My Man Is Friends With His Ex!

But I'm not worried.

Why you asked? "Because I trust my man."

"Hahaha! Trust?" you ask.

"Yes! I trust my man." It's okay to trust your man, but his Ex should never eva be trusted.

Well I'm about to tell you about a friend's situation. My friend has a great guy. If this man was any better he would be Jesus himself. He is the 4 P's; powerful, protecting , professional and a praising man. Hallelujah!

Oh, and this should have been first. Phinancially(pronounced: financially) sound! Thank You Jesus!

Okay, so the only problem she does have with this perfect man is that he has a friend that is his ex and is now someone that he conversates with on the regular. Mr. Perfect says that he and this young lady stays in contact because, they are in the same field of work. They don't work for the same company, but they are in the same line of work.

Okay, we'll give him that. My friend is not insecure about her relationship with Mr. Right. He has not given her a reason to question his outside relationships. So that is why I am!

1st and only question: If they don't have a financial bind together (I.e.: a child, cable, rent, lights, gas, car, or house note) what in the H.E.L.L. do they have to talk about? No sir, no ma'am. No talks or whispers will be uttered to Ms. Past, hoping to be Ms. Present and want nothing more but to be Ms. Future, at all. Unless this Heifer holds the perfect liver to keep him alive in the tragic event his will expire on him. Then and only then will I be okay with he and his ex being in constant communication.

I don't believe in telling each other who he or she cannot talk to, but there is an invisible line when you are in a relationship that should never be crossed and being friends with your ex is one of those. If I answer your phone when she calls and she hangs up once she hears my voice then obviously this "Friendship" is not as innocent as he says it is. If he and I as a couple can't be friends with her, then he cannot and will not be friends with her alone.

Hey I'm opened minded, because I'm sure that there are some people out there that are actually making this work and I would love for those of you that are, to drop a comment below.

That's just the way I feel about the situation. Comment below ladies and gentlemen about your feelings on this subject and maybe we can come to a happy medium on situation.

Can a person be friends with the opposite sex without sleeping with them at some point?

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