Gifts and Flowers for Taurus Women

What Should You Buy Taurus Women?

Are you wondering what to buy for the Taurus Woman in your life? Stumped? Sun Sign Astrology supplies solutions to your gift buying problems. Plus add your wish list if you are a Taurus woman.

Taurus: April 21st – May 21st

Flowers for Taurus Women

Don’t avoid red all together when selecting flowers for Taurus women – they like deep reds if not the bright reds favoured by Aries women. They love to see some red accents along side purples and rich green, blue-hued foliage. Tall, sculpture-like vases of purple Irises with a few red Gladioli nesting among them, fat-posies of Sweet Williams and anything with a sweet fragrance will delight you Taurus woman.

Gifts for Taurus Women

Luxury items are most acceptable. Taurus women like velvets, satins and silks – cushions, quilts, throws and vintage clothes. Necklaces, scarves and chokers - decorations for her throat and neck are always appreciated gifts. Mud infusions must have been invented by a Taurus (woman or man) as bulls do so enjoy waddling in it or smearing it all over their bodies. They would agree with the sentiment expressed well in that old song: “Mud, mud, glorious mud, nothing quite like it to thicken the blood”. Wining and dining.

Expensive Gifts for Taurus Women

A lorry-load of Dead Sea mud or a week at an exclusive health-spa where she can get mud infused everyday. A classic Land Rover and the land to drive it over are what she really wants when it comes to motoring, but she’ll accept luxury too – such as a Rolls Royce. Taurean women always enjoy expensive wining and dining and a gift of jewellery, heavily featuring diamonds (representing her ruler Venus) or Emeralds – for the green grass she enjoys rolling on – presented to her during a blow-out meal will be happily received.

Are You a Taurus Woman? Please add your suggestions below:

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