Gay Chat Roulette

Top 5 Gay Chat Roulette Sites

All of you would have heard of and about the 17 year old Russian kid that launched it. Well it has caught fire and now there are many clones of Chat Roulette online.

On this page, I am listing some of the best Gay Chat Roulette that has popped up over the past few months.

Chat Roulette allows you to randomly connect through a video chat with another user on the internet. This is done randomly so you will connect with a total stranger every time. It is a lot of fun and you can spend hours chatting with strangers.

Gay Chat Roulette sites offer services for the Gay Community. Listed below are the top Gay ChatRoulette sites that our team has assembled for you. If you come across other sites, please list them in the comment below and we will add them to the list here. – targeted for men and it is unique of them all. You will have to register to use the random video chat. The founders claim it is a way to keep the clowns out. – another popular Gay Chat Roulette site. This is also targeting men. – No it is not just for boys but again this is targeted towards men. – A little bit of different setup compared to the others. Larger screens and again targets men seeking men. – A Gay Chat Roulette targeting Canadian Gay Community. It is fairly new compared to the other ones.

As I mentioned above, the list of Gay Chat Roulette sites are growing weekly. The above are the sites that we’ve compiled that are consistently up 100% and also free. If you run into other sites that are user friendly and have traffic, please post them below. 

Gay ChatRoulette

Gay Chat Roulette Window
Gay Chat Roulette Window

First of all a few cautionary things I want to let you know before you jump on to these sites. You need to understand that you are using a video conversation with a total stranger. That person could record the video chat and display it publicly and you will have no control of removing the content. In other words, use your own judgment before using these Gay Chat Roulette or any other Chat Roulette sites. 

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K9keystrokes profile image

K9keystrokes 6 years ago from Northern, California

you did a good thing reminding people that what they do while on video could be exploited. Could save someone a very uncomfortable tomorrow!

damian 6 years ago


24 6 years ago


eray 6 years ago

hi gays

tom 6 years ago

hi guys

More gay roulette 6 years ago

There's also another gay chat roulette site @ -- starting to pick up quickly now that chat roulette has clamped down on naughtiness :)

Gay ChatRoulette 6 years ago

I think is the best site of all of this.

I am bored at sites with just a video chat. GayCiti is offering way more for our community than other stupid one off clones of ChatRoulette. Get real.

ejlene26bg 6 years ago

ok.decko,diskretan,normalan..trazim ok uni

jay 6 years ago

hey guys question for ya? when i go into the gay webcam and the little box comes up to ask me to allow well i do that and my camera is still not coming up what ami doing wrong

Gene 6 years ago

Cool! for gays. Try it chat online peoples with to stangers.

TOMY 6 years ago


chatroulette 6 years ago

check out FaceFlow, pretty good random chat system as well as group video chatting, video calling etc.

josh bryant  6 years ago

want my number 07783556380 fone me or use my other number 0754240935 fone me for the time of you life :)

GRAEME 6 years ago

for gay chat times :D

franck 6 years ago

slt je suis franck vener parler

LLOYD 6 years ago

Helo cn u invite me ppl on 0743512182 nd u cn even call me on those numberz'

Lloyd 6 years ago

Cn u call me 0743512182 nd invite me via mxit

shamar 6 years ago

hi im shamar txt me or call me 5403301785

Anthony 6 years ago

Hi My name is Anthony, lease can we talk?

Tel. 689240332

Shawn 5 years ago

I just started my gay version of ChatRoulette. Check out

sasan 5 years ago

hello all gays,im need one friend for sex and love(boy gay) pleas add me and pleas,thank you

brain 5 years ago

I love you guy . I am gay of cause and i just love gay guy with hot bodies

Mark 5 years ago

orim 5 years ago

I love roulette, for me is best.

tsousa88 5 years ago visita e hace que sus fantasies gay´s

Anthony 5 years ago

Hello, this is Anthony from zobroulette. I made my own gay chatroulette and i kinda like it :) So if you want to try it, you're all welcome.

medox 5 years ago

I visit is good.

nicole  5 years ago

haay wie o wie

James 5 years ago

For bears

Gay Roulette 5 years ago

Excellent post, I like gay roulette.

star 5 years ago - web chat, like chatroulette

Papi 5 years ago

None of them worked with me....

richard 5 years ago

hi just add me in my fb ,,i need some to care

lime 5 years ago

hi all

ariane 5 years ago

le top des best of chatroulette avec omegle camzap et tous les meilleurs

sites chatroulette sur la mème page

fras 5 years ago


saul hayes 5 years ago

hi am looking for mr rite txt or ring me 07805315344

hola 5 years ago


Annie 5 years ago

Just found another for talk to strangers site which is Just try it. Its awesome

Frish individuo 5 years ago

Hello! chico gay de Rusia en contacto conmigo aquí

Barnowl 5 years ago Chatroulette Polska

بهزاد 5 years ago

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?????? ???

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tarajeyaram profile image

tarajeyaram 5 years ago from Wonderland

Thank you for encouraging me to join hubpages. I chose this hub in my Tribute to 100 followers - top 10 hubs.

Mr know it all 5 years ago

My number is 01212182458 I'm gay lookin for boys any age I'm up for anything oh yesss x

akash 5 years ago

hi guys i want do sex with a gay pls do with me

Mystery 5 years ago

im 14 :3

Jelly 4 years ago

How come there are so many gay men chatroulettes but none for lesbians?

adam 4 years ago

What's up Cool Chat

Edlongdong 4 years ago

Cal me for a good time 518 793-2787 phone or hook up new yorkers

nate 4 years ago

Send me a pic of u naked with a boner and if u live in boise idaho txt me to meet you somewhere so I can suck ur dick hit me up 208-871-1043

eddie 4 years ago

i wanna play

Rob mont 4 years ago

Oh soninterseting someone give me better details ;-) 8644514013

Post a pic of your penis 4 years ago

Post a pic of you naked

stevery 4 years ago


MiguelittooH 4 years ago

Holaa como estan? espero qe bien quiero amigo bueno buena onda sinpático etc.. bueno besos

Alex 4 years ago


ashane 4 years ago

ill send a pic worth a look

Michael 4 years ago

If any lads are lookin for a good time ;) I'm athletic and I'm a giving lad if you know what I mean ;) ring me on 07557306691

xd 4 years ago


CLARKY 4 years ago

7806918509 I WANT IT NOW

bob1499 4 years ago

msn i vant sexcam........

BOYY 4 years ago

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