Awesome Short Gay Films You Can Watch Online Now

Watch Free Gay Films Here, Now

A lot of the artistic, literary short gay films you're looking for get lost in the sea of videos on YouTube so here, I've created an archive to make them easy to find. I weeded carefully through the options and included the best here. All of these gay films are different in their own way: Some are English-speaking and some have subtitles so you can watch even if you don't know the language, plus each has an awesome story and a great message.

There are tons of free gay films available online since technology has allowed more and more people to create gay-themed films and more gay films are coming out from independent directors all over the world. Distribution is as easy as uploading and, if it is good, it can quickly gain an audience.

Mainstream vs. Independent Gay Film

How do these films compare to mainstream gay film?

They usually star cute unknown actors that do amazing jobs that suck you in to the story quickly. These independent gay short films have a feel that you don't experience in a mainstream project: They are a very raw and real-feeling and usually inspired by real events.

Just scroll down and watch away!

Fair Play (Blessure)

Directed by Johan Vancauwenbergh

Starring Steven Boen, Tom De Hoog, and Janne Desmet

Marie and Steven appear to be a happy couple, but his secret relationship with another man is starting to catch up to him.


Directed by Connor Clements

Starring Niall Wright, Matt Jennings, and Margaret Goodman

Young James struggles as the outsider kid at his school. His teacher, Mr. Sutherland, is the only person he feels he can connect with. When James finally puts a voice to his feelings, Mr. Sutherland's response isn't what James had hoped for.


Directed by Jerry Tai

Starring Ryan Irwin and Dan Dumsha

A gay, closeted screenwriter, Darrel, is forced to collaborate on a project with another writer, Ryan. As the partnership grinds on, Darrel is forced to confront and accept himself for who he is deep inside.


Directed by Elliot Dal Pra London

Starring Brian Estel, Scott Lynch-Giddings, and Raquel Houghton

A young man works as an escort on the side to make extra money. These circumstances start to expose his true feelings for what he is doing and who he is hiding the truth from.

You'll find many more films at Gay Short Films. If your favorite short gay film is not listed here, please mention it in the comments section below.

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Alex 19 months ago

Steph, I don't know if you're going to read this, actually most probably you won't, but anyway... You're looking for "Headwig and the angry inch". There's a film as well and everything is just so very beautiful. Good luck x

Jimmy 2 years ago

Watch gay short film "Hearts and Hotel Rooms" on YouTube

pl 3 years ago

Dennis 3 years ago

Great collection, here's an artistic gay short i found:

Chris B 3 years ago

I very recently made and uploaded a short film dealing with homosexuality and intolerance. I was hoping that anyone who reads this could help me get the word out there about this film. Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Link -

Pikeru Suzaki 4 years ago

By now i ve seen most of them. I really love them. Here is one which is not in the list but i think its the best one. It is a gay-straight tragic love story called Drowning:

Steph 4 years ago

I have a question that I need to find the answer to. I had an amazing friend who I loved very much. He was a huge LGBT activist and he died in Afghanistan. He had this awesome tattoo on the top middle of his back. Only once he told me about it and all I remember is that he said that is was from this gay musical, I think there were drag queens involved, and the symbol kind of looks like a ying yang symbol but like it had been made out of a broken face. So hard to explain, but I must figure it out. If by some long shot anyone knows what I am talking about I'd be eternally grateful for some assistance. Thank you!

doni andrion 4 years ago

great movie only shows the world will undrstand the real meaning of third sex.....we can be proud of this

farengayts 4 years ago

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huanitoswd 4 years ago

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sajid 4 years ago

oo la la all m0vies are nice i like so much

Pikeru Suzaki 4 years ago

Gay theme polish film. Watch Dominik and Alex epic kiss here:

Entire sub film coming soon...!

SASA 4 years ago


Pikeru Suzaki 4 years ago

Watch "Who we are" and other stuff at:

roger 4 years ago

I'm bi butt i love my men I've seen most of these short and there all great i have a site i go to that I've also seen gay them movies and the ones I've seen are pretty good if you like to know more e-mail me at

Garry ........ 4 years ago

Im BI and i really love who am i and especiaaly for having someone or friend on my side im so happy...

Jirka 4 years ago

All above featured and five hundred more you can find if you google this:

petits films pour petits écrans™

ng 4 years ago

post more !!!

profile image

paralegalpro 5 years ago

I had no idea there were so many gay-themed short films out there. I'm going to enjoy exploring these. Thanks for sharing!

Sidhard timung 5 years ago

I like gay lover coz i m a gay too. And i hap a homosexual with my friend. But now they all leave me. I always think to have agay patner in my life but no ones with me. So i want to go the another place where gay lover are availeble and be my patner.

Max 5 years ago

I have seen some of them,and they are superb!...too bad that some have been taken out of the system. Thank you for putting this coleccion together for us to enjoy them.

i am gay i wany you for me 5 years ago

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XIn pei 5 years ago

I loved these gay movies XD , very nice........ anyone wanna be my boyfren XD

kasod 5 years ago


kasod 5 years ago


junaidi 5 years ago

i am gay i wany you gay for me

junaidi 5 years ago

i am gay i wany you gay for me

garry 5 years ago

i like movies such like adventure gay movies.

jack 5 years ago

they are so lovely i loved them

Dudu 5 years ago

Very nice stories :)

nash 5 years ago

awesome. i loved'em all :)

Kyle E.Y. 5 years ago

sweet gay films! :)

John 5 years ago

These gay films are awesome!, I haven't seen gay short films like this before! Thank you!

Chase 5 years ago

Good vids but I think the most well done was Traces. I found Flatmates interesting too, but I just felt the characters weren't developed well enough to invoke an emotional response from the viewer.

Thomas M 5 years ago

Hey,all these vids are great, but the one out of the four I enjoyed the most was Flatmates.Must be hard for a gay guy to be in love with someone who he shares such a powerful bond with, which is why I adore this short. Their friendship is amazing but unfortunately I wish the ending was more "happier" but it was realistic though.

srivats 6 years ago

Tx for posting them I really enjoyed all the movies :)

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