Girl is a deep ocean

Girl is a ocean

  • Every girl is an ocean for a man
  • Only few men are good ship captains (Husband) who can drive the ship(Life) in the ocean (Woman) in all conditions.
  • A man can be a best husband or lover , if only he knows the (Read ocean as girl/woman) behaviour of the ocean, depth of the ocean, season of the ocean, associated livings with ocean, response of the ocean and disturbances to the ocean.
  • This may require one month or one full life .
  • But if he became efficient to handle this ocean, 71% of world is with him.
  • You can play with her if she send small tides. She will hug you, Kiss you.
  • But in unexpected time, she may send tsunami also.
  • She will give tasty fishes to quench your hungry.
  • Even after million years still there is a big secrete to dig.





Beautiful Sneka in saree
Beautiful Sneka in saree
Girl Before Ocean
Girl Before Ocean

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shinujohn2008 7 years ago

yes you are very correct, girls like me cannot be explored easily, we all are oceans. expecting more hubs from you soon

6 years ago


hi 4 years ago

there are girls who dont have any expectatoins, but the guy to have a lot like me. so what should one do. i have never experienced a kiss nor a hug from my wife. how should i feel. are there any here, who can land me in to that ecstatic state,. am from blore, india

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