He Loves You If He Comes Back to You....

Pleeeaassseeee don't beg for him back! That's the worst thing you could possibly do! Pleeeaassseee don't TRY to get noticed by him or make him think about you! If he doesn't want you or naturally think about you, he just doesn't! You can't force it! If he comes back to you, let him do it on his own! It will never be truly genuine if he doesn't make the decision and take the step ON HIS OWN! So... to get in his thoughts... be yourself (your natural self)! And focus on you - do things you love, take on new hobbies - you'll become an even better you in the process. If he's interested, he'll definitely notice the improvements you're making.

1. He absolutely HAS TO make the decision on his own!

A co-worker of mine recently finally got engaged. And I am convinced that the reason it took her guy so long to propose is because she tried to pressure him to. She seemed to talk about it on a daily basis, and that made him want to propose even less I'm sure. That's just one of those things that a man has to feel right about doing!

Choosing to be in a relationship works the same way. A guy has to decide it. I've heard many guys say they are turned off when a woman pursues him because it makes her seem desperate. And when a woman seems desperate one has to wonder why she is potentially undesired by other men. They'd rather chose not to date someone to avoid the hassle of finding out she's "crazy" later on.

2) "Do you"

Please never wait for a guy or try to make him want you. That is another thing that screams "desperate"! You have to know you are worth wanting. Even if you have to distract yourself, please never seem like you cannot live without someone, especially not when you'd only been with him for a short while.

So, "do you". Paint, write, and read as you used to enjoy doing! Pick up new hobbies. Try out that Zumba class at the local gym or that cooking class you read about. Go out with the girls or enjoy a spa day. Catch up with some old friends.

Again, if he wants you, he'll really want the new and improved you even more! If it's meant to be, he will notice and come back to you! Don't force it!!

Pic drawn by my 6 year old :)
Pic drawn by my 6 year old :)

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mariahpoo profile image

mariahpoo 5 years ago from Northern California

Very true. Good hub.

Ashantina profile image

Ashantina 5 years ago

umm hmm! Let the hunter hunt!

ravenlt04 profile image

ravenlt04 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

Thanks for your comments, Mariahpoo and Ashantina!

Denise Handlon profile image

Denise Handlon 5 years ago from North Carolina

Good advice. LOve your avatar BTW

ravenlt04 profile image

ravenlt04 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

Denise, Thanks for your feedback! :)

Seeker7 profile image

Seeker7 5 years ago from Fife, Scotland

Excellent hub. Very true and so well put.

I have seen a few ladies tearing themselves to pieces over a guy that obviously just doesn't want to know anymore. Very frequently the guy did run and hide due to the 'desperation' almost of some girls wanting a ring on their finger. I'm not a man, but I would guess that there can't be anything more off-putting or scary than a woman who keeps a daily pressure on of trying to get him to marry her.

I also can't understand why some women think that to repeatedly pester a guy who doesn't care for you anymore would in anyway change his feelings for you? It is obvious that this kind of behaviour is a big turn off. But sadly some women just don't get it and they end up broken hearted for such a long time.

Many thanks for sharing this great hub.

ravenlt04 profile image

ravenlt04 5 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

Seeker 7! You are right! Thanks for visiting and for the compliments!

mistifields profile image

mistifields 5 years ago

Great advice. Broken hearts hurt so badly that I think our brains become numb and then we don't think the way we should, so we try ANYTHING to get them back! Good read.

Anonymous 4 years ago

Good read...I'm currently single and I miss him but I don't try to see him or anything anymore cuz I figured if he cares he will make the moves...in the meantime I'm living my life, still smiling, laughing, and just being me.

ravenlt04 profile image

ravenlt04 4 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

That's awesome! If he's meant for you, he'll notice your growth and that great smile!

Sarafina 3 years ago

Well, I have been trying to move on with my life by starting online dating again. He met someone a month after week brokeup and took down his profile. So sad to still be online and he's moved on so quickly. I was so good to him. I didn't smother him because I have a very busy life myself. I was attentive, affectionate and supportive. He just changed on me. Guess he got bored. I guess they really do like a little drama thrown in to keep it spicy but that's just not who I am. Men are soo immature. Maybe I will consider dating older men.

ravenlt04 profile image

ravenlt04 3 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

It's not an age thing. Your soulmate could even be younger, and he'll be just perfect for you (just as mature and caring as you need)!

peaches 2 years ago

U have to know ur worth if u do it will be hard to get run over by man

ravenlt04 profile image

ravenlt04 2 years ago from Atlanta, GA Author

Very true, peaches!

ellaha 2 years ago

Im an afghan girl .. and I have the same problem but let me tell you one thing that we don't live our life for one person and our life doesn't stop with one person's absence so live ur life and enjoy to love those who really cares for you and loves u ..

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