Getting Married in Ibiza - The Perfect Wedding Venue?

Why Get Married in Ibiza?

Most people want their wedding day to be memorable for the rest of their lives, and for all the right reasons, if you don't, then you can stop reading now.. :)

If however you want a wedding day that you will never forget, then you need to think carefully about every aspect of the wedding, and the first and biggest question to answer is "where?" ..everything else will generally follow on from that.

Ibiza is becoming more and more popular as a wedding venue, and not only because of the stunning countryside and scenery, although of course that is an important consideration, not only for the day itself, but because the location is also the backdrop to your wedding photos and / or videos, which will remind you of the day for the rest of your life, but also because it is both surprisingly easy, and economical to get married in Ibiza.

If you consider that even the dullest of UK weddings with the reception in some dodgy hall on top of or next to a dingy pub in the UK is not likely to give you much change from £25,000 after everything has been paid, and it's possible to do the same thing with a beautiful Ibiza wedding, complete with a stunning backdrop starting from about £15,000, you can start to see why the idea is becoming more popular all the time.

Traditional Wedding Services

Obviously with high demand for wedding services a booming industry has grown around supplying all kinds of wedding planning and services, covering everything you can think of, from wedding catering and cakes to wedding photography and video, from venues and flowers, through car hire, entertainment, pampering & beauty services, the list is almost endless..

At the bottom of this hub is a list of the better known and recommended Ibiza wedding service suppliers.

Alternative Lifestyle Weddings

Ibiza is world renowned for it's hedonistic and "live and let live" approach to life and of course this attracts the island's fair share of alternative "life-stylers".

Gay weddings are commonplace along with some far less common affairs :)

Traditional Church Ceremonies thro Shamenic Clifftop Drum Rituals...

Whether you want a "traditional" village church wedding and ceremony, through to a full blown Shamanic drumming blessing overlooking mystical Es Vedra, anything is possible when you have your wedding in Ibiza.

So how do I go about getting married in Ibiza?

The Legalities...

Once you have decided to get married in Ibiza, the question becomes

“So how do we do it?”

There are basically three ways for non-residents to get married in Ibiza, with only one of these options being a fully legal marriage recognised in Ibiza, and the other two methods taking the form of a blessing here, following a civil legal ceremony in your home country, and the main decision to be made really is whether you are looking for a church wedding or not.

Remember that Ibiza (Spain) is a Catholic country and so if one of you is Catholic then your options are a) fully legal Catholic ceremony, or b) the Anglican “Sacrament of Marriage” which requires a civil ceremony in your own country before coming here.

If however you are looking for a clifftop ceremony overlooking an amazing seaview, or within the grounds of a stunning villa etc, or one of the more "alternative" options, this would also require the civil ceremony before coming to Ibiza for the main ceremony.

Whatever you choose, Ibiza has the potential to truly make it a day you will never forget.

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Ibizabird profile image

Ibizabird 6 years ago from Ibiza, Spain

I am a resident and still wasn't satisfied with the options available when getting married last earlier this year. We popped over to the UK, snook off to a registry office then had a "wedding" in Ibiza where our friend (a vicar) gave us a blessing. We had it in a villa in the hills behind San An. It was on the balcony with a fab view plus we had sunshine just for the wedding which was amazing as it was February!!

Ibiza  5 years ago

still sounds a better wedding than the most I know.. Have fun mate. cheers

sean 2 years ago

Tradidittional verses modern wedding?? What's the diferrence when with today's infaltion and the bad economy just about anyone will have ahard time affording a wedding. if that's not bad enough there is the honeymoon as well. i drive wedding couples all the time and see so much frustration in their faces that it almost husrts me. Anyhow its the love that realy counts.

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