Gay Marriage

As of January, 2012, the following enlightened states have legalized two people getting married…no matter their gender: New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Vermont, New Hampshire, Iowa, and our nation’s capital, D.C. Washington State may be the newest addition come election time as stated in Nation Now; ‘Sen. Mary Margaret Haugen announced that she would support the measure, becoming the 25th necessary vote to ensure passage of the same-sex marriage bill.’

While it is preferable to have a handful of states as opposed to none, it is unacceptable that in 2012 anyone still has an issue with legalizing same sex marriages.

It is beyond my comprehension what the thought processes are for all of those so vehemently against two consenting adults joining together in a legal union and have that union recognized by state, government, and the world at large, as viable. A same sex couple being married is as innocuous an occurrence as there could possibly be. Don’t want to witness it? Don’t go to the wedding. Besides, gay individuals should not be immune from being committed to the institution of marriage just like the rest of us…otherwise; you are just showing them favoritism.


That is my first and last attempt at levity regarding this situation, because to the gay community, it is no laughing matter. Imagine that the long arm of the law extended this prejudicial reasoning to encompass other couples wishing to be married. Let’s take it to that new level. What if our government had full reign on who should or should not marry? Perhaps they consider you and your spouse an unsuitable match. Why you ask? BECAUSE THEY SAID SO…that’s why. You just don’t seem suited to each other. Your religious beliefs differ. Your height differential doesn’t meet their standard guidelines for an appropriate marriage. You or your betrothed are too ugly to reproduce, in their infinite wisdom.

Ridiculous scenarios, all? Absolutely…but no more ridiculous than preventing two women or two men that love each other from legally marrying one another.

Hypocrisy in its most heinous form rears its ugly head in this matter with the likes of politicians that shall go nameless, but think that both multiple marriages and open marriages with the opposite sex is okay, but a possible monogamous relationship between two people whom just happen to be the same sex is abhorrent. Shame on you and anyone else that chooses to swallow the contradictory words you spew on the subject. Enough already with the homophobic bible banging zealots that want to preach about morals and ethics, half of which, I am quite certain, have skeletons in their own closets just dying to come out…pun intended…sorry, last time, I swear.

Let’s be real honest for a moment, shall we? Our great Nation is a democracy, is it not? How, then, can there be laws in place preventing a union between two unattached, age appropriate, consenting individuals that wish to share their lives together and enjoy all of the rights that a lawfully sanctioned ceremony and piece of paper allow them to enjoy? You don’t have to ‘believe in’ the lifestyle they lead, just as you needn’t agree with your neighbor’s lifestyle, but to disallow two loving individuals the God given right…that’s correct, I said God, as He created us all…to join together in matrimony is inconceivable.

May there finally be an end to the unlawful prohibition of gay marriages in these United States, and across the globe, in our very near future.

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sarmack profile image

sarmack 4 years ago from Washington

It is really a sad thing that people have twisted the term democracy to cover a multitude of things that really didn't belong there. I have had some very good acquaintances in my life who were homosexual. People must live out the life they choose for themselves. No one can live another person's life.

Georgiann profile image

Georgiann 4 years ago from Phoenix Author

Well said, sarmack. A democracy is supposed to be all about the equality of rights and privileges and as such people should have the inalienable right to choose for themselves so long as they are not harming another. But here we are having to help fight a fight that needn't have been fought in the first place. Thank you for the read and comment.

Gaby 4 years ago

Amen! Thank you, you have written exactlly what I believe but somehow couldn't put in words.You truly have an awesome talent

Georgiann profile image

Georgiann 4 years ago from Phoenix Author

Thank you Gaby!

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