Gay Gift Ideas | Why a Welsh Lovespoon is an Appropriate Gift between Gay Couples

A Short History of Welsh Lovespoons

The oldest surviving Lovespoon in Cardiff’s St Fagan’s National History Museum dates back to 1667.  Each Lovespoon, commonly carved from wood but also made from precious metals, employed different symbols to talk about the Giver’s Love for the Recipient.  Each Love Spoon was made by one man for one woman, according to our initial research, but we came across a more viable theory when we consulted AndAnotherThing2’s consultant Historian (see below).

The Symbols Carved into Welsh Lovespoons

The meanings of the many Lovespoons’ symbols and what the symbols meant when placed next to or between one another – essentially their code - were probably widely known at least until the seventeenth century.  Some symbols must have conveyed passion, others the giver’s loyalty and future intentions and still others of their appreciation of their Love Interest’s many qualities: of their beauty, charm, grace and sex appeal.  Unfortunately the code has been lost and, even if clues abound as to partial meanings and some of the symbols are still widely extant in packs of Playing and Tarot cards (Hearts and Wheels for instance) we can only imagine their true significance, alone and together.

A Welsh Love Spoon, so the web and popular literature widely report, should be given by a "man to a woman to commemorate and celebrate important days".  For instance: for Valentine's Day, weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. Lovespoons make a “romantic” and “thoughtful”  gift.  In the past, according to this research, a woman in a long, stable and happy relationship could “amass” quite a collection over the years. 

Can Men Give Lovespoons to Men?  Can Women Give Lovespoons to Women?

We thought these were questions worth asking and turned to our consultant historian for clarification. The professor, who speaks informally and doesn’t want to be named, said:

  • "Yes, of course Lovespoons can be given by men and women to their same sex partners.  These tokens Lovespoons spoke about love and attachment and not about the gender of the giver or recipient and they still should.  Homosexuality – like the meanings of the symbols – was understood and accepted and there was thought to be no need to write these commonly known symbols' meanings or accepted behaviours down on paper.    
  • What was written down It were laws and other changes the ruling classes wanted to impose for their own ends - they needed to be written down.  In the process rulers imposed their power while the rest of society learnt compliance and what was "now" to be taken as acceptable. The meanings of common symbols and what were once unremarkable relationships were lost and were superseded, given the ruling doctrine’s slant or any cover up they wanted to promote…”

He added:

  • “This is a modern perspective of written history, a development from the work of Michele Foucault – read his A HISTORY OF SEXUALITY if you want to investigate further.  Also, you may wish to consult relatively new findings (1998/2000) about the re-sexing of many burials.  It seems that in the past, skeletal remains found with weaponry were taken to be men and those found with jewellery and mirrors were taken to be women.  Modern scholarship, particularly on Anglo Saxon and Celtic graves, has looked again and found this is not always the case…”

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