Heart Break - How to Get Over It


Often people underestimate the power of geographic separation. It is, however, the most direct and effective way of dealing with heartbreak. It might seem obvious that in order to alleviate the suffering, the first thing to do should be the removal of its cause - by removing yourself from the scene - yet many hesitate, often driven by the "deal with it" idea.

Well, I will guess that this idea is for people who were never really in love in the first place. I am convinced that real heartbreak is impossible to deal with (suffering was named so for a reason) at the first stages and that it is only susceptible to alleviation. And the best way to do that, I repeat, is to leave the place.

Moving will make you busy. You will see the world around you and notice that life just goes on as usual. Gradually, it will suck you back in. If moving from town is impossible, I suggest to maximally distance yourself from the subject - rent another apartment, choose different places to spend time at and so on.

Good Luck!

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