Same sex marriages

Gay - Same sex marriage

This is an interesting topic and new development in the history of man, thinking creation way more than beast. To be married is a way of fulfill one of the universe law of existence which even plants does, - pollination - fertilization - and eventual producing young ones.

It's very interesting to observe little animal walking in pairs and for certain this little creatures are male/female. Assuming that the pair is both male and female then our universe is breaking a simple law that even beast can't, will never break in this freaking planet with wonders.

Who is the bride and groom when comes to gay marriage, perhaps both partners take all these titles. What are the responsibilities of the bride and the groom after some sought of becoming together under the securities of judges ruling.

For gay men are you afraid of seducing and getting married to beautiful women that you've been dreaming of, Don't you think that there is something missing in your union that is waiting to explode and if you don't feel satisfied by your partner sex behavior what are your option.

How did you start loving each other since this contradict law of sex desire in our universe, what attracted you to man of the same sex while beautiful ladies are walking free in the planet, and also paid services are available if you cant get a woman of your love.

Or is this new technology of marriage?

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Philipo profile image

Philipo 7 years ago from Nigeria

These questions are indeed begging for answers. Have you read my hub onh ttp://

Junior 5 years ago

Nobody chooses to be gay, it is a feeling that you can not get rid of.Even when you meet girls the male sex organ does not come erect.

ADWEN 4 years ago

gaysm is an immoral act but i practice it because i was born only attracted to male and hate females

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