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Every Day
May Not Be


There's Something
G o o d
In Everyday

G o o d
M o R n I n G (=

Have A Blessed Day
Every Situation has three Dimensions
My Views,
Ur Views,
& The Truth.
Success goes with the one who follows the Third Dimension...!
GOOD Morning .Hv a nice day
A Lot Of Trouble In d World will Disappear If every one Learn to Talk 'To' each other, Instead of talking 'About' each other..
Think about it ....Good Mornin !
Life Throws Many Things in our way,
It's our CHOICE on HOW we RESPOND...
We Have the OPTION of Becoming BETTER or BITTER,Only Difference is ' I '..

Good Day...
G-get up
o-open ur eyes
o-out of your bed
d-day has risen
M-Mobile beeps
o-one message recieved
r-read and enjoy
n-never mind
i-it's just a
n-new way to wish
g-good morning
Dont get ATTRACTED 2 people who hav ACHIEVED gr8 HEIGHTs,
Love dose who HOLD u when u FALL 4m d HEIGHTs,
A LOYAL one is BETTER dan a ROYAL one... :-) Gud mrg !
EACH Morning is a msg for all of us- SUN says"BE Disciplined & Wake up Like Me"
SKY Says"Reach Great Heights like Me"&WIND says"Alwys B on the move Like me.
"True love can't be

identified soon , but when you loose it

you will feel and cry

for the person to the

whole life...

Good mornin.... Hv a joyful day :-)
Go My Sweet Sms,
Sweet Dost Ke Pas,
Sweet Galiyon Se Ho Kar,
Sweet Style K Sath,
Sweet Smile K Sath,
Sweet Mood Ke Sath,
or Sweet Se Andaz Me Kehna Gud Morning.
Two things to remember in life..
Be careful about your thoughts when you are alone and B careful about your words when you are in crowd..

Good Morning
Fate is wat we say wen we lose something...
Have u ever heard anyone saying fate, wen they win.??
Thats the fate of fate.... !! Gööd Mörnin , hv a grt day :-)
Go'My sweet sms
Sweet'se Dost ke pass sweet'Style k saath
Sweet'Smile k sath
Sweet 'Mood ke saath
sweet se andaz mein kehna
Morning Coolness,
Rising Sun,
Singing Birds,
Melting Dew,
Along wid dis little heart
Wishing U A Very Glorious Good Morning.
Very short
Nice lines
by a True Lover:

"Hurt me with a truth...,
B u t
Never comfort me with
a lie....!! Good Mornin !! Hav a Joyful
good morning
to a
$weet night
$weet dream$
$weet day
$weet talk$.
$weet day
Good Morning.

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