Gifts and Flowers for Aries Women | Best What to Buys for Aries Woman

What to Buy Aries Women

What can I buy the Aries woman in my life?

Are you wondering what to buy for the Aries Woman in your life? Stumped? Sun Sign Astrology supplies solutions to your gift buying problems…PLUS add your wish list if you are an Aries woman!

Aries: March 21st – April 20th

Flowers or Aries Women

As a rule choose red flowers for an Aries woman. Bouquets of bright red roses, tubs of red tulips and extravagant arrangements of amaryllis will be adored. Because of their horns, Aries women are drawn to plants with thorns – they are fond of rose bushes and have more luck than most keeping cacti.

Gifts for Aries Women

Like the Ram who characterises their sign, Aries women like to show their horns – or the part of their head that would sport them. Accordingly good gifts are hair ornaments, head-scarves and hats. WARNING: In some circles the saying “Red hat, no knickers” has currency so take care not to buy a red hat for an Aries woman who inhabits them.

Expensive Gifts for Aries Women

A red sports car is always appreciated by sporty red loving Aries women! VIP treatment at Ascot Races’ Ladies Day – would be good – but make sure she has the outfit and gat for the occasion.

Are You an Aries Woman? Please add your suggestions below:

What would you really like for your birthday - please tell us.

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Amy 7 years ago

I'm an aries n i would love red roses, beautiful. Or

lol smiley face 7 years ago

im an aries and flowers r food but iwould much rather be taken ta a day spa or a shopping spree...

nonnie 7 years ago

i agree with smiley face... a trip to the mall to buy gucci or baby phat or anything exspencive asnd shiney would b a treat for me... i wouldnt mined flowers but i want my man to do something no man has ever did befor

Textbook aries 6 years ago

Any of:

Red sports car yes!! A week-end away to my fave city, Louis vuitton bag, Jimmy choo shoes, Cartier jewellery, skydiving thrill, other extreme sports treats.

Sine qua non: romantic dinner, flowers, one of gifts above.

Dee 6 years ago

I am an Aries and I like anything that sparkles, such as diamonds!!! I also like things that are sensual and feel good on my skin such as silk and if it is red or black even better. For flowers, red roses are not my thing, but I love Gerbera daisies, the bolder the colors the better. As for sporting events, not so much, unless it is to watch Male divers!!!!

cassandra 3 years ago

aries are fun and youthful. red is always good and we love the romance but we do love flowers too. something cheerful bright and fun. Sports car yes because we love excitement and love being on a the go. I know red is our attracted color but like they said above.. anything that sparkles or is bright. Earings, printed purse, and a poem. aries are outspoken, and love opinions so hearing a poem will flatter them and make their mind work.

gwen scott 2 years ago

I just love roses being an aries I love gifts of any sort but I really love true meaningful gifts for me little things mean a lot but I do love flowers and a little diamond along the way nice

Tamara 16 months ago

I'm an aries, woman. I like getting red roses but I'd prefer blue roses, or something tropical, or something eccentric. I'd rather not goto a mall, or to be bought shining things. I would even prefer something I could plant in my yard. So I could enjoy them always.

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