Guys - Spark Intimacy by Creating a "Plan-List" For a Romantic Evening

In many situations, being spontaneous is encouraged. However if you want to have a great romantic evening, planning is essential. Creating a "plan-list" can actually spark intimacy if it's done correctly.

Here are some things you can include on your "plan-list".

1. Candles. Candles are what I call a "visual aphrodisiac." Just imagine your partner coming home from work and she sees candles on the table (with food already prepared), on the bedroom dresser, by the bubble bath tub, or all three. She can become instantly excited. which may put her in the mood for a little intimacy.

2. Soft music. If you add soft music to your list, it can benefit you well. It does not matter what type of music you use (classical, R&B, Jazz, etc), as long as it's soft, it will fulfill its assist in a romantic evening.

3. Food. If you know how to cook, preparing food could be of great benefit for you as well as your partner. If you do not know how to cook, then hire someone who does. Some meals you should exclude are hamburgers, chips, or beer. These types of food can actually ruin the mood. You could prepare foods such as seafood, chicken, and steak. These types of food are what I call "Food for Seduction."

The above ideas are just some things you may want to include when you plan a romantic evening. You may also think of more things to add to your list. Creativity is always appreciated.


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