique beach wedding designed specifically for the two of you. So the cake should be just as unique as the setting. It can be a traditional, tiered wedding cake that incorporates your wedding theme and colors, but it doesn't have to be. You also need to take into consideration the time and location in which it will be served when deciding on the cake's size, style, ingredients, and decorations. You don't want it melting on your guests!

If your beach wedding is within driving distance, you might want to do what my niece did. She had delicious rounds of pound cake cooked at a home, then displayed them on stands of different heights with fresh fruit, served with cool whip cream. At some beachside locations, her beautiful, refreshing cakes could be served easily with whipped cream from a cooler (or back room cooler of the facility).

Simple yet effective beach wedding cake ideas can be used with facilities at your destination, too. You don't have to order a traditional, multi-tiered "wedding cake" and pay the huge prices. Be creative, and you can shave many dollars off the tab. You can use a single layer, double layer, cupcakes, or a series of rounds (like my niece), any kind of cake... however you want it.

You can decorate with tropical fruit, favorite fruits, flowers (real or edible) that match your wedding bouquet flower types and colors, or go with a purely tropical, nautical, or beach image consistent with your wedding theme. It's no longer just a white cake with bride and groom on top (unless that's what you want).

I love flowers, especially those that are edible (like some lilies) or spectacular in color or shape (and still safe) - so you can use the real thing. But I've seen some fabulous beach wedding cakes with other motifs. I loved the one with white chocolate sea shells! (I'm a chocoholic, like so many grooms and wedding guests. Wish I had a photo to share of the best one I've seen.) Here are some other beach weding cake ideas:

  • Sea Life Decorations - Online or in cake decorating stores you can find realistic plastics (or a baker can use chocolate, icing, meringue, marzipan edibles) of sea life that might be consistent with your theme and colors - such as sea horses and sea stars, mermaids, oysters with pearls, and dolphins.
  • Sea Shells - My favorites are the chocolates in varied shades (dark, milk, and white chocolate), but they can also be made from meringue, icing, marzipan. White chocolate can be tinted, also, but it's best to stick with natural tones to blend with the natural decorations. Some people prefer to use real seashells and tropical flowers. It doesn't take much to make a real impact.
  • Sand Castles - I've seen wedding cakes made to resemble sand castles - so that's the motif I also used in the National College Queen Pageant (over 40 years ago when I looked a lot like Wendy, and I won the cooking contest). Now there are special baking pans designed just for sandcastle cakes. Some bakers use brown sugar and graham cracker crumbs to replicate "sand" on which they place shells (and sometimes shovels). Effective and yummy!
  • Tropical, Mexican, Hawaiian - You beach wedding location may have provided your wedding theme, so use it with your cake, as well. Palm trees are truly graceful and a popular adornment, as are exotic flowers.

Just as with regular wedding cakes, you can have tropical fruit, whipped cream, raspberry, Grand Marnier, or whatever you choose weaving through the wedding cake. No one says it has to be white cake, yellow cake, or pound cake any more. It can be whatever you want!

Traditional White Beach Wedding With Tropical Flowers

Traditional White Beach Wedding With Tropical Flowers
Traditional White Beach Wedding With Tropical Flowers

The Most Stress Free and Romantic Beach Wedding

I truly wish you the the most stress free and romantic beach wedding. And it can be yours, if you just familiarize yourself with some of the potential pitfalls, work around them, and make contingency plans. Things such as seasonal rains or hurricanes, tides, Plan B for rain, and smooth terrain for your elderly and less physically stable guests to walk.

A destination with a beach wedding gazebo was my personal choice in planning my own second wedding, as it was beautiful, already set up (just needing a very few flowers for further personalization), and really worry free for me. But that's something for another hub!... although I would have loved the white floral arch above if I had seen it. I wore white.

There are so many good ideas for color, as well as updated ideas for using the purity of white, and I've really enjoyed staying on top of the latest trends.  I found other good sources of Romantic Beach Wedding Ideas that summarized the many tomes, the thousands of pages I've read on weddings, and gave some checklists to help simplify the process, too.  I love checklists - to make it "me proof!"  A beach wedding is supposed to be easier to plan and implement than a traditional wedding, and there's no reason it shouldn't be.  It's also exciting, and the variations are almost endless!

Please comment below to let me know any of your own beach wedding concerns or questions, and I'll try to get back to you - or perhaps even do a new hub on the matter. I genuinely want to help you realize your dreams. What is life if we can't dream? Now to make it come true....

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