How to Have your own Las Vegas Style Wedding

The Vegas Wedding
The Vegas Wedding

Need a theme for your Wedding?

So, the time has come when you and your partner have decided to tie the knot and commit to each other for the rest of your life. So, now comes the tricky part! How do you do that? Do you fly off to some remote island somewhere and declare your love for each other overlooking the Mediterranean, do you go for the traditional church ceremony with all the flowers and reception for the family. Or do you do something a little different?

Getting married in Las Vegas isn't exactly an original idea, thousands of couples do it every year. But what if you aren't in a position where you and the family can all travel to sin city and do that? Well, it's not hard to replicate the Vegas style wedding at home.

The Venue

Typically Las Vegas wedding chapels are small, quaint (or they appear to be) and cheap. But these types of chapels typically replicate your local small chapel and similar chapels can be found easily in your local area. Except these ones will probably be better, larger and more classical!

The easiest way to find a chapel like this is to grab your local phone book or head to sites like and see what they have on offer.

The Service

Las Vegas weddings aren't always presided over by an ordained Elvis. You can chose this kind of service or write a list of the things you would like at your ceremony. Consider the atmosphere, entertainment, number of guests allowed, decorations and desired length of ceremony into consideration, and ask questions accordingly when you call the chapel. Not all chapels will be happy for you to provide your own d├ęcor and additions so if you want to go totally Las Vegas crazy (lots of pink) then you may have to hunt around.

The Transport

There are a few ways to get to the chapel but only one if you're doing it in a true Las Vegas style. Cadillac! There are plenty of companies out there who have Cadillacs available for hire for this very purpose and this has become a popular choice in recent years.

The Wedding Reception

For the reception you can really introduce the elements that will make your Las Vegas themed wedding what it claims to be. One option is to turn the venue for your wedding reception into a casino. There are various casino hire companies that can take care of the whole casino theme for you, including the rental of Roulette, Poker and Blackjack tables and croupiers.

The Entertainment

Having high quality live entertainment at a Vegas theme wedding is a must! So, you have a few options. One of the best options in my opinion is to hire out a Ratpack tribute act. These guys rocked (for want of a better word) the Las Vegas Strip many decades ago and they go perfectly with the casino environment. Other options include other tribute acts (Shirley Bassey is always a good one), magicians, bands and jugglers! Just miss out on the obligatory bad DJ!

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