Gosh, He Still Loves Me!

I adore my red roses!

A clever Valentine's gift from the hubby
A clever Valentine's gift from the hubby | Source

What's love got to do with it? Everything!

I’ve been married thirty-eight years but have known my better half for forty-one. You see, we were high school sweethearts. We held hands on a friend’s lap during our graduation ceremony because “Bowden” came between “Bloomhuff” and “Brannock”. Back in those days things were not quite so smooth and easy going for us. Thanks to Father Time and lots of trial and error we have come to be one of those rare married couples that will go on until ‘death do us part’.

I should put my husband on a pedestal. He’s tolerated my spoiled antics all these years with hardly a whimper. I was not an easy person to live with as life presented a lot of limitations back then. We married in the 70’s when credit cards were still in the making, the bank closed Fridays promptly at four where you had to wait an entire weekend to deposit funds to cover that rubber check, and cell phones were non-existent so if the car broke down you walked. Ah, the good old days.

We had $5.00 dates. In those days $5.00 could buy a tank of gas, dinner, and get us into the drive-in theater for a night of necking. What a gonga! Of course we seldom watched the movie.

Back then men were more persistent when it came to impressing their gals. It was the era of hippies, long hair, and lots of anti-war songs. I was won over by a Beatles song as my beloved strummed an acoustic guitar and sang his heart out for me. Boy, he hooked me big time with that number!

Life was not all roses in the beginning. Minimum wage for me was $1.67 an hour as a waitress. Money was tight when we married. We lived modestly in a trailer and were unable to afford gas to cook or heat our home, so we perked our vegetables in a coffee pot and took cold showers. We tended to stink a little more in the winter months. I learned how to use hamburger in everything, including breakfast. It was quite tasty in gravy over toast. We didn’t have a toaster, but we did have an electric frying pan that worked just as well. All you did was butter the bread on both sides and flip it over when it was brown. Toasters are overrated in my opinion.

Yes indeed, things were much tougher back then. Now it’s a walk in the park in comparison. Hm, that’s an outdated cliché. I’ll have to come up with a new term so I don’t show my age.

Did I mention his eyes? He has amazing eyes. They are actually two different colored eyes, but most people don’t notice. It was the first thing that caught my attention when we met because I’ve only seen dogs with two different colored eyes. That statement made for an awkward moment.

Despite the many irritating moments I’ve dealt my husband over the years he has never forgotten my birthday, anniversary, or Valentine’s Day. He always goes out of his way to show how much he loves me and takes the time to find something thoughtful and nice. I’ve had roses left in my car with balloons and a card, beautiful bouquets delivered to my workplace that were so huge they were nearly embarrassing , and many an unexpected dining adventure on the town. The man definitely knows how to sweep me off my feet. There’s no extreme he won’t go to in order to please me. He pawned his car to buy my engagement ring and proposed to me during dinner at Bob’s Big Boy, one of the first hamburger fast food joints back in the day. I should have known that’s why he picked me up in his father’s Bronco.

Does he love me? I’m pretty sure he does. And if I had it all to do over again, I would…except for the cold showers.

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Marketing Merit profile image

Marketing Merit 3 years ago from United Kingdom

What a delightful story...voted up!

Am so pleased, if not a little envious, that you found the love of your life at such a young age.

Nonetheless, as your hub emphasises, life is rarely a bed of roses and we all have to make sacrifices to make relationships work.

Best wishes to you both!

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