Healing relationships that have been broken

we as people all lone to be wanted and love by the people that say they love us but if we get rejected than we tend to be drawn to wrong things that we lack-of. Such as; people that will give us attention we need and deserve. They play on our emotions. They listen what we say for their benefit not our. It as if they let you talk and they take point or cue on what you deserved in a relationship. A lot of time we already be looking or you want some attention. This space empty void that you looking to fill what you don't have in it. Than they stoke your mind and massage which cause you relax than whatever they say you believe. They stroke your ego. It is a they lead to into conversation on what you want and deserved. Some people use this motivate get do thing the you usually want do. Our past should be one of the learning tools to help us not bring out mistake into our future. For this world love is key to all of our problem. It wouldn't stop us from having problems but we will be able to deal with the right way. Love a person with unconditional and no stipulation along with compassion. Another thing, it not saying you agrees what person doing but you cannot change person. You only change yourself and way you deal with problems at hand. Life is too short. Lie should be live everyday as adventure. Keep an open-mind and try look at thing in different ways to solve an problem. God didn't us problem the that he didn't put in his book. We all need that human contact. If we don't get it we tend to go out and get best way we can.


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