3 Ways to Get Over Heart Break

Heart break is a feeling of great sadness especially when someone you love leaves you for another.

A BROKEN HEART CAN BE MENDED BUT A SCATTERED HEART CANNOT. When your heart is broken, always remember that it can be mended with greater love. Sometimes heart break makes you understand the reality of life. It makes you understand that life is not a bed of roses.

If you are in a relationship, and your partner tells you that the relationship is over “for no good reason”, MOVE ON! The only rational reason to it is that both of you are not meant for each other, so nature had its way of causing separations in other for you to meet the right person. Don’t give up on finding love, hold strong and you will overcome that broken heart of yours.

Here are easy ways to heal your broken heart

· First, you need to pray for internal healing. This is because when your inside is healed, it will definitely reflex on the outside. With this, people will see a smiling face and not a dull face.

· You need to hang out with friends because "AN IDLE MIND IS THE devil’s WORKSHOP. So please don’t stay idle.

· You need to dress/look cool at all times. This will enable you attract attention and will put you back in the dating game. Looking good and dressing nice always attracts attention, and remember; making new friends will allow you forget the old “torturous” ones.

Heartbreaks last as long as you want them to, but only the strong knows when to walk away. Why die in pain, when your heart can be mended? Heartbreaks are not worth it, so if your heart has just been broken, not to worry cause there is always a better person waiting at the corner for you!

women are more prone to heartbreaks

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